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The Walking Dead

8.15 Worth


  • TV-Version
  • Blu-ray (Extended Version)
Release: Nov 12, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia - more from this series
This is a comparison between the German TV broadcast version and the German extended Blu-ray version

- 19 deviations, 8 of them with alternative material
- Time difference: 378,6 sec (= 6:19 min)

Broadcasting since 2010 AMC´s The Walking Dead is a great success.
8 years later the show is still running and reached its corresponding 8th season.

Among it´s German home cinema releases, the seasons 4 and 6 stood out above all:
In the 4th season there were two extended versions and one uncensored version of the final episode. In season 6, an episode with the still defused F-word was to be seen and the season finale was extended in several scenes by a few curses from Negan (notorious for his loose mouth).

After the season 7 home cinema release made an exception again, season 8 has 6 episodes in extended form.
The already available US-Blu-ray was available to us and in contrast to season 6 not both versions, but only the extended versions are on the discs. These are the episodes 5, 6, 8, 14, 15 and 16. On the 8th of November 2018 the season will also be released in Germany on Blu-ray (and fortunately you get the longer versions aswell. However, the German counterpart will include the regular TV versions and the extended versions available as bonus content in english with German subtitles.

Episode 15 (Worth) is about 6 minutes longer, whereby this mainly consists of longer dialogue scenes, as well as smaller shortening-cuts of the screentime. Negan and Simon getting much more (sometimes unrelevant) screentime. A completely additional, longer conversation between Aaron and Cyndie in the woods stands a bit out. All in all, it's probably a worthwhile extension for fans.

Run time specifications are arranged according to the following scheme
TV version in NTSC / American Blu-ray
Because of an reference at the beginning, the TV version starts a little earlier. (not included in the cut-comparison/duration)

+ 6 sec

02:12-02:15 / 02:06

A camera take of Rick in the TV version much earlier.

+ 3 sec

02:57 / 02:54-02:56

Now, a scene at the extended Version is slightly longer.
Here as well as with the previous deviations the identical off-comment was only slightly shifted.

2 sec

03:15 / 03:14-03:16

Rick with a bit more screentime.

1,8 sec

03:31 / 03:32-03:35


3 sec

04:21-04:23 / 04:25-04:42

In the TV-version Michonne holds the letter a moment longer in her hand before the opening credits begin.
In the extended Version you see her lying on the bed from another camera angle instead.

extended Version 14,7 sec longer

TV-Versionextended Blu-ray Version

05:03-05:23 / 05:22-06:14

After the opening credits, the conversation between Simon and Gregory begins much earlier or alternatively shows the expanded conversation at several points in alternative angles. The "italics" part is also included in the TV version.

Simon: "I came back here to make amends. We got things done."
Gregory: "We were good together, Simon."
Simon: "As I said, we stood on the precipice of greatness, and we tripped. I let my fondness for you cloud my vision, which is a credit to you, because I'm quite a pragmatic man."
Gregory: "Yeah, got to trust your gut, Simon. Don't throw this away on a setback."
Simon: "'Setback'? You made me look like an ass."
Gregory: "My intel wasn't current. You know, things changed at Alexandria. Juice."

extended Version 32,9 sec longer

TV-Versionextended Blu-ray Version

06:33 / 07:24-08:02

Again we see more dialog sequences.

Simon: "See, if the Saviors are gonna win this thing, I can't be stepping into the role with... baggage."
Gregory: "Not 'if' you win. It's 'when'. And after that, you're gonna need someone at the Hilltop who can produce."
Simon: "We won't need anyone there until we re-staff the entirety of the colony. We're going for full turnover there."
Gregory: "Everyone?"
Simon: "Everyone-- civies to sargies."
Gregory: "Listen..."

37,5 sec

16:47 / 18:16-18:26

Simon explains his point of view in a more detailed way: "That they did this to you? That they did this to us? No. I wasn't good with it."

10,1 sec

20:32-20:41 / 22:11-22:37

Negan takes a few steps forward and has more to say (in some alternative angles). The "italic" part can also be heard in the TV version.

Negan: "Sometimes right in front, sometimes from a mile away, but every goddamn time. From here on out, it is death by a thousand cuts to these assholes."
Simon: "War of attrition."
Negan: "Attrition?"
Dwight: "Piece by piece."

extended Version 17,1 sec länger

TV-Versionextended Blu-ray Version

21:22 / 23:18-23:23

Simon agrees at the beginning of the scene: "If you feel this is the correct course, it's the course we'll tread."

5,5 sec

21:51-22:09 / 23:53-24:38

The individual conversation with Dwight is somewhat extended at the beginning and offers alternative cameratakes.

Negan: "You have anything you want to tell me?"
Dwight: "I don't think so."
Negan: "Are you sure?"
Dwight: "Yeah. 100 percent."
Negan: "Oh, you are smart as hell. You know that? I mean, after everything-- after Sherry and the sizzle..."

extended Version 27,4 sec longer

TV-Versionextended Blu-ray Version

22:51 / 25:20-25:26

Dwight stays a little longer at the table and folds the card.

6,1 sec

22:54 / 25:29-27:32

After the black screen interference, the next, longer expansion follows: Aaron squats in the forest and is confronted by Cyndie.
Aaron: "Hello. We need to talk."
Cyndie: "You need to eat. So here's some dried fish, black walnuts, and water. It's yours if you leave and promise me that you'll never come back."
Aaron: "I can't do that. But thanks. What that tells me, though, is you don't want people to die. Same as me. Same reason why we all need to fight the Saviors."
Cyndie: "We're not fighting."
Aaron: "In that case... how about I make you an offer? I'll eat... if you invite me inside, and we can all just... talk."
Cyndie: "No. You're gonna get sick. Or starve or worse."
Aaron: "No. I'm gonna change your mind."
Cyndie snorts and walks away.

Afterwards you can see Eugene, Rosita and Daryl walking around earlier.
Eugene: "I'm aware that, under the circumstances, I can never expect to regain your respect. Or your trust or your friendship. And in case it wasn't readily apparent, I have no loyalty to the Saviors. I'm loyal only to my continued survival, a lone wolf, as it were. And, therefore, now that I am in your custody, I will work just as hard for you as I ever did."

122,9 sec (= 2:03 min)

23:43-23:48 / 28:21-28:50

In the extended Versionwe see Rosita and Eugene walking around longer and discuss...
Rosita: "You helped us, but you never cared about us. You're not a 'lone wolf', you're a parasite."
Eugene: "Well, technically, that relationship would better be described as symbiotic as opposed to parasitic, in that there was mutual benefit involved. Knowledge for safety."
Rosita: "What the hell is wrong with you? How can you talk about everything we've been through like it was some kind of science experiment? We weren't just your friends, we were family. And then you just turn on us, like we meant nothing to you."

The TV version has a transition shot from a different angle and then rejoins with the rest of the conversation.

extended Version 23,9 sec longer

TV-Versionextended Blu-ray Version

26:25-26:29 / 31:27-31:44

The conversation between Simon and Dwight runs alternatively short. In the extended Version it runs more detailed.

Simon: "...who, like you, engaged in activity said management would frown on."
Dwight:" Maybe we don't need to talk. Maybe we just go back to how things were."
Simon: "No. We've crossed some thresholds here, Dwight. We're transformed. You know you can't ever go back."

extended Version 12,8 sec longer

TV-Versionextended Blu-ray Version

28:00 / 33:15-33:34

Right before the black screen interference starts, Dwight drops eye-drops into his eye and looks resolutely into the mirror.

18,9 sec

34:15-34:19 / 39:49-40:11

In the extended version Simon talks to the people a bit longer: "We had a lot of good times. A lot of hills taken. But this all happened because he didn't know when to cut bait. But we did. We do."
Towards the end we can see the thoughtful Dwight and the follow-up camera shot of Simon starts a moment earlier.

Right before the transition the TV version only has an alternative cut to Dwight.

extended Version 18,3 sec longer

TV-Versionextended Blu-ray Version

36:00 / 41:52-41:55

We can see Simon a bit earlier before he storms into Dwight.

3 sec

36:48-36:52 / 42:43-43:04

In the extended Version a camera shot of Simon from aside and further punches from Negan in the background. In the meanwhile he says: "I got a sneakin' suspicion that you were hopin' I was dead... when Rick kamikazed that convoy. And the Hilltop? Yeah. All is not forgiven."

In the TV-version the follow-up scene of Simon starts much earlier.

extended Version 17,8 sec longer

TV-Versionextended Blu-ray Version

40:55 / 47:07-47:08

A insignificantly longer black screen(not included in the cut-comparison/duration).

1 sec