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Emmanuelle 4


  • Original Version
  • Canadian VHS
Release: Nov 18, 2009 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
For this report, the Canadian VHS was compared to the uncut European Version.

Sylvia feels chased by her ex-lover Marc. She asks Dr. Santano for help, who transforms her into Emanuelle via plastic surgery. Supported by the psychologist Donna, she goes on a sexual expedition with her new body...

After Sylvia Kristel proclaimed "Goodbye Emmanuelle“ in the third Emanuelle movie, she nevertheless has a short appearance in the fourth part, but only to pass the torch to Mia Nygren. The swap of bodies is a little bizarre, apart from that most things remain unaffected: exotic locations, naked bodies, aesthetic camera work.

The movie was released in a very special version in Canada. It completely differs from the version that was released in Europe. The movie was completely recut, the versions differ in almost every take while the story remains unchanged. It is possible that this is a special version for North America which was also released in the USA, but this is only an assumption.
The Canadian VHS includes 3 hardcore scenes which were released nowhere else. In the imdb it is said, that those hardcore scenes could also be found on the European releases as bonus material. However, I do not know any version that includes these scenes as bonus material.
Because of the aspects mentioned before it does not make sense to do a precise report, therefore the two versions were compared without great detail, since there are no major differences besides the three hardcore scenes.

The sex scene with Susanna and Rodrigo in drenching rain is noticeably longer and includes a hardcore scene (oral sex).

~2:00 min.


Emmanuelle's sex fantasy is distinctly longer. We see the couple performing oral sex and intercourse.

~2:15 min.


The sex scene in the jungle is longer. The snake has a longer screentime. The following sex scene (including the girl and the native) is very explicit, aditionally other natives join in and extend the scenery to an orgy.

~2:00 min.