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Release: Aug 09, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the color version and the black/white version of the movie. Both can be found on the US DVD by Legend.

About the movie

Aliens land on earth in order to execute Plan 9: The resurrection of the dead. Besides an old man (Bela Lugosi) and his wife (Vampira), Inspector Daniel Clay (Tor Johnson) walks among the living dead. Plan 9 is is to prevent humans from discovering the Solaranite, with which the whole universe could be destroyed. The pilot Jeff Trent and some policemen and the military use their "stuppid minds" to fight back against the alien threat.

After "Plan 9 from Outer Space" received the Golden Turkey Award in the 80ies and was crowned the "Worst Movie Ever Made", it finally reached the cult status it deserves. Being produced by a baptist community, Plan 9 is Bela Lugosis last movie and one of the last big productions for Ed Wood. He used scenes of Bela Lugosi which he had filmed without a certain use before his death. In the rest of the scenes, Lugosi was doubled by Dr. Tom Mason, a chiropractor, who had to hide his fave in every scene because he did not exactly look like the deceased actor. There were also some known actors from other Wood movies involved. Tor Johnson stars as Inspector Daniel Clay, his only role in an Wood film which involves some talking. Lyle Talbot is a general, Paul Marco is the policeman Kelton again (he already played this role in „Bride of the Monster“ and „Night of the Ghouls“).
If you know all the small stories and mistakes behind it, the movie can be a lot of fun.

The DVD by Legend Film can easily be recommended. The movie was restored and looks better than on the old Image DVD. It features both the color and b/w version of the movie. The very funny audio commentary by Mike Nelso reminds of the good old MST3K time. The bonus material also features some deleted scenes which should not be taken too serious, subtitles presenting facts about the movie, a short "documentary" about the failed first 8 plans (commented by Mike Nelso), private footage of Ed Wood and some ads he directed.

About the versions

There are some differences between the color version and the b/w version. There are two names appearing on the tombstone after Clay is killed and a picture was changed in Paula's bedroom. At the end, probably as a joke, Eros's face has been colored green after he was hit by Jeff.
The names and the pciture probably originated from eBay auctions by Legend, the winners could have a picture copied into the movie and have names writtten on the tombstone respectively (soource: imdb)

Color version: 79:10 Min. (NTSC incl. additional ending credits)
B/W version: 78:11 Min. (NTSC)

The tomstone next to Clay bears the insription "Paula & Russel".

No difference in time.



No difference in time.


The picture over the bed was changed. The other shots before and after this scene are not affected by this.

No difference in time.


When Eros is being hit by Jeff, his fade turns green.

No difference in time.