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Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.

original title: Sgt. Kabukiman New York Police Department


  • PG-13
  • Unrated
Release: Aug 02, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut US VHS (PG-13) and the uncut ger. DVD (FSK18)

Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. is yet another character from the TROMA universe, which was designed by Lloyd Kaufman & Michael Herz to repeat the ultra success of their Toxic Avenger. Unfortunately this did not happen, thus there is only this one movie. But the character Kabukiman appears in other TROMA productions and movies (e.g. Citizen Toxie) every once in a while.

When the film was shown in the US movie theaters, it got rated R. For the videomarket, additionaly a more family friendly PG-13-Version was manifactured. Later, a so called "Unrated Director's Cut" was released on DVD (whether it is longer than the version rated R, I unfortunately cannot say).
Cut Version = 99:49 Min.
Uncut Version = 105:03 Min.
01:26You see the two businessmen talk to each other longer. They do some coke while they talk.
12,1 Sec.

01:58 When you see the couple lie in bed, the woman is covered with a blanket in the PG-13 Version (PGV). In the uncut version (UV), she's naked. No time difference.


02:09Short close-up of the point of the sword coming out of the Asian's back.0,5 Sec.

02:11Front view of Rembrandt pushing the sword further into the belly.1,6 Sec.

02:14End of a take. On the left side, you see Rembrandt licking the blood-stained point of the sword, as well as the beginning of the next shot showing the Asian from behind.4,8 Sec.

08:00When the as Kabuki dressed Rembrandt starts shooting, the blood-spilling entry wound of Mr. Sato is missing.0,7 Sec.

08:03Another bullet wound missing (this time in slow-motion).
1,3 Sec.

08:04Two takes of guns incl. muzzle flash.
0,5 Sec.

08:05Three Kabuki-actors get shot at.
1,2 Sec.

08:07 Beginning of a take showing Sato gets shot at again.
0,3 Sec.

08:11 An actor gets shot. He spits out blood incl. noodles + muzzle fire.
4 Sec.

09:41 When Harry shoots a Bad Guy the bloody hit in his crotch is missing. Also, Harry shoots him again.
2,6 Sec.

15:32 When Reginald Stuart shoots his nephew Skipper, you can see the bloody hit into his forehead in the UV. In the PGV, everything is shown from a different angle.
PGV = 1,4 Sec.
UV = 0,8 sec.


15:35 Beginning of the take showing Skipper gliding into Rembrandts arms.
0,6 Sec.

15:36 Take of terrified looking Reverend Snipes and subsequentally Rembrend putting a picture of Mr. Stuart below Skippers head, so the carpet won't get dirty (at least Stuart's voiceover says that).
14,6 Sec.

17:41 End of a take before and beginning of a take in the police station. Hernandes says to his colleague Josephs (Joe Fleishaker), that he had bough that cup because of the similarity to a woman's breast.
3,5 Sec.

25:13When Harry drops into Mr. Stuarts bureau and sees what he is just doing, both versions show different footage of Stuart. In the UV you see a head moving up and down in front of his crotch, in the PGV you don't.
PGF = 3,2 Sec.
UF = 1,3 Sec.


25:17 The take showing Harry tripping over a vase is shot a bit differently, as well as the following take of Stuart. No time difference.


25:24 Beginning of a take of Harry is longer in the UV.
2,1 Sec.

26:00 A take of Harry is shot differently in both versions.
PGF = 6,3 Sec.
UF = 1,6 Sec.


26:06 Beginning of the take showing the woman standing up in front of Stuart and the Gag is revealed.
4,6 Sec.

31:00 The raid in the park on Connie LaRossa: In the PGV, a juggler who gets frightened and runs away is shown. In the UV, Connie gets her shirt ripped off by the Baddies. No time difference.


31:05 In the PGV the Bad Guys hang on dressed Connie, whereas in the UV, her upper body is naked and gets carried away. No time difference.


31:12 Alternative footage of her being dragged away by them. No time difference.


31:27 In the PGV you see a guy climbing a tree. In the UV Connie getting raped. No time difference.


36:49 Kabukiman crashes a Bad Guy's skull with his foot and kicks on it again a few times. Another guy gets sick from merely watching this.
7 Sec.

37:19 Very shortly, the end of a take showing Kabukiman turn around is missing. Connie's naked breast flashes for a very short time.
0,2 Sec.

42:53 After Connie died in the hospital, the PGV misses a complete scene taking place in the police office: Harry tries to make clear to his boss Captain Bender that Mr. Stuart is behind Connie's death. Josephs makes fun of him and shovels sweeties into himself. Harry is getting mad and presses the thing into his face. Bender goes between them and angrily makes it clear to him that he has got a lot of trouble because of him. Harry gets thrown out of the office.
103,6 Sec.

68:44 Kabukiman and Lotus stand in front of Harry's apartment. The moment he wants to open the door, it suddenly explodes. Kabukiman and Lotus can jump on the just in time. Subsequentally, he says that Stuart has gone too far this time.
36,6 Sec.

70:02 Beginning of a take in the church.
4 Sec.

71:58 You see the burning guy a bit longer.
1,6 Sec.

71:59 Ditto. Also, he falls down from the roof in slow motion.
5,2 Sec.

77:00 In the PGV a large part of the love scene between Harry and Lotus is missing. You can see her breasts in this part, which was probably the reason for this censoring.
65,6 Sec.

81:03 Again, different footage has been used to show Harry shoot Rembrandt. In the PGV, you see Harry longer after the shot and the following take showing Rembrandt dropping dead is shot differently. In the UV though, you see Rembrandt standing there with a dumb grin on his face and a bleeding hole in his forehead. Baffled, Harry Mirandizes him and waggles his ID in front of him until Rembrandt falls over.
PGF = 2,7 Sec.
UF = 19 Sec.


85:38 Harry shoots a Baddie. He drops, with a hole in his forehead, against a fence.
4,7 Sec.

87:24 Als sich der Tiger auf felicia stürzt, ist dies länger zu sehen + Schnitt auf Harry und Lotus sowie eine Einstellung des Tigers mit einem Arm im Maul.
The tiger springing at Felicia is shown longer + cut to Harry and Lotus as well as a take of the tiger with an arm in its mouth.
4,1 Sec.

87:26 Take of her blood-splattered face.
2,1 Sec.

87:35 Additional scenes showing the tiger jumping at Felicia.
6,8 Sec.

88:38 When Stuart transforms, a take showing him having something indescribably and slimy in his hands.
2,1 Sec.

88:39Ditto. The hands make slimy threads.
1,3 Sec.

89:27 The tiger is eating bloody pieces of meat.
3,9 Sec.

90:15 In the PGV you see a take of a lemur and subsequentally Captain Bender. In the UV again the tiger. No time difference.


90:44 Again the tiger "dining".
2,7 Sec.

99:44 After the credits you see the MPAA-logo with the PG-13 rating in the PGV.
+ 5,7 Sec.