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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Sep 26, 2012 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Unrated Version, both taken from the US DVD by Paramount

- 42 alterations, including 22 instances of alternative footage
- Difference in running time: 929,2 sec (= 15:29 min)

The Movie

So far, Sacha Baron Cohen mostly tried to expose people's prejudices and morally questionable attitudes by confronting them with his politically absolutely incorrect characters. The crossing of many lines was just practical for the creation of his mockumentaries and whether it was really amusing for the viewer or not: the real interesting thing about his movies were the unsuspecting "victims".
However, his last movie, The Dictator does not follow his predecessors' path and can be seen as a classic comedy featuring solely fictional characters although the background is still politically controversial. What is left is the rather primitive humor and, despite some more intelligent jokes, this can be seen as a typical and rather tame US comedy. Of course, humor is subject to taste and there should be something to laugh for everyone due to the sheer amount of gags, but the film cannot live up the Cohen's earlier movies.

The movie was still a success, especially with international audiences. This was probably enough reason to try to make the home cinema release more interesting by adding another version of the film...

The Extended Version

Running more than 15 minutes longer, the unrated version offers a lot of additional footage. Also, several (though usually short) scenes were removed from the theatrical version, which means that the movies actually differ even more. It seems that many scenes were removed because the jokes were not as funny in reality as they seemed on paper, but that might be subjective again...
Interestingly, Larry Kind and the big breasted "Busty Heart" only appear in the unrated version, especially the latter appears in several shots that are spread all over the movie. Despite the frequent exposure of breasts and the connected "Banned" trait, these scenes were probably just removed in order to tighten the movie. There does not seem to be any censoring background for any of the extensions.

The DVD and Blu-ray releases in both the US and the UK contain the unrated version.

Running time designations are formatted like this
Theatrical Version in NTSC / Unrated Version in NTSC
Alternative Footage
01:21-01:27 / 01:21-02:19

The Unrated features two additional scenes during the part about Aladeen's father.

Theatrical Version

General Aladeen can be seen with two women, then in a close-up.
Narrator: "The only son of the savage dictator Omar Aladeen, he gained power at the age of seven."


A slightly different, longer part of the shot with the women (almost not noticeable).emerkbarer Unterschied).
Narrator: "General Aladeen was born the only son of the Colonel Aladeen, himself a savage and violent dictator."
A clown can be seen spraying some water on the father and being shot immediately afterwards.
Colonel Aladeen: "Next!"
Clowns can be seen queueing in the room, the first one jumps towards him.

Narrator: "Known for his iconic beard, he is protected by 30 female guards, who he maintains are virgin."
The camp of the women can be seen: a puppet with a Obama picture is beheaded with a kick, at the same time a woman with a massive chest (Etra) uses her breasts to destroy stones.

Narrator: "Thrust into power at age seven, he may just be the most dangerous man in the entire world."
After a picture of Aladeen as a child with gun and cigar an interview follows.
Larry King: "All right, let's get right to it. Do you have nuclear weapons?"
General Aladeen lacht: "What was the question?"
Larry King: "Do you have nuclear weapons?"
General Aladeen: "Sorry, I can't hear you."
Larry King: "Are you developing nuclear weapons?"
General Aladeen: "No, I literally can't hear you."
Larry King: "I'm going to another question."
General Aladeen: "Oh, I can hear you now."

Unrated 52,3 sec longer

Alternative Footage
04:42-04:45 / 05:34-05:44

After a different take of "And he looks like a snitch on Miami Vice.", Aladeen adds "Would it kill him to wear a tie'? I mean, is every day in Iran casual Friday?"

The perspective is the same, the picture only shows a frame of the unrated version.

Unrated 6,8 sec longer

Alternative Footage
05:38-05:41 / 06:37-06:51

The shot explaining Aladeen's source of knowledge about bombs is different:

Theatrical Version

Nadal can be seen insignificantly longer, then Aladeen answers: "Nonsense. I have been watching research films."


General Aladeen explains his knowledge more, also in a slightly different perspective at the beginning: "Nonsense. They were research films. And in them, the victims of the bomb would get very sooty faces and then a see-through version of themselves started rising up towards Heaven while playing a harp."

Unrated 11,3 sec longer

06:03 / 07:14-07:34

More talk between General Aladeen and Nadal.

General Aladeen: "Have you spoken to the experts about this? Have you consulted Professor Bobeye?"
Nadal: "Who?"
General Aladeen: "Professor Bobeye, the one with the incredibly strong forearms that are miss-sized for his body."
Nadal: "The man you are discussing is called Popeye."
General Aladeen: "Bobeye."
Nadal: "He is not a professor. Popeye is, as the song tells us, a sailor man."

20,2 sec

06:08 / 07:39-08:32

The chat continues and the two are discussing the bomb issue further.

General Aladeen: "And explain to me how this bomb will not land in Israel and then, literally, bounce right back and blow up Wadiya."
Nadal: "Supreme Leader, let me explain to you."
General Aladeen is not interested anymore: "You've lost me."
Nadal shakes his hand and tries to explain: "This is the missile in Wadiya, you push the button, 'Boop!' Israel... 'No! Why? Aah!' Nuclear winter."
General Aladeen presents his alternative, in which the bomb bounces back on the wrong city: "The reality is... Oy vey. 'Aah!' Us."
Nadal: "Believe me, sir, if I could make the device even a little more pointy, I would, but I simply cannot."

53,7 sec

07:11 / 09:36-09:41

Fans can be seen in front of the entrance when General Aladeen arrives.

5 sec

Alternative Footage
07:40-07:49 / 10:10-11:06

The scene with General Aladeen in front of his dead double was extended.

Theatrical Version

Longshot, then a view of Maroush.
General Aladeen: "Because this one is... You know, I don't know if he's going to get better."
Tamir: "Oh, he's not going to recover, sir. He's dead."


Closer view of General Aladeen talking about the situation, the dialog is identical to the Theatrical Version.
He then adds: "Send his wife some chocolate covered almond nuts in a cellophane wrapped box. Delicious.“
Holding almonds, he bends over the corpse: "We're going to send your wife some almonds. Chocolate covered versions of these."
While doing so, an almond is falling into the head wound: "Ooh! Maroush, I think I dropped an almond in his head. Can you take it out? What I don't want to do is send the body to the family and then they discover an almond in his head, and they say, 'Why is there an almond in his head?' Take it out. Clean it! How am I gonna eat that?"
Maroush succeeds to do so, but does not really know what to do with the almond afterwards.
Tamir: "Don't eat it."
General Aladeen: "Oh, Maroush!"
He turns back to the corpse: "Listen, everything is gonna be just fine. I don't want you to worry about anything."

Unrated 47,9 sec longer

08:33 / 11:50-11:56

Efawadh gets shot and falls down a cliff.

5,3 sec

Alternative Footage
11:57-12:09 / 15:19-16:38

The Unrated shows an alternative introduction when Aladeen decides to go to the US.

Theatrical Version

Aladeen: "Very well. Then I shall adress this gathering of snakes they call the UN. We are going to the devil's nest of America!"
Tamir can be seen in between, not looking content.


General Aladeen: "Summon my generals. I'll join you after I finish this level."
The narrator of the Wii game can be heard: "Bonus round. Mass grave."
General Aladeen continues to play and enters a different room shortly afterwards: "Those gangsters at the UN want me to address them. Fine! I'll address them like they've never been addressed before. How much time have they allotted me?"
Tamir: "Seven minutes, sir."
General Aladeen: "I'll talk for 14 hours! And three of those will be untranslatable. Literally, baby noises." - he is doing such noises - "Okay. Let's rehearse this. Role play, role play. You, come on. This'll be fun."
A soldier approaches and Aladeen talks to him: "So. Secretary General, your soldiers will weep..."
A shot was accidentally fired and the soldier goes on his knees: "I'm so sorry! Listen, it was not my fault. I mean, somebody had set the safety catch to 'Aladeen' instead of 'Aladeen'."
The gun can be seen briefly, it has the same word engraved for different meanings as in the documentary at the beginning.
Aladeen: "Look, I mean, this whole gun..."
Another shot goes off, Aladeen continues: "It's gonna be fine. You just need to ice it. You got to ice. Promise me you're going to ice?"
Aladeen is now getting ready for the journey: "Okay. Tamir! Inflate my neck pillow and pack my book of medium-level Sudoku. We're going to America!"

Unrated 65,9 sec longer

Alternative Footage
12:37-12:40 / 17:06-17:09

After "Ah, America!", the Unrated continues in the same shot whereas the Theatrical Version switches to a view from further away. His comments about the US differ as well.

Theatrical Version: "Built by the Blacks and owned by the Chinese."
Unrated: "The birthplace of AIDS."

No difference in running time

Theatrical VersionUnrated

13:23 / 17:51-18:07

Mr. Clayton talks longer to General Aladeen.

Clayton: "Also, if you're interested in taking in a Broadway show while you're here, and you don't mind the homo stuff, I highly recommend Billy Elliot."
Aladeen, to Tamir: "You know what, I like this guy despite his liberal views."
Clayton: "Very good, sir."

15,8 sec

Alternative Footage
14:06-14:11 / 18:50-18:55

After his capture, Aladeen can be seen sitting on the chair in a medium long shot. The Unrated switches to a closer frontal view when his face is uncovered, the Theatrical Version changes earlier.

No difference in running time

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Alternative Footage
14:19-14:23 / 19:03-19:56

The torture is being introduced longer and with allusions to the earlier "Billy Elliot" scene.

Theatrical Version

Aladeen can be seen, he asks "Clayton?", then Clayton starts with the deal already: "Look, here's the deal. I'm being paid to kill you..."


Clayton can first be seen a tiny bit longer, then Aladaeen says "Clayton? I thought we were friends." in an alternative shot.
Clayton answers "Nice to see you, too" and hits him in the face.
Clayton: "Here's the deal. I'm gonna kill you, and then I'm gonna burn your body."
Aladeen: "No, no, no. Please, don't."
Clayton: "But before I do I have one very important question for you. Did you get a chance to see Billy Elliot?"
Aladeen: "YES."
Clayton: "And?"
Aladeen: "I found it heartwarming and life-affirming."
Clayton is content: "Thank you! How great is that show?"
Aladeen: "It is. It's great, yeah."
Clayton: "You know, he's got like an artist inside himself, but he's in this working class place and no one understands him. He's just like: 'I'm gonna express myself in my dance.' And he expresses himself... And he doesn't wanna use violence, but he puts his violence into his dance."
Aladeen: "You should try that."
Clayton: "Okay. So, we gotta get down to business. Enough chit-chat. I'm being paid to kill you..."

Unrated 48,7 sec longer

Alternative Footage
15:33-15:34 / 21:06-21:16

The shot is longer in the Theatrical and General Aladeen already asks for the next torturing tool (no pictures).

The Unrated features some chatting.
Aladeen: "You just want me to say compliments all the time. So either you want the truth or you want compliments. Decide!"
Clayton: "It'd be nice if I got just a little bit of positive feedback about my tools."

Unrated 8,9 sec longer

Alternative Footage
16:47-16:48 / 22:29-22:35

The shot of the American is a bit longer in the Theatrical and Aladeen adds "Give me your clothes" (no pictures).

The Unrated shows Aladeen saying "I do not have any money on me, but if you give me your clothes I'll make a sizeable donation in your name to al-Qaeda."

Unrated 5,4 sec longer

23:27 / 29:14-29:33

Zoey: "We've got this wellness center downstairs in the basement, where we do water birth. Have you ever seen a water birth?"
Aladeen: "Not a water birth, but I've seen a water death."
Zoey: "Wow, Was it moving?"
Aladeen: "There was actually very little movement. A little wriggling, then two bubbles, and then a big bloop and the wallet floats up."

The Theatrical shows Zoey a few frames longer before that (not counted as alternative footage).

18,2 sec

Alternative Footage
27:15-27:29 / 33:21-33:49

The scene is a bit different when Aladeen steps in front of the glass.

In the Theatrical Version, the first shot is longer and there are merely some perspective changes before he recognizes Nadal in the interior.

Th Unrated, however, immediately changes to a frontal view and after several changes of perspective, Aladeen says: "Why is this happening to me? All I ever did was steal my country's wealth and execute anybody who did not agree with me, and many who did. Why me? Why is it always the good guys'? Why?"
He then recognizes Nadal in a different shot.

Unrated 14,2 sec longer

Alternative Footage
32:05-32:12 / 38:25-38:39

Aladeen answers in an alternative shot that the bomb has to be pointy, the following discussion is only included in the Unrated.

Aladeen: "Okay, compromise. Conical."
Nadal: "Round."
Aladeen: "Teat-shaped."
Nadal: "Round."
Aladeen: "Okay."

Unrated 7,5 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

36:48 / 43:15-43:16

The shot is a bit longer and Aladeen has time for one more word: "(It's a great plan), pointy."

0,7 sec

37:36 / 44:04-44:24

Aladeen and Nadal have a discussion about Aladeen's skills as an actor.

Aladeen: "Okay. No problem."
Nadal: "This has to work."
Aladeen: "Don't worry. Just relax."
Er humpelt ein wenig, deshalb fragt Nadal: "Are you okay?"
Aladeen: "My guy has a limp. I fell off me horse at the old Bull & Bush Pub because I am a cockney."
Nadal: "Listen! Listen, okay? You need to focus up right now and be prepared to deliver a small, subtle performance."

19,8 sec

38:15 / 45:03-45:23

There is more dialog between Aladeen and Nadal at the end of the chat, one more minority is included now.

Aladeen: "You're being lacist now."
Nadal: "I'm not being racist! Right now we have to get on this helicopter and we have to act like true Americans."
Aladeen: "I guess you don't want me to play black then."
Nadal: "Of course I don't want you to play black."
Aladeen: "Okay. Just throwing it out there."
He makes exaggerated movements while walking and Nadal comments: "Okay. Don't. Okay, don't do that. I see what you're doing."
Aladeen: "That's how they walk."
Nadal: "I see what you're doing, it's not cool."
Aladeen: "It's how they walk."

20,2 sec

41:38 / 48:46-48:48

Nadal reacts to Aladeen's disappearing: "You're really fucking me here, man!"

1,8 sec

Alternative Footage
41:54-41:56 / 49:04-49:07

After Zoey's statement "You're the victim of police abuse", Aladeen only reacts in the Unrated by saying "Well, not always the victim..." before a short cut to Zoey, who then hugs him.

In the Theatrical, the shots before and after that are a bit longer instead.

Unrated 1,3 sec longer

Alternative Footage
42:41-42:44 / 49:52-50:08

After the shot of Efawadh sitting in front of the window, the Theatrical Version immediately shows the report about the arrest of Nadal und Aladeen and Efawadh tells Tamir that Aladeen is on TV. Tamir then turns around.

The Unrated shows a documentary about goats first, Efawadh comments on it as well.
Efawadh: "Can you get me that one?"
Tamir: "Which one?"
Efawadh: "The one with the 'fuck-me' hooves."
Tamir: "You're bizzare, I'm going to have to change the channels now."
The beginning of the report is now a bit different because Tamir is already looking at the TV set.

Unrated 12,5 sec longer

Alternative Footage
42:47-42:48 / 50:11-50:12

Due to continuity reasons, there is also a different shot of Tamir shortly afterwards.

No difference in running time

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Alternative Footage
42:52-43:04 / 50:16-50:27

Ditto, then an interesting alternative cut.

In the Theatrical, Tamir calls for Maroush and says:
"Maroush! Double the security around the hotel. The signing must not be disrupted!"

In the Unrated, he calls the woman with the big breasts that previously could already only be seen in the extended cut.
"Etra. We have a problem."

Theatrical Version 0,8 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Alternative Footage
43:36-43:39 / 50:59-51:06

Instead of only snipping his fingers, Aladeen makes his point clearer in the Unrated: "It's fine. Please, gobble up my little mouse. Snack on my tiny raisin. Give her a mouth bath. Go."

Unrated 4,6 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Alternative Footage
45:44-46:32 / 53:11-59:44

When Aladeen enthusiastically tells his coworkers about his first masturbation, the two versions diverge quite a bit towards the end. He tells Zoey a bit differently at first, then the Unrated features three new scenes (all in all more than 6 minutes of exclusive footage): A chat about Masturbation with Nadal and a fight with Etra, who can show her breasts quite a bit in the meantime. Afterwards, Aladeen is responsible for the cancellation of the contract with Lancaster in the store (this was explained differently in the previous talk with Zoey in the Theatrical Version, however, it was still Aladeen's fault).

Theatrical Version

Aladeen meets Zoey in the office, she has just finished a call.
Aladeen: "Zoey, you have changed my life! Give a man a vagina and he wil shpichs for a day. Teach a man to use his hand as a vagina and he will shpichs for a lifetime."
Zoey, however, is in tears, causing Aladeen to ask: "Is something the matter?"
Zoey: "That was the guy from the Lancaster on the phone. They just fired us!"
Aladeen: "What? Why?"
Zoey: "He said he came by and someone kicked his son... They've given the contract to Green World Market."
Aladeen: "We must get the contract back. I have to be at the signing."
Zoey: "I don't know what to say! My staff lacks the discipline and motivation to do this job."
Aladeen: "We will see about that. But from now on, it is my way or the highwahahtmaa-fferrohshelechnich way. Okay?"


Aladeen goes further in the same shot, Zoey is standing in the other corner of the store.
Aladeen: "Zoey! You have changed my life! Give a man a vagina and he will shpichs for a day. Teach a man how to use his hand as a vagina, and he will shpichs for a lifetime."
Zoey is embarassed: "Oh. No, no. Thank you. Um... Allison, you may need to keep your voice down because... We've got a lot of customers. You may want to go wash up."
Aladeen: "Fine. Joteph, go and hose down my Crocs. I've done my labeneh all over the wellness center."

In the evening: Zoey prepares some specialties from Wadiya.
Zoey: "Okay. The guy from the Lancaster is going to love this. Okay. Good night, Allison. I'll see you tomorrow morning."
Aladeen is masturbating again: "Good night! Thank you again. This is nice. Or lovely."
The phone rings: "Who is it'?"
Nadal: "Nadal. What are you doing?"
Aladeen: "I've discovered this amazing thing. I have to show you how to do it. It's called self juicing. You put your hand on your bilbul and you rub it, and then you can make your own labeneh come out. You don't have to spend any Rolexes. You don't have to give any dirty diamonds."
Nadal: "I cannot believe I'm having this conversation with an adult man..."
Aladeen: "What do you mean? You knew about this?"
Nadal: "Everybody knows about this. We all know about this from the age of 12, 13."
Aladeen: "Why does nobody ever tell me anything?"
Nadal: "Because you have everybody executed who tells you anything."
Aladeen: "Listen, I'm thinking of revealing my true identity to the hairy titted ape woman."
Nadal: "Whoa! No, what? Why would you even do that?"
Aladeen: "I think she'll be cool with it."
Nadal: "She will not be cool with it."
Aladeen: "How is she to judge? She shaves her armpits once a year, and she takes lovers outside of her ethnic group. Are my crimes any worse than hers?"
Nadal: "Remember, you hate her. And everything she stands for."
Aladeen: "Okay."
Nadal: "I have to go now. I despise you."
Aladeen: "You know, sometimes you say some very hurtful things. Anyway, I'm going to hang up on you."
Nadal: "No, come on. This is like a real opportunity for me. I want to hang up first."
Aladeen: "I've hung up. I hung up already."
He mimics the sound with his voice but Nadal notices: "That is your voice doing that noise. You have not hung up. I am hanging up. 'Click'."
Adal has done the same, now Aladeen asks: "Nadal, are you still there? Nadal, are you still there?"
Nadal says "I win", then he hangs up.
Aladeen: "No wonder you're a Mac Genius."
Nadal: "What a fucking idiot."
Aladeen switches off the light.

The sound of glass breaking can be head, Aladeen gets up: "Zoey! Zoey. Zoey?"
Etra is waiting for him in a dark corner of the store and open her top on one side. Aladeen is thrown to the ground by her breast several times and asks: "Etra, is this because you're the only virgin guard that I left a virgin?"
The fight is now one floor further down. Aladeen tries to remove a breast that blocks him from closing the door behind him and eventually has to bite into it. However, Etra manages to smash the whole door with her breast and keeps on pursueing him.
She now exposes her second breast as well and attacks Aladeen even more ferociously. After being choked with the two monstrous boobs, Aladeen can free himself with a well aimed punch and Etra lands in the water and drown.
Aladeen: "One, two... Bloop. Text book."
Her little notebook has just appeared.

The next morning Zoey enters the store with her boss.
Zoey: "Thank you so much for meeting me early, Mr. Ogden. I cannot wait for you to sample our mafroom. You are gonna swear that you're in Wadiya."
Mr. Ogden: "Excuse me. What is that over there? That is a 'C' in your window."
Zoey: "No, no, no... They're totally biased against this. They hate us."
Mr. Ogden: "No, it's not. I know what a 'C' means. It's not a very good..."
Sie kommen ins Innere und entdecken Aladeen vor zerstörten Früchten.
Zoey: "Oh, my God! Allison, what happened?"
Aladeen: "Uh... I don't know, I... I was downstairs self juicing."
Zoey: "All night?"
Aladeen: "Yes."
Mr. Ogden: "I'm sorry, you were doing what?"
Aladeen: "Doing the jerk off. Jerking myself to totally off. Let me show you."
Zoey: "No..."
Aladeen: "She taught me."
Mr. Ogden: "Oh, she taught you, did she?"
Zoey: "No..."
Mr. Ogden: "Well, thank you very much. The contract is canceled. That's it! No, I'm going to Green World. It's over."
Zoey: "No, Mr. Ogden."
Aladeen: "Remember, I have to pay that..."
Zoey: "Please, no, no."
Mr. Ogden: "Self juicing. Filth!"
Er ist aus der Tür gegangen und Aladeen meint: "Zoey. We must get that contract back."
Zoey: "We can't! It's impossible. We can't compete with Green World."
Aladeen: "We will see about that. But from now on, it is my way or the highwahahtmaa-fferrohshelechnich way."

Unrated 344,8 sec (= 5:45 min) longer

50:13 / 63:25-64:12

Aladeen and Nadal talk to an employee before going through the door.

Employee: "Hello, gentlemen. How you doing? Are you guys friends of the deceased?"
Aladeen: "Uh. How do I put this? He was my nigger."
Nadal: "No, that's not the way to put it."
Employee: "Whoa, whoa!"
Aladeen: "No? He was my negger. Nigger. Nagger? Negar. Nigger? Nagur?"
Nadal: "No, no. Please stop. Please. I told you, before we came in. One word, do not say. Is the exact word you're using now."
Aladeen: "No, I said Nuga..."
Nadal: "One dozen times."
Employee: "Please relate to him that there could be two funerals today."
Nadal: "I... Believe me when I tell you, we are here only to pay our respects to a great man."
Employee: "Okay, Eldridge's casket is laying in the chapel right now. We're gonna have the viewing in a few minutes."
Nadal: "Thank you very much."
When they walk on, Aladeen adds: "I love your music, by the way."
Nadal: "No, it's not. He's not a musician..."
Aladeen: "I'm so, so sorry that Whitney turned out like she did."
Nadal: "It's not Bobby Brown."

46,5 sec

50:34 / 64:33-64:36

First short dialog at the door.

Employee: "What you doin' in there?"
Aladeen: "Um... Jerking off."

3,5 sec

56:27 / 70:29-70:40

Before Aladeen goes further down, there is an additional shot at the belly button, in which he tells a bit more about his life in Wadiya:

Aladeen: "You have such a small stomach. It's like a 10-year-old boy's. Normally, I don't kiss a 10-year-old boy's stomach. They kiss mine."

11,1 sec

56:59 / 71:12-71:32

More allusions by Aladeen.

Aladeen: "And I've never been with a guy with a dick. Or any guy. Or boys. Just girls. And children. Not male ones. Female ones."

19,5 sec

57:42 / 72:15-72:27

More dialog after Aladeen says that he has Morgan Freeman's bear.

Aladeen: "It's a hilarious story. I'll tell you later, okay?"
Zoey: "You are out of your mind. You're insane!"
Aladeen: "Well, you download songs illegally from the Internet. So let's not throw stones, okay?"

12 sec

Alternative Footage
58:12-58:18 / 72:57-73:02

Aladeen leaves in a different way.

In the Theatrical, he only says: "Okay. I'll go."
The Unrated is more dramatic: "You have broken my heart into Aladeen pieces."

Theatrical Version 0,9 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

58:54 / 73:38-73:57

Aladeen sees another interview with an inhabitant of Wadiya that focuses on his person.

Journalist: "What do you think of Admiral General Aladeen?"
Inhabitant: "We hate him. We hate him. You know, when we think of him, we... We vomit, and we spit and we don't want him."
Journalist: "What would you say to General Aladeen if he were watching this?"
The man raises his middle finger: "I have a message for Aladeen. Suevel! Suevel!"
The people behind join in.

19,1 sec

only Theatrical Version longer
58:58-59:01 / 74:01

The last shot of the screen is missing after Aladeen has turned away.

+ 2,4 sec

Alternative Footage
59:20-59:23 / 74:20-74:26

There is a short additional dialog between Nadal and Aladeen.
Aladeen: "How did you find me?"
Nadal: "You texted me, like, seven times."

In the Theatrical, the following shot starts a bit earlier, Aladeen turns his head again, which had to be removed in the Unrated due to continuity reasons (no pictures here).

Unrated 2,7 sec longer

Alternative Footage
62:21-62:25 / 77:24-77:30

When Mr. Lao leaves the room with Edwart Norton and indirectly thanks him for the sexual services, the Unrated is a bit longer. He mentions Viggo Mortensen, but in the Unrated he says "Eh, Eddie Norton, next time, you pee on me." before, which is answered by an annoyed "Whatever".

The pictures are taken from the Unrated only.

Unrated 2,4 sec longer

70:22 / 85:27-85:38

An additional statement about democracy/Zoey: "Democracy, your mother called the other day and I forgot to give you the message. It was something very important about your grandmother."

11 sec

74:31 / 89:47-89:53

Nadal and Aladeen talk a bit longer, this chat alludes to a scene that could only be seen in the Unrated earlier.

Nadal: "No! You said Professor Popeye this..."
Aladeen: "Professor Popeye is a cartoon."
Nadal: "No, I know this!"

5,6 sec

Alternative Footage
75:43-76:02 / 91:05-91:24

The outtakes show a completely alternative scene here – because the one from the Theatrical Version was featured as a normal scene in the Unrated Version! (see 11:57-12:09 / 15:19-16:38)

Theatrical Version
Aladeen accidentally shoots his guard in the leg.

Aladeen talks to Zoey: "O-M-G. Oh, my God. ... Oh, my ... Oh, my ..."
In between he always uses som Arabic-sounding gibberish.

No difference in running time

Theatrical VersionUnrated

After the credits, the Unrated version shows an additional screen mentioning the people that can only be seen in that version of the movie.

7,2 sec