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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Oct 29, 2009 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated and the Unrated version of the movie.

about the movie
Graduation is approaching and Matt has to fight for one of the rare scholarships and therefore, is chairman of a project that tries to make it possible for intellectually gifted boys from Cambodia to get a place in his school in the United States. When Danielle, a very pretty blond-haired girl, moves into his neighborhood, he falls in love with her and they start a relationship. But there is one thing Matt does not know. Danielle is a porn actress and when her producer shows up, Matt`s life seems to fall apart...

The moral of the story: Even porn actresses are humans, humans that already had plastic surgery and meet at conventions. And what a surprise, they usually don`t fancy hard sex in run-down motel rooms. This is not a sophisticated portrayal of the porn industry of course but that is not what the producers had in mind, anyway. The movie is supposed to be just another teen-comedy and it delivers on that level. The jokes are solid and male viewers would not want to miss Elisha Cuthbert's performance.

about the different versions
In Germany, the original Unrated version was released in cinemas and on DVD with a "12 years and older"-rating. In The US some sexual content and curse words had to be removed in order to get an R-rating. That said, the R-rated version still offers some nudity and curse words, just not as explicit as in the Unrated one. Therefore, the alternative material is only a small concession to the moral guidelines of the MPAA to tame the movie a little bit.

image matching



The format is open mate, which brings with it some advantages.


R-Rated: 108:56 min. (NTSC)
Unrated: 105:10 min. (PAL)

The R-Rated version shows alternative material in the scene, where Eli is watching porn.

R-Rated: 1,70 sec.
Unrated: 1,70 sec.


Again, there is less sexual content on the tv screen.


R-Rated: 1,37 sec.
Unrated: 1,37 sec.


In the R-Rated version Matt runs after Eli. In the Unrated version, in addition to that, he trips over a garbage can and hits the ground.


R-Rated: 2,03 sec.
Unrated: 3,40 sec.


The R-Rated version of the movie shows two alternative (and shorter) scenes about Matt`s sexual fantasies.


R-Rated: 2,70 sec.
Unrated: 5,40 sec.


In the R-Rated version, during the private dance for Petterson and Matt, the two strippers wear bikinis, in the Unrated version they are topless. The dialog remains the same.


R-Rated: 19,93 sec.
Unrated: 24,93 sec.


When Kelly enters the classroom, the R-Rated version shows the scene from a different angle. Furthermore the "fuck" in "That bitch can't just run away because she don't wanna fuck on film anymore." had to be changed to "screwed".


R-Rated: 1,43 sec.
Unrated: 1,17 sec.


The R-Rated version contains two alternative shots of how Matt and Kelly enter the garden.

Matt: "Look, seriously, I can't do this."
Kelly: "Don't be a pussy. Nobody's home."
Matt: "Why do you want this thing so bad?"
Kelly: "Because it should've been mine."

In the Unrated version, Kelly and Matt walk down the walkway longer and their conversation continues.

Kelly: "It's not the money that pisses me off. I mean, fuck, it does piss me off but that's not it. It's the perception. Everybody thinks Hugo's the genius. It was my idea. It's like he's Simon, and I'm Garfunkel. Look at me, man. I'm fucking Garfunkel."

Both enter the garden.

Matt: "Look, seriously, I can't do this."
Kelly: "Don't be a pussy. Nobody's home."
Matt: "Why do you want this thing so bad?"
Kelly: "Because it should've been mine."

R-Rated: 13,03 sec.
Unrated: 27,63 sec.


In the love scene between Matt and Danielle the R-Rated version shows some alternative material.


R-Rated: 16,17 Sek.
Unrated: 16,17 Sek.