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Barry J. Gillis Triple Threat Collection

Nazi Undead

Jagged Alliance 2


Censored Gold Pack Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored First Edition
Rating: USK 16
Region: Deutschland

Release: Oct 22, 2011 - Author: MD - Translator: Tony Montana
Jagged Alliance 2 takes place in a small country named Arulco where Dictator Deidrana seized power by conspiring. Now it's up to them to lead a small group of freedom fighters to bring Deidrana down. But the best mercenaries are available to help. If they can afford them...

While the worldwide first edition of the game was completly uncensored the Gold Pack re-release was released censored. This concerns every Gold Pack release worldwide as well as the Steam download version.
Removed opportunity to visit the cathouse
The Gold Pack Version of Jagged Alliance 2 lacks the opportuntunity to raise the soldiers' moral by visiting the cathouse.
The scene takes place the following way: after entering the "Shady Lady", one gets welcomed by Madame. Then she explains the different offers. After the process of payment, she opens the door with the actual women behind. As soon as one enters the room, the screen turns black. A smiley appears, sex noises are audible.
All following screens are from the First Edition: