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Rush 'n Attack (aka Green Beret)


NES Version
Region: USA/Europe

Arcade Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: May 07, 2013 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: -Der-Tribun
Green Beret is a platformer developed by Konami in the year 1985. In it, the name-gaving Green Beret has to land behind enemy lines in order to free four hostages. Or course it's not that easy, since the enemy has noticed him and sends out forces to stop him. Only armed with a combat knife, the Green Beret has to find extra weapons and battle his way through.

The original arcade game of 1985 got ported onto many systems and was known for its very high difficulty. In 1987 Konami wanted to port it to the NES, but Nintendo ordered several changes in order to comply with their censorship policies. As if to make up for it, Konami lowered the difficulty and added two bonus levels.

Compared are the Arcade Version with the NES Version, which came out under the name "Rush'n Attack".
Arcade VersionNES Version

Changes in the Story

The whole story is different on the NES

In the original (and its computer ports) the main goal is to free four hostages from the claws of the enemy, while on the NES the goal is to destoy the enemy' "secret weapon" (as it turns out, a boring missile). The change seemed to have been done since Nintendo didn't tolerate hostages on their system.

The intro screen had to be changed for this. On the Arcade, the tied-up hostages and their guards are seen, while on the NES, the parachute drop of the Green Beret behind enemy lines is seen.
Arcade VersionNES Version

The end of the game also is completely different on the NES.

In the original, the Green beret frees the hostages and they all salute afterwards. This was replaced on the NES by the Green beret running away from the enemy HQ, which then explodes. The NES version has more content here, since credits (not shown here) roll afterwards, while on the Arcade, the game just starts again at level 1.

Removed Stuff

On instruction from Nintendo, some things were removed from the game.

One of the weapons in the Arcade is a flamethrower to roast the enemies. Nintendo must have been shocked, since it burns the flesh of the bones, until only these are left (although the graphics are primitive). The flamethrower had to go, which in turn made changes to a boss needed (see below).

The boss of level 1 announces itself by an army truck driving to the right side of the screen and then soldiers jumping off to attack the player. The truck is missing on the NES, the soldiers just appear from the right.

The boss of level 2 consists off attack dos. While that's the same on the NES, the man ordering the dogs to attack the Green Beret is missing.

The boss of level 4 consisted of several flamethrower troopers on the Arcade. Since flamethrowers had to be removed,, they had to be replace on the NES with the already known paratroopers.