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Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Extended Version
Release: Jun 14, 2011 - Author: Imbor Ed - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Malcolm (Martin Lawrence) is happy for his son Trent (Brandon T. Jackson). He got a place to study at Duke University but he doesn't want to go there and become a rapper instead. How exactly he managed to be accepted at the university isn't going to be explained. Whatever, the jerk considers bugging his dad at work to make him sign the recording contract a good idea. Unfortunately, Daddy is watching one of his CIs dealing with some thugs when anything goes wrong. Trent has to witness the CI's death and a key piece of evidence gets lost as well. To protect his son from the baddies taking revenge, Malcolm dresses up as Big Momma again while his son gets a wig and suburban women clothes. Together they infiltrate a girl school for art to find clues about the lost flashdrives that put the baddies behind bars.

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son is an incredibly stupid flick without any plausibility. It contains all genre cliches established since Some Like It Hot. That might probably be enough for unexperienced audiences but anyone, who's familiar with the genre, gets just bored and feels kind of tortured because the movie is way too long.

Besides the Theatrical Version, an Unrated Extended Version is available as well. While the name Unrated was avoided for the recent releases of Red Riding Hood and Hall Pass, it surfaces here again. And as expected, the additional doesn't justify getting labelled as Unrated. The Unrated Extended Version would have gotten the PG-13 rating, too. Most of the time, musical numbers were added. Moreover the so-called Unrated Extended Version contains two trivial deleted scenes. Neither the choreography nor the music itself is sth. special so that the bottom here is that the new footage doesn't upvalue the movie at all.
When Trent/Charmaine has to earn his lunch with rapping on stage, the versions are edited differently after a couple of seconds. Lots of shots have been displaced and either of the versions has some exclusive footage as well. The Unrated Extended Version contains more exclusive footage of course. Big Momma is longer at the table and only dances with the arms. The principal only shows up in the Unrated Extended Version, too.
Screens are just from the Unrated Extended Version.
Extended: 160 sec | Theatrical Version: 127 sec

The slumber party starts earlier in the Unrated Extended Version. The girls put on some make up. Except for Charmaine, she just rasps her nails.
Extended: 40 sec

The dancing scenes at the slumber party are different as well. Besides two alternate scenes, the Unrated Extended Version contains 7 additions (sometimes just a couple of frames, sometimes a couple of seconds).
The screens only show scenes from the Unrated Extended Version because 2 alternate scenes in the Theatrical Version are only little scene extensions.
Extended: 30.5 sec in total | Theatrical Version: 3 sec in total

One of the students has colored her hair but already regrets it. The Theatrical Version contains a shot of Big Momma for a couple of seconds. She's washing her hair in the bathroom. The Unrated Extended Version on the other hand shows a mmusical number with the students and Big Momma. The hair gets also fixed but there's a little incident with a wild haircut in the meantime.
Extended: 199 sec | Theatrical Version: 10 sec

Theatrical Version


The car chase is longer. The student driver keeps chasing the Mercedes in reverse gear before the thugs vanish for good.