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  • Theatrical version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Apr 23, 2008 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the German DVD from 20th Century Fox (Theatrical version) and the US-DVD from 20th Century Fox (Extended Edition).

Walk the Line tells the life story of Johnny Cash. From his youth, his military time in Germany, his huge success as a country singer and as a song writer to his drug addiction, James Mangold shows a complex portrait of a man, who has reached a lot of ups and downs in his life.

The Extended Edition does not only integrate some deleted scenes but also contains some unseen new material.

Of course, it is a bit disappointing that mainly some already known deleted scenes were reintegrated but, on the other hand, the movie really profits from them. Additionally to that, there are several small changes, which are not really significant. Those who liked the Theatrical version, might consider buying the Extended version, especially because of the bonus features.

The following scenes could already be found as deleted scenes on the DVD of the Theatrical version:

-Jack's funeral
-The streets of Memphis (not included in the Extended version)
-Cry, Cry, Cry
-Broken record
-Ezra & Maybelle Carter
-I miss somebody
-On the phone
-In the bar
-In the bank (not included in the Extended version)
-The sermon

Running times:

Theatrical version: 130:17 min. (PAL)
Extended version: 152:55 min. (NTSC)

Johnny's brother Jack can be seen a bit longer.

Scene change. Jack's funeral service is being held at church.

32.87 sec.


The Theatrical version is a bit longer at this point. We see Reba standing in the door for a bit longer. Johnny turns his head sidewards.

3.80 sec.


Johnny stares into space a bit longer.

Reba steps up to him and sees the photos in his army-jacket and his name tag.
Reba: "How come they put John on there, J.R.? Your name's J.R., not John."
Johnny: "Letters don't cut it in the Air Force, Reba. They told me to pick a name."

Johnny stands up.

22.20 sec.


The scene in the music store continues. Johnny looks at one of the guitars.

Johnny: "Excuse me. May I?"

He takes the guitar.

Scene change. He returns to the army-base with the guitar in his case. He looks at the headline in the New York Tribune, which is being read by a soldier: "Hank Williams, Country King Is Dead At 29"

Scene change. Johnny sitting at a table with earphones, writing a love letter to Vivian.

One of the soldiers takes Vivian's picture from his desk.

Soldier: "Dear "Wivian." I "weally" miss you. Boo-hoo-hoo."

Johnny takes back the picture.

Soldier: "It don't matter what you write, Cash. No chassis like that's gonna stay parked in her daddy's driveway for two years."

Johnny puts the earphones back on, to hear the Morse, typing with his fingers on the table.

Soldier: "Cash, Write somethin'."

His superior comes to his desk. Johnny quickly types something on his typewriter and gives him a note saying: "AIRCRAFT #3408, DEPARTS LENINGRD AT 0200"

111.47 sec. (1:51 min.)


Vivian is doing the dishes when she hears Johnny sing "Cry, Cry, Cry".

She walks to him to listen.

Johnny notices her.

Johnny: "Hey."
Vivian: "You hate me."
Johnny: "No, I don't."
Vivian: "That's a mean song."
Johnny: "Stupid is what it is, Viv."
Vivian: "Yeah."

Vivian leaves.

Johnny: "V-Viv, it's just a song."

In the next scene we see Johnny standing at the lantern a bit earlier.

74.60 sec. (1:15 min.)


We see Vivian and Johnny a bit longer.

Scene change. A song is about to end in a radio station.

Bob: "Yes, sirree. You're listening to the Tennessee Farm Hour. Now here's a new one from our girl Patsy."

Johnny is sitting in the waiting room. He happens to see a headline. "Carl Smith, June Carter announce divorce"

Bob the moderator knocks on the window winking Johnny over to him.

Bob listens to Johnny's music on earphones.

Bob: "Good lyrics. Did you write it?"
Johnny: "Yeah. I won a poetry prize in Stars and Stripes. That was before..."

Bob lifts the earphones a bit.

Johnny: "That was before I set it to music."

Bob turns off the music.

Bob: "Hey, uh, flip that over for me, will ya?"

Back on air.

Bob: "This is Bob Neal, and you're listening to the Tennessee Farm Hour, brought to you by Bronson Seed an Feed."

Johnny accidentally drops a record, which therefor bursts on the ground.

Scene change. Johnny on the phone.

Johnny: "Mr. Phillips? Oh, man, I broke it. I broke it! I broke it!"
Sam: "John, John. Broke what?"
Johnny: "The record, man. It's - It's smashed. Mr. Neal, he asked me to flip it over. When I went to do it, it just...It slipped out of my hands, and it broke. Man, the worst part is I think he liked it. I want to record it right now."

Scene change. Johnny is standing in Sam's office.

Johnny: "John. We can do it right now."
Sam: "No, we don't need to record it. John, sit down."
Johnny: "I don't want to sit down. I want to record it."
Sam: "John. John, sit down. John. You don't have to record another one. What you broke is the test press. The factory sends me one of those before they do run of a thousands."

Sam passes him several records.

Jerry: "He's yanking your chain, Mr. Phillips. Ain't no way nobody in the world would be that dumb."
Sam: "Leave it be, Jerry Lee."

Scene change. Johnny and Vivian are lying in bed. The radio is playing in the background.

Vivian: "John."
Johnny: "Hmm?"
Vivian: "When are we gonna talk about how this tour is gonna work, hmm? Cause you're out of town three our of four weeks for the next three months."
Johnny: "Well...Babe, I don't believe it. He's playing it again."

Johnny goes to the radio to turn up the volume.

Bob (in the radio): Cry, cry, cry. Them folks at Sun tell me this boy starts a four-state tour next week."
Johnny: "Oh" Son of a gun!"
Vivian: "The baby's sleeping. Come on."

Johnny turns off the radio but the music can still be heard from the neighborhood.

Johnny: "Baby, you hear that? Hey! Hey! That's my song!"

The baby starts crying.

Johnny: "Oh. Shh. The baby."

He takes the baby and goes outside with it.

Johnny: "Hear daddy in the wind? Hmm? I think she really likes it."

187.73 sec. (3:08 min.)



Johnny holds the telephone receiver in the direction of the stage. Then cut to the singer.

Johnny holds the receiver back to his ear.

Johnny: "You hear that?"

16.97 sec.

Theatrical version:

We see an alternative shot of Johnny holding the receiver towards the stage. Then he holds it back to his ear.

2.50 sec.



Johnny: "What's the matter."

0.50 sec.

Theatrical version:

Alternative scene of Johnny talking into the phone.

1.90 sec.


Johnny hangs up.

June walks towards him.

June: "Then y'all come on for the first encore. You got about 15 minutes. Hey, y'all. Say hi to Johnny Cash. Daddy, he wrote that "Cry, Cry, Cry" song."

June's parents walk towards him.

Johnny: "Mother Maybelle."
Maybelle: "How you doin', Johnny Cash?"
Johnny: "Good. Heck. I'm great, ma'am."
Ezra: "Hello, John. I'm Ezra."
Johnny: "Ezra. Yeah. I know. It was nice to meet you son."
Johnny: "Real good to meet you as well."

The two of walk away from Johnny and leave him back.

The singer finishes his song.

37.73 sec.


June can be seen a bit earlier.

5.73 sec.


In the Extended we still see June from the side, in the Theatrical version, however, we see her from the front.

no time difference (3.60 sec. each)



We see June on the stage longer. Johnny walks to the front and watches her.

17.03 sec.

Theatrical version:

There is an alternative scene of Johnny watching June.

9.10 sec.



Johnny looks to June and smiles. After that, June's performance was extended a bit.

9.00 sec.

Theatrical version:

We see Elvis longer. Then we see Johnny turning his head to the side.

2.20 sec.


June's performance was extended.

40.63 sec.


We see Johnny trying to write a song but not getting any further.

Then his brother seems to be lying next to him.

Johnny stands up and then lies down on the bed to Vivian and his daughter.

Scene change. Johnny is sitting on the porch and still composing that song, which is dealing with somebody missing in his life.

150.97 sec. (2:31 min.)


June goes on the street looks around a bit and then walks towards the Malco Theater.

24.70 sec.


We see Johnny on the grass longer.

Johnny: "Hey, girls. Look up in the sky."

He goes into the house.

Johnny: "Hey, girls. Hurry up. You...You can't miss it. Hey. See that bird up there? See that bird? That's a falcon."
Vivian: "Lunchtime! Come on in, everybody."

Scene change. The TV is on.

Moderator: "All right. The answer is...Aha."

Carrie: "Ray, you ought to know that one. You loot at the funnies."
Ray: "Schmooze."
Contestant (on TV): "The right word is "schmooze"."
Moderator (on TV): "Correct. Dolorey, you select."

29.43 sec.



The phone is ringing. Johnny goes to his workroom and picks it up.

Johnny: "Hello? Hey, Bob. Hey. Can you hold on a second? One second."

Johnny takes a pill from the drawer and swallows it with some beer. He takes the receiver.

Johnny: "Hello. So, uh, you tell them awards people that, uh, we're gonna come. Uh-huh. Hey, Bob. Uh, do you know, is Juna gonna be there?"

35.03 sec.

Theatrical version:

Cut to Carrie and Ray when Johnny leaves the room to answer the phone. Then we see Vivian once again.

Johnny: "Hello?"
Vivian: "Music awards"

4.57 sec.



The camera pans across several pills to Johnny lying in bed.

Somebody knocks on the door.

Johnny: "Yeah."
Marshall: "J.R.?"
Johnny: "What?"

Marshall and Luther enter the room.

Marshall: "J.R."
Luther: "The tour's been canceled, John."

35.33 sec.

Theatrical version:

Marshall and Luther enter the room. Johnny turns to the side in his bed.

Luther: "The tour's been canceled."

11.97 sec.


Johnny swallows some pills on the airport toilet. The Theatrical version reenters when he gets on the escalator.

14.10 sec.



Waylon plays a while longer. Johnny straightens up.

Waylon: "Thirty hours. You've been asleep for 30 hours, hoss."
Johnny: "Hey, did June call?"

51.27 sec.

Theatrical version:

Waylon plays a while longer. Johnny straightens up.

Johnny: "Did June call? Waylon, did June call?"

26.90 sec.


Johnny is sitting in a bar, the music-box is playing a song from June and him.

Johnny: "Oh! Oh, come on!"
Barkeeper: "Listen. You know, times like this, I say to myself...I say, "Jack, what would the baby Jesus do?"

The barkeeper starts laughing.

Johnny: "That your name? Jack?"
Barkeeper: "Mm-hmm. Jack. Shit I need a new drink. I am lit up of the spirit. Yes, sir, Jack needs another drink."

Johnny leaves the bar during a rain shower.

When he is walking through the rain the Theatrical version reenters.

48.27 sec.


Johnny is turning around in his bed, drenched in sweat.

10.00 sec.


Johnny searches the nightstand.

7.53 sec.


We see him searching his shirt a bit earlier.

5.57 sec.


Johnny and June go to church.

Priest: "...the evidence of things not seen. By faith, Abel offered God a better gift than his brother Cain. Better by faith. Cain left God. Cain fell from faith. He went out from the Lord, and he dwelt in the land of Nod on the east of Eden. Amen."
Church: "Amen."
Priest: "Let's all rise."

The church rises.

June takes Johnny's hand.

The church is singing.

70.90 sec. (1:11 min.)


We see Johnny a bit earlier.

1.53 sec.


We see the pile of letters earlier.

1.50 sec.



We see Johnny opening the letter a bit earlier.

2.93 sec.

Theatrical version:

We see the letters a few frames longer.

0.17 sec.


In the Theatrical version we see Johnny a few frames longer.

0.40 sec.


The camera zooms to the letter a little longer. The next envelope with the "Country Jail" address can be seen a bit earlier.

3.70 sec.

The camera pans across the letters a little longer. Another envelope with the prison's address on it can be seen. In the next shot we see the letter a little earlier.

5.27 sec.


The typed letter can be seen a little longer. After that we see another handwritten letter. The camera starts panning across the letter a little earlier.

6.47 sec.



We see Johnny a little earlier.

3.00 sec.

Theatrical version:

The letter from Thomas Hanson can be seen a bit longer.

0.47 sec.


We see Johnny buttoning up his jacket a little earlier.

1.50 sec.



Johnny finishes the song.

25.87 sec.

Theatrical version:

We see June a little longer, instead.

5.80 sec.