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Smuggler, The

original title: Luca il Contrabbandiere


  • BBFC 18
  • Austrian DVD
Release: Dec 23, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British VHS by Elephant Video/ViZ Movies (BBFC 18) and the uncut Austrian DVD by XT Video (not rated)

"The Smuggler" is an uncompromising and suspenseful Italian gangster movie by Lucio Fulci, who is mostly famous for his horror films. Not so much that he is also delivering (sometimes even excelling) in other genres. But this film features a lot of splatter for your average gorehound. Gory bullet shots, a treatment with a Bunsen burner, a very bad rape and more cement the reputation of the (unfortunately) infamous violence director.

In Great Britain, the movie was only released cut. Apart from several missing plot scenes and film tears, the numerous acts of violence were of course not taken kindly by the British censors.
Cut Version = 87:36 Min.
Uncut Version = 92:48 Min.
00:00 The British VHS starts with a black screen while the credits roll in. Music and boat motors are heard during that. The uncut version shows scenes of the harbour. Motor boats are breezing through the water and a man on a ship is watching people with binoculars. After he assured by radio that they are Luca and his men, he lets them join him to deposit the contraband goods on his ship.
Cut = 126,9 Sec.
Uncut = 193,6 Sec.


05:51 Film tear: End of a shot depicting the firing machine gun and beginning of the take of showering Luca.
4,2 Sec.

16:19 Ending of a shot of Luca. He says "Scherino!". Then beginning of the following take.
2,1 Sec.

36:02 Film tear: Beginning of a shot.
1,4 Sec.

41:14 When Luca gets the guy and rams a pointed object into his chest, the UK Version (UKV) misses a close-up of blood dripping out of the wound as well as a part of the next shot.
11,5 Sec.

41:19 Another gory close-up.
1,8 Sec.

41:21 Luca presses the pointed object harder into the wound.
0,8 Sec.

41:33 Ditto.
6,9 Sec.

45:10 Film tear: Beginning of a shot.
1,3 Sec.

46:24Almost the entire scene showing Marseillan Francois burning drug courier Ingrid's face with the Bunsen burner was removed in the UKV.
34,6 Sec.

46:41 End of a take on Francois. The camera moves close to his face. Then, scenes in a church follow (some text is being faded in), where several people recieve the Body of Christ. Abate is among them. Finally, he sits up.
22,7 Sec.

46:54 Ending of a shot on the killer. Subsequently, there is Murolo's house. He comes in through the door and calls his wife. He gets sight of her and his regard grows stiff.
14,4 Sek.

47:09 In the UKV the killer shoots Murolo only once. In the uncut version two more times (bleeding bullet wounds).
3,4 Sec.

47:11 Shot of the race course.
7,7 Sec.

47:28 Capece's extremely gory head shot is missing.
2,8 Sec.

47:35 View of Capece's tattered back of the head and him tipping forward.
1,8 Sec.

47:36 You can see the killer longer. Subsequently, a shot on Perlante's house takes place. He enters it, accompanied by two ladies and his gay driver.
20,1 Sec.

50:04 Photos are being taken of the bleeding bodies in Perlante's house.
10,3 Sec.

50:06 A body is covered.
1,6 Sek.

52:55 Film tear: Beginning of a take.
1,1 Sek.

65:21Extremely gory shot in Perlante's throat.
5,6 Sec.

65:45Francois shoots the face of the man on the ground into pieces.
2 Sec.

69:30 A few scenes of the western movie being aired on TV are missing. Might be censorship, because you see a horse plunging.
5,7 Sec.

75:30The complete rape of Luca's wife by the Mareillan's men is missing in the GBV. Francois points the telephone reciever towards the action so Luca gets to listen to what happens to his wife. She is brutally being taken by a man from behind while another one holds her tight.
67 Sec.

80:08 A man being shot in the car is a little longer and bloodier in the uncut version.
1,1 Sec.

80:15 More shots are fired on another man (gory).
3,2 Sec.

80:41 One of Francois' men's belly is gorily shot into bloody pieces with a shotgun.
3 Sec.

83:51 Luca intentionally shoots the garbage bags next to Francois before pointing the pistol toward him. Strangely, him shooting at his opponent gorily is contained in the UKV.
11 Sec.

86:04 Film tear: Ending and Beginning of a take.
2,8 Sec.