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Invitation Only

original title: Jue ming pai dui


  • HK DVD
  • Taiwan DVD
Release: Jun 01, 2010 - Author: azog - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Driver Wade disturbs his boss Yang while having sexual intercourse with a model called Dana. Yang sends Wade back home and gives him a special invitation to a party. As reward he wants Wade to be quiet about the issue. The party has the aim to fulfill the guest's wishes.
The evening is good for Wade and he parties with 4 other newcomers (Hitomi, Richard, Lin and Holly) and later he gets laid with Dana and a Ferrari is waiting for him in front of the door. He and the other ones have no idea what they are about to face.

The viewer can see in 'Taiwan's first slasher movie' a lot of beautyful actors (Julianne Chu & Maria Ozawa). Otherwise the movie offers a plain plot and some torture.
In the HK version two torture scenes were cut. Strangly, those scenes can be found in the extra material.

Cut report:
Comparison between the HK DVD by Deltamac and the Taiwan DVD by Hong Jun International/Baoteng Media.

Runtime HK = 01:34:41 (01:31:38 w/o credits)
Runtime Taiwan = 01:35:25 (01:32:23 w/o credits)
Cuts = 9
The HK DVD starts a bit later.

HK: +1 sec

HK: 00:44:55
Taiwan: 00:44:54

Lin sits on a chair and is scared as hell while Yang plays with an electric cord in front of him. Yang pins the cord to Lin's genital which starts bleeding immediately.

2,4 sec

HK: 00:44:56
Taiwan: 00:44:58

Afterwards both versions run synchronised and show Lin's pain. Additionally a short view between his legs has been removed.

1,4 sec

HK: 00:44:58
Taiwan: 00:45:02

After a short panning over the guests another view between the legs is missing. The attachment of the second cord can be seen in both versions.

1,4 sec

HK: 01:07:52
Taiwan: 01:07:56

The torture of Holly lacks different close-ups of her wounds inflicted by a scalpel. The HK DVD only shows the beginning.

12 sec

HK: 01:07:55
Taiwan: 01:08:12

A short glimpse to Yang and one of the guests, than appears the second cut.

7,1 sec

HK: 01:07:59
Taiwan: 01:08:23

Some flesh drops down from Holly's face.

2,3 sec

HK: 01:08:20
Taiwan: 01:08:46

Yang goes to the table and takes some salt which he inserts into Holly's wounds. The HK DVD lacks most of this scene.

8,4 sec

HK: 01:08:22
Taiwan: 01:08:57

One can see Holly's arm for a moment, afterwards the torture with the salt continues.

4,3 sec

HK: 01:08:25
Taiwan: 01:09:03

The last moments of the salt torture and a view on the wound (just before Warren puts back the rags with salt on her face the HK DVD also shows her wounds).

5,3 sec