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  • Theatrical Version
  • US TV Version
Release: Jun 28, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Goonies never say die

A group of kids who call themselves the Goonies are left with one last weekend together in their Astoria homes before they are demolished by sleazy real estate sharks. Hoping to find something valuable in the attic, the Goonies discover an old treasure map that should lead to the last resting place of the dreaded pirate One-Eyed Willie. Mikey sees in it the last chance to prevent the impending forced removal and a motivates his friends to go on the treasure hunt. The entrance to Willie's hideout is in an old restaurant, where the two gangsters Francis and Jake have settled with their mother. But the path to Willie's treasure is also riddled with numerous deadly traps.

Produced by Steven Spielberg, this film about a group of children who go on a treasure hunt quickly became a beloved classic for an entire generation. Magnificently acted, exciting, funny, with heart and great effects, there is not much to complain about. A great adventure film that you can watch again and again.

Extended version on US TV

On US TV on the Disney Channel, a longer version of the film was shown, with four new scenes added. After the Goonies leave for their treasure hunt, they make a brief stop at a grocery store beforehand. Mikey matches the treasure map with a road map and now knows where they need to go. The Goonies meet Troy there, who shows up with Stef and Andy. Troy takes the treasure map from them and a scuffle ensues, which is stopped by Brand. After that, the Goonies go on their way again. As the Goonies watch the restaurant, another scene shows Data showing the Goonies his retractable binoculars, which shatter on the ground before they can be used. In the most famous removed scene, which is even mentioned at the end of the theatrical version, the Goonies fight an octopus. As they run to the pirate ship in the cave, Stef is pulled down by the octopus. Data manages to shove a cassette player into its mouth so that it lets go of Stef. In wild dance movements the octopus swims away. This is immediately followed by another scene in which Chunk and Sloth run through the cave and follow the trail of the Goonies.

Meanwhile, these four removed scenes can be found in the bonus material of the DVD and Blu-ray, but the scene in the grocery store has been shortened by the end. It is missing how Mouth steals the card from Brand and the Goonies drive off again. The full scene is therefore still only available in the TV version.

The rigorous regulations regarding swear words in US television do not stop at The Goonies, so that various bad words were replaced by more harmless equivalents or the corresponding scene was shortened. Among other things, the penis glued to the statue of David or Chunk, who is threatened by the Fratellis, have been affected.
Interesting are two alternative shots that can only be seen in the TV version. In one alternate shot, Mikey runs out of the cave so you don't see the others peeing. A little later you see the Goonies running to the church organ, while in the theatrical version Data shows the Fratellis his raised fist.

As a small digression: Besides the additional scenes from the TV version, there are more Deleted Scenes. Mark Marshall, who worked as a production office assistant on the film, uploaded an alternative ending to Facebook, which is probably from a workprint version. The scenes can now also be found on youtube. When the Goonies shake the water pipes, some animals are said to have escaped from the zoo. In the alternative ending, you can see two monkeys, behind the wheel of a car, being chased by the police. Troy and his father have just parked in front of Mikey's house to hand them the eviction notice. The monkeys drive around the corner, however, the police car crashes into Troy's father's parked vehicle.

The Goonies are loading the moving van when Rosalita discovers Mikey's marble bag of gold coins while packing up. She runs out and shouts to the Goonies to stop loading the van.

Picture comparison:


TV version:


Blu-ray: 113:55 min (108:39 min. not including credits).
TV version: 113:44 min. (113:32 min. without credits)

Comparison between the theatrical version (German Blu-ray) and the US TV version (Disney Channel broadcast from the presumably 80s).

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After the guard picked up the suicide note, a swear word of his was changed.


Guard: "You schnup."

Theatrical Version:

Warden: "You schmuck."

No time difference.


After Chunk smashed his milkshake on the window pane, a swear word was toned down.


Chunk: Oh, shoot!"

Theatrical Version:

Chunk: "Oh, shit!"

No time difference.


As Mouth talks to Brand, a swear word was exchanged.


Mouth: "The one older brother had to go and mess it up."

Theatrical Version:

Mouth: "The one older brother had to go and screw it up."

No time difference


In the TV version, the close-up is missing as Mikey holds the broken penis up to Michelangelo's statue of David

Theatrical Version: 1 sec


After Mrs. Walsh goes upstairs, Mikey and Chunk are seen standing in front of the statue longer. Chunk tries to make Mikey realize with his mouth full if his mother is likely to notice the damage.

Afterwards, Mrs. Walsh explains how to clear out the drawers. Mouth translates, but he explains to Rosalita in which drawer which drugs belong.

This is followed by the scene in which Chunk has glued the David statue's penis on backwards. The others make fun of it.

Theatrical Version: 37 secs.


The TV version shows Brand upside down doing his sports routine. In the background, Mikey and Chunk are talking about whether the latter's mother will notice the damage.

Missing from the TV version is Mouth explaining to Rosalita that Mr. Walsh's sex toys are in the attic.

TV: 3 sec.
Theatrical Version: 12 sec.


When Mrs. Walsh is looking for the word, Brand says "Shit!" in the Theatrical Version, but in the TV version he says "Scum!" instead.

No time difference


After Mrs. Walsh asks what this is, a sentence was changed by Chunk.


Chunk: "Oh, shoot. What?"

Theatrical Version:

Chunk: "Oh, shit. What?"

No time difference.


The kids walk up the stairs a little longer. As they do so, a sentence from Mikey is missing.

Mikey: "Damnit! That's his stuff."

Theatrical Version: 2 secs.


The TV version is missing a line from Mikey. Since the TV version jumps between two scene clips, the cut is not noticeable during the shot.

Mikey: "And never get their balls out."

Theatrical Version: 2 secs.


A sentence of Chunk before he eats the whipped cream was changed.


Chunk: "Oh, wow, am I depressed."

Theatrical Version:

Chunk: "Oh, god, am I depressed."

No time difference.


The kids can be seen longer as they look at the map, then you see the TV earlier.

Theatrical Version: 2 secs.


After Brand steals the little girl's bike, a new scene follows in the TV version. The Goonies walk into a store. Mikey takes a map of their hometown from the shelf and compares it with the treasure map. Because of the identical coastline, he now knows where they have to go.

Mouth, meanwhile, looks at an erotic magazine while Chunk takes ice cream cups out of the freezer, opens them, licks the ice cream, and reseals them.

Troy comes into the store with Andy and Stef. He gives them some change so they can play the machine, then snatches the erotic magazine from Mouth. He jams Chunk in the freezer and says that his mother could use some frozen dough for a pizza tonight.

Mikey drags him away, but Troy puts him in a headlock and lights the treasure map at one end, pretending to smoke a cigar. Mouth comes up to him and says that Troy's smoking reminds him of kissing his mother. Troy punches Mouth and Mikey tries to drag him away. As he runs to Troy, he stomps the burning card out.

As Troy is about to strike Mikey, Brand shows up and stops him. Troy says that he is waiting for Monday, when his father will kick the Goonies out of their house. Troy leaves the store with the girls. Andy looks at Brand once again.

Brand takes the card and says that Mikey has to go home now. Mouth distracts him and manages to get possession of the card again. Mikey breaks away and bikes off with the other Goonies. Brand drives off after them, but is somewhat stopped by the shopkeeper.

TV: 3:59 min.


Before the Goonies run to the restaurant, there is another scene in the TV version.

Mikey asks Data if he has his binoculars with him. He confirms this and when he wants to unpack them, he activates the devil's molars, which land in the middle of Mouth's butt. He tries to suppress his scream. After Data repacks the molars, he extends his binoculars, but they accidentally fall to the ground and break.

Mouth asks why they can be sure someone else hasn't already followed the map. Chunk agrees and suggests they go home. Mikey says that he hasn't heard of anyone already finding the treasure. Mikey points to the cross on the map and Mouth asks how they are supposed to dig for the treasure. Mikey says that the restaurant is probably open, they just want to ask for something to eat and recover the treasure in the process.

TV: 1:48 min


In the TV version, Chunk's "Damn it!" when he went to get a drink is hard to hear.

No time difference.


A swear word from Jake was removed as he complains about the cookware.


Jake: "How am I supposed to create with tha Smithsonian piece of junk?!"

Theatrical Version:

Jake: "How am I supposed to create with tha Smithsonian piece of shit?!"

No time difference.


After Mouth is grabbed by Mama after the latter's food requests, the TV version is missing how she says they only serve tongue while flipping out their switchblades.

Theatrical Version: 7 secs.


Mom asks in Theatrical Version if the boys like tongue. They shake their heads, then she folds her knife.

The TV frame kicks in as she lets go of Mouth.

Theatrical Version: 6 secs.
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