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Rules of Attraction, The

original title: The Rules of Attraction


  • BBFC 18
  • German DVD
Release: Dec 08, 2009 - Author: Bob - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The cut BBFC 18-version by Icon Home Entertainment/Warner has been compared to the uncut FSK 16-version by Concorde

- One cut
- Duration: 4.9 sec

The Rules of Attraction (2002) is based on a book by Bret Easton Ellis and has something in common with the other known adaptation in terms of censorship/release, American Psycho. Both films were censored in America for an R-rating and were released with FSK 16 in Germany. You can read about the differences in the R-rated version in our dedicated report.

There were also problems with the release in Great Britain, because the suicide scene was critical for the BBFC because of the danger of imitation. A short detail shot with the razor blade was therefore removed. At least the version is not as blatantly censored as one might think, because on Melonfarmers a cut duration of 94 sec is listed. This probably only refers to the song Without You that runs during the scene, which was moved on the soundtrack.
After the girl puts on the razor blade, the UK is missing how she slits her wrists.

Interestingly, though, they've slowed down the follow-up shot so that the difference in running time is completely made up for.
Material cut: 4.9 sec