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Uncut Version of movie #12

The War of the Worlds


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The Covenant

Dragonball Z: Fusion Reborn

original title: Dragonball Z: Fukkatsu no fusion!! Gokū to vegeta


  • International Version
  • Japanese Version
Release: Apr 10, 2012 - Author: Jim - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
"Dragonball" is one of the most popular anime serieses worldwide. The action series created by Akira Toriyama doesn't contain any complicated plots. It just concentrates on what's required in the genre: action. Well, same here. Neither the series nor the movies are being characterized by an outstanding story or thought-provoking in any way. Basically, it's always the same: our hero Son-Goku saves the day.

"Dragonball Z: Fusion Reborn" is movie #12 and opens the door to the underworld by what the dead return to earth - among them Hitler. The International Version lacks any scene with the former dictator. One need to know that movie #12 is the most humoristic one of the entire series. Easy to recognize by the overdrawn animations (e.g. the very thick outlines of the undead or Fat-Gogeta's appearance). Removing Hitler was actually superfluous. There isn't any nazi symbolic in the Japanese Version either and it's obvious that it's just a cartoon character.
In movie #13, a bit violence has been removed, besides a further removed scene woth Muten Roshi being drunk. The other censored footage is about Tapion's suffering and Hildegarn eating human beings.

Furthermore, it's also worth mentioning that the image quality of the German DVD (which represents the International Version) is simply dreadful. It's always darker than the Japanese Version which makes some details unrecognizable because the image is actually BLACK. It's very annoying, especially in movie #13. And it gets better: during some parts of the movie, the images kind of WABBLE. I wonder how that could happen in an animated movie. Moreover, the quality of the actual images could be better as well. Very conspicuous at the beginning of the movie when the logos are being presented. The only advantage of the German DVD is the sharpness. But that's it.
To sum it up, the German DVD isn't recommendable at all. Neither is the French DVD because it's the same master. Even the old Japanese VHS looked better.

Comparison of the images (one screen per movie)
Japanese Version on the left.
International Version on thr right.

The image of the Japanese Version is surrounded by black bars and the image section is SLIGHTLY smaller. The difference of the first movie is 137 seconds.
The difference of the second movie is 64 seconds.

Total difference: 201 seconds (=3 minutes and 21 seconds).

Compared are the shortened International Version and the uncut Japanese Version.

Please note: since the dialogs are only available in German, I translated the German dialogs in English because it seems easier than using reported speech - because most of the dialogs are very short. So please don't be confused if there are any differences to the original English audio track.
Different titles.
While the title slowly builds in the Japanese Version (refering to an ememy's technique in the movie), the International Version contains the regular title with the addition "Der Film" (The Movie).

no difference

While the logo of the series pops up in the Japanese Version now, the International Version sticks to the original. The title "Fusion - Erster Teil" (Fusion - First Part) has been added.

no difference

Shot of Hitler with his arm raised. He's driving across town in one of his tanks.

Hitler: "The world is ours! Destroy anything that tries to stop us!"

4 sec

Shot of a flag with an X on it, then Hitler (his arm is still raised) again. He's smashing a car with his tank.
The Internation Version is back on the field when the tank smashes the second car.

4 sec

Again Hitler in his tank (as compensation, the scene of the driving tanks is being repeated).

Hitler: "Hahaha. The world is mine!"

3 sec

Hitler's tanks stop.

Hitler: "Fire!"

3 sec

Hitler again.

Hitler: "Advance! Fire!"

3 sec

And again.

Hitler: "Advance! Advance!!!"

3 sec

Shot of Hitler lying in the wreckages of his tanks.

Hitler: "Destroy the infidels! Kill them!"

3 sec

Hitler is crawling out of the wreckages.

1 sec

Hitler first looks at Super Saiyajin Son-Goten and Trunks in a perplexed way, then in a resigning way.

Hitler: "W-What's going on? The youth outshines the Gods already?"

5 sec

Hitler again, slightly battered by now.

Hitler: "Fire! Fire!"

2 sec

Hitler again.

Hitler: "Finish them! Finish them!"

2 sec

Again a shot of Hitler and the wreckages.

Hitler: "Fire! Fire! Fire!"

3 sec

Another shot of startled Hitler.

2 sec

The end credits are missing. In the International Version, a writing ("Ende des ersten Teils" - End of Part One) is being displayed. In the Japanese Version on the other hand, the end credits are made of colorful illustrations, accompanied by the song "Saikyou no fusion" by Kageyama Hironobu.

99 sec

Film #13
The original logo has been replaced by the German "Dragonball Z Der Film" (Dragonball Z The Movie) logo.

no difference

A scene with drunken Muten Roshi has been removed. Actually the scene starts earlier - when Goku asks where the old man went. This scene has been replaced by a comment of Gohan's who stresses how hungry he was.

Shot of the group on the porch. Muten Roshi is tipsy and tumbles with a beer mug in his hand.

Muten Roshi: "Maybe he's on his way to pick up smoking hot chicks!"

While saying that, he points at Videl's breasts. To protect Videl, he positions in front of her. Son-Goku laughs and Bulma, who's in the background, stands up.

Bulma: "I cannot believe that any old man is like THAT!"

Muten Roshi: "Yeah... some of us also like mature women!"

Now, he tumbles in Bulma's direction and points at her breasts. Short shot of annoyed Bulma, then Muten Roshi gets decently slapped and hits the ground several meters behind from where he was standing.

24 sec

The shot of Gohan's and Trunks' hands when they make an attempt to steal food from the BBQ grill has been removed (the only logical explanation is Muten Roshi lying on the ground in the background). The following shotof Goku, who's pretty entertained by all that, has been removed as well.

5 sec

After Goku put down another skewer for Trunks, the camera actually pans to the bottom so that one can see them crouching under the table.

4 sec

The lower part of Hildegarn rampages in twon again. Some people are running for their lives but the tail opens and thin strings shoot out. They grab the screaming people and pull them right into the monster's tail.

12 sec

Tapion screams.

5 sec

And again Tapion in agonizing pain, the image gets skewed.

3 sec

Shot of Tapion - kind of burning in a vision. Trunks stares at him, then the fire tears him apart.

9 sec

Screaming Tapion again.

2 sec

The original end credits have been removed here, too. Instead some text in the International Version. The end credits emphasizes the focus on Trunks. The Japanese song has been translated.

no difference