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  • 3D Version / Theatrical Version
  • Canadian VHS
Release: Nov 18, 2009 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the 3D version in the bonus material of the German Blu-ray by Koch Films (identical to the bonus material of the old Kinowelt DVD) and the Canadian VHS.

- 3 differences
- Runtime difference: 415.1 sec (= 6:55 min) [in PAL].


The book adaptation Emmanuelle was a huge success in 1974, and Sylvia Kristel reprised her iconic role in three official sequels. Since 27 May 2021, a massive box set from German distributor Koch Films contains these first four films together uncut, including an extensive Din A4 booklet and other goodies.

In addition to the 2021 Director's Cut of Part 1, Emmanuelle 4 is another part where you can choose between two versions in the box. The 3D version (= anaglyph or with red-green colors), which is only available in French and in SD, is of course rather a completist option. Nevertheless, it is quite interesting: Almost the entire film is available here, with basically the same scene progression, in shots with an alternative camera angle. Obviously, two versions of the film were completed, and the 3D version differs massively in detail from the better-known Theatrical Version.

This also explains another mystery from VHS times: In Canada, a version could be discovered that was extended by hardcore sex scenes in three places. Already in an early comparison between this Canadian VHS and the known Theatrical Version, we pointed out completely alternative takes throughout the film. And a direct comparison shows: The Canadian VHS is frame-exactly the same as the 3D version, except that the three HC inserts are missing there. In retrospect, it is not clear whether the film was originally released as a 3D version with or without this porn material. In any case, with the 3D version in the bonus of the German DVDs/Blu-rays, one can at least gain an impression of the alternative film cut.

The box is exclusively available in the label store of Koch Films and was kindly provided to us in advance.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: 3D version in PAL speed on German Blu-ray / Canadian VHS in NTSC

By way of introduction, a small picture comparison. The 3D version is mostly not too pleasant to look at without anaglyph glasses, of course. The Canadian VHS in 2D, on the other hand, is cruel in a completely different way. On the one hand, you notice the violent full-screen zoom in on the various text overlays across the film, which always extend beyond the image. In addition, of course, the color-poor, rather darkened image stands out negatively. Note also on the last frame the reference to the 3D treatment appearing in the credits of the Canadian VHS.

3D version on German Blu-rayCanadian VHS (Hardcore version)

You could guess from the second to last picture: Some scenes in the film are also in the 3D version only in 2D. For this alone, then also the same footage as in the regular Theatrical Version was used - but masked to 2.35:1 to match the rest of the film. The known Theatrical Version comes again in 1.66:1.

As mentioned, with the 3D material, each shot comes from a completely different camera angle or simply different take, so a 1:1 comparison for this is not possible. Sometimes you see more in the 3D version, sometimes less. Exemplary anyway here the similar moments from the Theatrical Version from the just compared parts. At the end of the credits, the Theatrical Version lacks the reference to the 3D treatment.

3D version on German Blu-rayTheatrical Version on German Blu-ray

Otherwise, as striking examples of other differences between 3D version / Canadian VHS and known Theatrical Version:
* Different opening credits
* Different fade effects: from left into picture in 3D vs turning page in Theatrical Version.
* Partly quite different perspectives in "filler" shots of e.g. nature: helicopter flight

3D Version on German Blu-rayTheatrical Version on German Blu-ray

Now for the actual enhancements that can be discovered in addition in the Canadian VHS (compared to the 3D version, which is otherwise frame-identical in terms of editing):

49:54 / 52:01-54:24

During sex in the rain, the cut kicks in after Rodrigo fondles her breasts for a while.
There are a few shots missing, where you see mostly Susanne's butt. Rodrigo satisfies her a bit orally. The blowjob is also seen in short close-ups.

133.9 sec (= 2:14 min)

59:44-59:46 / 64:39

The blurry shot is a moment longer in the 3D version.

+ 1.8 sec

63:21 / 68:23-70:38

After a close-up of tongue-kissing, the Canadian VHS shows this from yet another perspective. Here the body is driven down, the man takes off the woman's panties. After more kisses, oral sex now follows in detail as well as the sexual act in riding position.
130.3 sec (= 2:10 min)

66:48-67:24 / 74:14-77:30

After a close-up of the snake, the scene is much longer on the Canadian VHS. There is another pass over the woman's body and she is seen to have the snake over her genital area and is highly aroused. Several natives join in. At first she is penetrated by only one, then she orally satisfies others. Ejaculate lands in her face and lastly a long close-up of vaginal penetration.

The 3D version lets the scene end completely alternatively. Again and again the snake is edited in between and partly you see short identical shots as in the Canadian VHS, but mostly again own material. Generally, the whole thing is cut much faster, the respective shots are always seen only briefly in contrast to the long played out VHS version. Lastly, there is a zoom in on the sunlight.

Canadian VHS 150.9 sec (= 2:31 min) longer

After identical credits, the song runs out just under 15 sec over black screen on the Canadian VHS.