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The Walking Dead: Season 8

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The Walking Dead

8.08 How It's Gotta Be


  • TV-Version
  • Blu-ray (Extended Version)
Release: Nov 09, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia - more from this series
This is a comparison between the German TV broadcast version and the German extended Blu-ray version

- 1 deviation
- Time difference: 30,2 sec

Broadcasting since 2010 AMCīs The Walking Dead is a great success.
8 years later the show is still running and reached its corresponding 8th season.

Among itīs German home cinema releases, the seasons 4 and 6 stood out above all:
In the 4th season there were two extended versions and one uncensored version of the final episode. In season 6, an episode with the still defused F-word was to be seen and the season finale was extended in several scenes by a few curses from Negan (notorious for his loose mouth).

After the season 7 home cinema release made an exception again, season 8 has 6 episodes in extended form.
The already available US-Blu-ray was available to us and in contrast to season 6 not both versions, but only the extended versions are on the discs. These are the episodes 5, 6, 8, 14, 15 and 16. On the 8th of November 2018 the season will also be released in Germany on Blu-ray (and fortunately you get the longer versions aswell. However, the German counterpart will include the regular TV versions and the extended versions available as bonus content in english with German subtitles.

Episode 8 (How It's Gotta Be) is only half a minute longer and the amount of additional material is therefore limited. Only one additional dialogue scene can be found in the middle of the episode, Simon has some more threatening words left for Maggie. On top of that, the extended US Blu-ray picture presented on the disc is a bit darker in all episodes compared to the previous TV-evaluation and in this dark scene unfortunately it's especially noticeable.

Run time specifications are arranged according to the following scheme
TV version in NTSC / American Blu-ray
Because of an reference at the beginning, the TV version starts a little earlier. (not included in the cut-comparison/duration)

+ 5 sec

04:58 / 04:53-04:54

A insignificantly longer black screen(not included in the cut-comparison/duration).

1,2 sec

31:06 / 31:02-31:32

Simon's talking to Maggie a little early: "My boss doesn't like killing as a volume business. I personally have a different view of it. I'm more results-oriented. Whatever it takes, that's more my speed. Maybe I am too binary. But it's not my call, so I'm choosing to embrace what's within my control. In fact, I'm doubling down. Gregory made a little bit of a fool out of me..."

30,2 sec

35:00 / 35:26-35:28

A significantly longer black screen.

1,9 sec