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Once Upon a Time in the West

original title: C'era una volta il West


  • International DVD Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Nov 05, 2010 - Author: Jason - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the International DVD Version, represented by the German Special Edition DVD from Paramount, and the Italian Director's Cut, represented by the Italian DVD from CVC.

In opposite to any other DVD release worldwide, which only contain the well-known International Version of Sergio Leone's classical masterpiece, the Italian DVD contains another version, which was also released on Italian VHS earlier, the so-called "Director's Cut". This Director's Cut seems to be the first, complete version by Sergio Leone before it was edited for a worldwide release. The Director's Cut contains a fistful of extended scenes where the actors talk (more or less) directly to the camera. There is no dub for these scenes, except the Italian dub. That's why some lines from other scenes, where one can't see the characters speaking, were added here to make it as suitable as possible.

Purchasing the Italian DVD is kind of superfluous: most of the "new" footage are just an extension of scenes which are quite long anyway, some few alternate shots are in it as well. Unfortunately, the DVD does contain neither an English audio track nor English subs, which makes it useless if you don't speak Italian and is only interesting for collectors. The image of that DVD has a yellow color filter, it's also poor in contrast and fuzzy. (left International DVD Version/ right Director's Cut):

The time index refers to the International DVD Version.
The remaining difference is result of rounding to half / full seconds plus of scene extensions / reductions below 1 sec, which isn't being mentioned in this comparison due to a lack of relevance.
Running time International DVD Version: 2:38:34 min (2:36:43 min credits excluded)
Running time Director's Cut: 2:50:04 min (2:47:06 min credits excluded)

64 Extended / extended, alternate scenes = 11 min 13 sec
4 Alternate scenes = no difference
3 switched scenes = no difference
1 removed scene = 9.5 sec
The International DVD Version begins with the (old) Paramount logo. In opposite to that, the Director's Cut starts with the actual movie immediately.
13 sec

Extended shot of the old man looking at the killer who looks to the left due to a noise.
8 sec

Earlier beginning of the old man's dialog.
2.5 sec

Extended shot of the black killer fanning air with his head plus earlier beginning of the following shot with the killer whistling in front of the birdcage.
3.5 sec

Extended shot of the old man looking at the killer before he grabs the old man's shoulder.
4 sec

Earlier beginning of the shot when the old man is being pushed around by the killer.
3 sec

Extended shot of the watching killer.
2.5 sec

English opening credits in the International DVD Version, Italian credits in the Director's Cut, for instance (left International DVD Version / right Director's Cut):

No difference

Entirely new shot of the killer.
7.5 sec

The black killer leaves the mise-en-scène completely plus the following shot of the killer begins slightly earlier.
2 sec

Extended shot of the black killer plus the following shot of the killer at the water trough begins earlier.
5.5 sec

Earlier beginning here, the killer rocks forward and backward in his chair.
3 sec

Additional shot of the killer.
5 sec

Extended shot of the black killer dropping some water on the head.
6.5 sec

8.5 sec

Extended shot of the killer cracking with the bones of his hand (close-up).
5.5 sec

Shot of the serious-looking killer.
2.5 sec

Extended shot of the killers waiting for Harmonica to leave the train which doesn't happen. Real bummer because a lot of tensions gets lost here.
31 sec

Harmonica adjusts his jacket.
2.5 sec

The shot of the arriving train begins earlier.
4 sec

Extended shot of the cattle on the wagon. Then a tracking shot of the resting train a couple of people re getting out of. The tracking shot ends at the exit where Jill will get out later. But before that, some other passengers get out.
18.5 sec

Extended shot of Jill.
1.5 sec

Extended shot of the carriage leaving town.
3.5 sec

Extended shot of the carriage driver on his way to the tavern.
3 sec

The shot of Jill begins earlier.
1.5 sec

Shot of more strained guests at Cheyenne's arrival.
9 sec

Cheyenne stops to drink, looks at Jill and continues while the camera is coming closer.
18.5 sec

Extended shot of the sceptical-looking man plus further shot of Cheyenne while Harmonica is playing.
7.5 sec

Extended shot of Cheyenne's back plus the shot of his front starts earlier.
3 sec

Additional shot of Cheyenne (close-up).
3.5 sec

Additional shot of a guest.
3 sec

Slightliy extended shot of Harmonica.
1.5 sec

Ditto plus the following shot of Cheyenne begins earlier.
6.5 sec

Extended shot of the barkeeper talking to Jill.
3 sec

Shot of the carriage driver.
3.5 sec

Extended shot of Jill scrabbling in her closet before she finds the little box.
6 sec

This scene begins much earlier: Jill walks down the stairs with a candle in her hand and starts looking around in the house. She also finds some white clothes on the ground earlier. The following shot, which is also in the International DVD Version, begins earlier.
33 sec

Extended shot of Jill.
3 sec

Ditto plus the following shot begins earlier.
3 sec

Alternate shot of Cheyenne entering the house and taking off his coat. In the Director's Cut, he looks at Jill intensively and she leaves to make some coffee.

International DVD Version:

Director's Cut:

19 Sec.

The shot of Wobbels in the background on his way to the trails begins earlier. Harmonica watches him without attracting attention.
13 sec

Earlier beginning of the flashback which shows blurry Frank walking to the camera in the Director's Cut.
13 sec

Earlier beginning of the shot: Frank hides his gun and turns around.
2 sec

Alternate shot / extended scene: distance shot of Morton taking a seat in the International Version. Close-up in the Director's Cut plus the scene continues: Morton looks at a tin soldier on his desk. When the tin soldier seems to fall down due to the rough ride, he catches it and looks to one of Frank's sleeping henchmen. He holds the tin soldier frantically until he realizes that Harmonica watches him in an odd way, like he knew. That's why Morton puts the tin soldier in the drawer.

International DVD Version:

Director's Cut:

38.5 Sec.

Tracking shot of sitting Morton, the following shot of the driving trains starts earlier.
13.5 sec

First Cheyenne entering through the door of the men's room, then an intercut of Morton getting up. In the Director's Cut, it's the other way around: first Morton getting up again, then Cheyenne.
No difference

Earlier beginning of this shot: Jill draws some clothes out of the box.
3 sec

The distance shot of the mountain is extended, Frank vanishes by passing the entrance.
2 sec

Missing shot of Harmonica looking through the window in the International DVD Version here, but it appears later.
No difference

Extended shot of Morton plus earlier beginning of the following landscape shot.
8.5 sec

The shot of the henchman and another one of Morton seperating the money begin earlier. Another henchman pushes a bottle away to get a better view.
14.5 sec

Earlier beginning: the writer prepares to write his bid down.
2.5 sec

Extended shot of the astonished crowd plus earlier beginning of the following shot.
2.5 sec

Extended shot of the town plus earlier beginning of the following shot from the other direction.
14 sec

Extended shot of Harmonica plus the following shot of blurry Frank begins considerably earlier.
26 sec

The shot of Harmonica starts slightly earlier.
2 sec

Intercuts to Frank turning around in the Intenational DVD Version. In the Director's Cut, Harmonica finishes his dialog first. Then the entire shot of Frank turning around to Frank while he's talking.
No difference

Alternate shot: Intercut to Harmonica going to the window in the International DVD Version. Instead, the Director's Cut contains an extended shot of him leaving the saloon. (left International DVD Version / right Director's Cut):

No difference

Extended shot of Harmonica watching Frank running around in town.
8.5 sec

Alternate shot of Harmonica in the bathing room. In the International DVD Version, he also mentions he needed hot water that time. He's just silent in the Director's Cut. (left International DVD Version / right Director's Cut):

No difference

Extended shot of Frank, he nervously looks around in town.
11 sec

Alternate shot / extended scenes: The order of the scenes is different from now on.
In the International DVD Version, Harmonica goes to the tub immediately and draws the curtain aside. Then a shot of Jill bending over and one of the two actors. Harmonica passes her the scrubber.
The Director's Cut begins with an extended shot of Frank looking around in town. Then a new shot of Jill, followed by a new one of Harmonica. Now an alternate shot of Harmonica, he goes to the tub and draws the curtain aside. Then he tells her to pretend he wasn't there. Then the shot of Jill bending over plus an alternate shot of the two actors while Harmonica is passing the scrubber to Jill.

International DVD Version:

Director's Cut:

The Director's Cut is considerably longer.
18 sec

Alternate angle in each version (left International DVD Version / right Director's Cut):

No difference

Extended shot of Frank's return. Then two new shots, Frank nervously looks around.
9 sec

A further killer on his way to Frank, he's being watched by Harmonica.
10.5 sec

Extended shot of Frank riding to the train.
2.5 sec

In the Director's Cut, Cheyenne doesn't show up immediately. First we see Harmonica, he watches some workers building a train track. When the "Cheyenne Theme" starts, Harmonica looks at him and also points his gun in his direction.
41 sec

Extended shot of Harmonica's and Frank's confrontation.
6.5 sec

Extended shot of Frank.
2.5 sec

Slightly extended shot of Harmonica plus the following one of Frank begins considerably earlier.
13 sec

Extended shot of Jill.
2.5 sec

Missing scene in the Director's Cut: additional shot of Harmonica and Cheyenne riding off.
9.5 sec

Different credits in each version:
In the International DVD Version, the English title "Once Upon A Time In The West" pops up pretty early during the pan shot. After that, also during the pan shot, the extremely short credits start. Then the music ends and the Paramount logo pops up.
Instead, the Director's Cut contains the original title "C'era Una Volta Il West" but it pops up much later, after the slow pan shot. Then a freeze frame and the actual much longer credits. Black screen when the credits are over while some music is being played with this "background" until the music ends.

International DVD Version:

Director's Cut:

The credits are considerably longer in the Director's Cut.
135 sec