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  • Theatrical Version
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Release: Nov 02, 2014 - Author: Buster - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
The Muppets are back. In their 8th motion picture, the Muppets are on world tour with sold out theaters in some of the most exciting metropolises in Europe. Among them are Berlin, Madrid and London.
The world tour was organized by by the shady character Dominic Badguy. What the Muppets do not know is that they are being part of a sinister plan which includes replacing Kermit by very similar-looking Constantine. Constantine is the most dangerus frog worldwide, a superthief who is after the British crown jewels. The plan succeeds. Constantine takes over the Muppet ensemble and uses the world tour as cover for his foray across Europe. Kermit on the other hand is being locked up and he desperately tries to escape. Will Walter, Fozzie and the animal be able to free Kermit in time and prevent the biggest crime in history?

Compared are the Theatrical Version and the Director's Cut (both available on the US Blu-ray by Disney).

Like any other comparison of this nature, the Muppets also have to put up with the question whether or not the Director's Cut is really worth it. Will the story be driven forward or will the characters be deeper now? The answer is: no.
This raises the question if the Director's Cut is worth the money and the answer is: absolutely because there are almost 12 more minutes of the Muppets. Who thinks it is too much should watch the Statler and Waldorf Cut (also available on the US Blu-ray). This still has a remarkable length of 1 minute and 42 seconds.

Running time:
Theatrical Version: 98:36 min. NTSC (plus end credits)
Director's Cut: 110:29 min. NTSC (plus end credits)

Length difference: 11 minutes and 53 seconds

Among them:

2 additionall scenes: 44 seconds
48 exteded scenes: 11 minutes and 9 seconds
Extended Scene Director's Cut:
While the Sequel Song is being intoned, Rowlf has the opportunity to express his bias against the third Godfather movie in the Director's Cut.

8 sec

All: "We're doing a sequel. How hard can it be?"
Bob: "We can't do any worse than 'The Godfather III'"

Same Scene Later:
A little musical number is missing.

30 sec

Same Scene Later:
Before the grand finale of the Sequel Song, a brainstorming for the new movie is required. Some characters catch the speaker's eye. Lew Zealand's idea is missing in the Theatrical Version.

5 sec

Lew Zealand: "How about one of those fish out of water movies?"
Kermit: "Yeah, I'm not so sure about that, Lew."

Same Scene Later:
Statler and Waldorf have an amazing idea. At least, they think they do.

5 sec

Waldorf: "How about a movie where you don't make a movie?"
Statler: "And we all get to go home early!"
Kermit: "Good grief."

Rowlf's idea is a little too sinister for Kermit.

Rowlf: "It's about a lonely dog, and one night he sees something he should never have seen. And he has to live with a terrible secret."
Kermit: "This sounda a little dark, Rowlf."

Additional Scene Director's Cut:
After Constantine managed to escape from his cell and take down the first guards, there are some more guards in the lunch room. The light is flickering, then it goes off completely and screams and fight noises are audible. When the light goes on again, the guards are sitting beaten up at the table.

17 sec

Guard 1: "Exactly why do we have an 'Open All Door' button? Seems kind of dangerous."
Guard 2: "Eat your goulash."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
Dominic Badguy talked the Muppets into a world tour he will manage. They meet at the station to go to Berlin and Kermit has a little surprise.

32 sec

Kermit: "Okay, guys, guys. Gather round and listen up. If we're going to go on a world tour, I thought we should travel in classic style. So... I booked us a tour train!"
Kermit: "No, guys, not that train. This train. Isn't she a beauty?"
Beauregard: "All aboard, guys!"
Scooter: "Beauregard's licensed to drive a train?"
Beauregard: "It's like a big car, but with no steering wheel, so it's easier."
Kermit: "Get them up and move them out."

Same Scene Later:
One of Fozzie's jokes has been removed. Statler and Waldorf cannot object.

6 sec

Fozzie: "The dining car has an observation deck. Oh, wait, the dining car doesnt't have a roof."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
The first destination point is Berlin but they are not comfortable with the atmosphere. Miss Piggy begins to speal and Kermit tries to ease to situation.

19 sec

Miss Piggy: "Kermit, we are professional performers. Actors, musicians, and...Others."
Kermit: "Gee, guys, nobody ever said this would be easy. We have to start small."
Fozzie: "Then go huge?"
Kermit: "Well, then go slightly less small. And then touch less small until we're small-to-medium-small."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
While discussing the agenda for the evening, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew mentions two of his inventions.

6 sec

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew: "Why did I invent the automatic drowning helmet? The extra sharp chair?"

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
Kermit has been lured into a trap so that he gets busted by the German police. Now, he is on his way to the Russian prison camp. The one Constantine broke out of. Constantine on the other hand has arrived in Berlin and took Kermit's place. But he screws up during the opening number and Scooter has to step in. Unfortunately, he doesn't manage to host acurately either because he mixes up the country of origin of guest star Christoph Waltz.

19 sec

Scooter: "Australian superstar..."
Christoph Waltz: "Psst! Not Australian. Austrian. Austrian."
Scooter: "Yeah, of course. Yes, right. Cancel the Waltzing Matilda openening Australian number."
Beauregard: "But we rehearsed it."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
During the show, Constantine and Dominic manage to break into the art museum and stea two valuable paintings. Sam the hawk, who is also a spook, visits the crime scene the following day. Here, he encunters Jean Pierre Napoleon who is with Interpol. They fight about the jurisdiction and the size of their badges. Jean tells Sam he believes a criminal called Lemur is behind it. Lemur always leaves a golden coin behind as signature and in fact a coin like that is also being found at the art museum. After Sam won the little turf war, Jean gives him Lemur's file.

9 sec

Jean: "Here is the lemur file. It is everything we have on him."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
Poor Kermit has arrived at the Russian prison camp. Warden Nadya takes him to his cell. Kermit keeps insisting on being innocent, he also mentions he was not Constantine. The following dialog lacks a comment of Nadya.

6 sec

Nadya: "Sure, frog. Everyone is innocent in a gulag."

Same Scene Later:
Kermit asks Nadya about Constantine.

28 sec

Kermit: "Who is this Constantine guy anyway?"
Nadya: "Abandoned as tadpole by his mother, Constantine was adopted by owner of Russia's largest bomb factory, which he subsequently blew up. He is world's foremost explosive expert and number one criminal."
Kermit: "Well, listen, I can assure you I'm terrified of bombs. Especially on stage."
Nadya: "That was bad on two levels."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
Next sttop Madrid. Constantine and Dominic keep making plans when Miss Piggy interrupts but Constantine rejects her rudely. A verse of the following apology song is missing.

42 sec

"I'll make your dreams come true. Give you anything you want. Fulfil your fantasies. I'll make your dreams come true.
You want a taste of fame I'll give it to you.
You want a little cupcake I'll give it to you.
You want a cockatoo I'll give it to you.
You want a kangaroo I'll give it to you.
You want American car I'll give it to you.
You want a Hollywood star I'll give it to you.
You wanna go to the moon... I'll see what I can do.
I know what you're waiting for. Well, you don't need to wait no

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
Before the show in Madrid, Constantine is doing Karate when Scooter opens the door and tells him the show is about to start. But Constantine did not hear that. So Scooter approaches him and gets thrown over the desk. Constantine refuses the host the show, Dominic tries to talk him into it and vanishes in the restroom with Dominic. Scooter does not get it and leaves the room.

53 sec

Scooter: "Okay, Kermit, five Minutes till showtime."
Constantine: "Uh."
Scooter: "Kermit? Chief? Whoa!"
Constantine: "Sorry."
Scooter: "Oh, uh, no problem, chief. Are you coming."
Constantine: "No. I refuse to perform. Do show without me."
Dominic: "Sorry, one second. Can I just have a quick word?"
Constantine: "No."
Dominic: "It's just, uh..."
Constantine: "What?"
Dominic: "Okay, you have to go, Number One."
Constantine: "No, you can not make me go. You're the one who must go, Number Two."
Dominic: "I can't go. I don't need to go. You're the one who needs to go, Number One."
Constantine: "I have idea."
Dominic: "What?"
Constantine: "We will both go together."
Dominic: "That would look weird. I'm begging you, go. Go, Number One."
Constantine: "I cannot. Not after what happened last time."
Dominic: "Look at this. This might help."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
Dominic managed to talk Constantine into hosting the show. After the audience applauded, Constantine begins to actually like it.

12 sec

Constantine: "Yes, yes. I am Kermit. Mm-hmm. Yes"
Scooter: "Okay, chief. Wrap it up."
Constantine: "One minute, please. Let me drink it in. Ah..."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
The performance of Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem is shorter. The Doctor's solo on the e-piano is missing. In the meantime, the audience has fallen asleep and Walter picks up on it, too.

17 sec

Same Scene Later:
Close-up after the two-hour drum solo.

2 sec

Same Scene Later:
At the end of the lenghty solo number, there are unexpected standing ovations. A subsequent comment of Dr. Teeth is missing.

2 sec

Dr. Teeth: "I knew audiences dug jam sessions."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
During the show, Constantine and Dominic broke into another museum. The report reaches Switzerland where Sam and Jean Pierre Napoleon currently are. That means getting from Geneva to Madrid as soon as possible. But Jean's car is anything but fast which is why they delay traffic. While Sam's patience starts snapping, Jean is deeply relaxed.

12 sec

Jean: "Ah, this is the life, mon ami. Out on the open road with no schedule at all. Except for Madrid."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
Sam has a promotional poster for the Muppet Show and sees a connection to the robberies. The Muppets are being summoned to the local police station and interrogated by Sam and Jean. Single sequences lack smaller shots here and there. Constantine is first.

9 sec

Constantine: "From ten o'clock till 10:04. Was when we did the show's encore."
Sam: "Hmm, frog we've got our doubts. Can you confirm your whereabouts?"

Same Scene Later:
Miss Piggy's interrogation is shorter as well.

9 sec

Sam: "We can give you a plea deal."
Jean: "All you have to do is squeal."
Miss Piggy: "I'm not a thief I dont know how. All I've taken is a bow."

Same Scene Later:
Gonzo's interrogation has been completely removed.

42 sec

Jean: "Bring in the purple guy with the Schnoz."
Sam: "Do you remember what you did on the night you played Madrid?"
Gonzo: "I was hit by a raging bull and rushed off stage to the hospital."
Jean: "Gonzo, what do you know about a sculpture theft at Madrd's Prado?"
Gonzo: "I never saw the stolen busts I spent the night in bed concussed."
Sam: "The truth, Gonzo the clock is tickin'."
Gonzo: "If you don't believe me ask the chicken. Camilla was there she'll cooperate."
Jean: "Madame, are you willing to corroborate?"
Sam: "Will someone get this chicken out of here?"
Gonzo: "Calm down, Camilla it's a routine inspection."
Sam & Jean: "Thank you, Gonzo no more questions."

Same Scene Later:
The interrogation of Beaker, the penguins and The Animal fail as a result of a lack of adequate interpretors.

12 sec

Jean: "To help with our investigation could someone provide a full translation?"

Penguins: "QUACKING"
Animal: "YELLING"

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
Meanwhile, Sam and Jean have figured out that they have more in common than they expected. So they decide to follow the Muppets to their next show in Dublin. But when the show is supposed to start, our two cops get tangled up in too much politeness.

5 sec

Jean: "Après vous."
Sam: "No, no, after you."
Jean: "No, après vous."
Sam: "No, please, after you."
Jean: "Mon cher ami, après vous."
Sam: "I insist."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
Nadya, who has already figured out that the returned prisoner is the actual Kermit, makes him help her with a revue she intends to perform with other prisoners. Since Kermit does not have anything else to do, he finally agrees to help and he finds a bunch of talentless, not even mediocre gifted wannabe artists. After the Boyz II Men song Kermit did not like at all, he is being harshly criticized by the other inmates. All of a sudden, Kermit is doing what he does best and gathers the group. A part of the pep talk is missing in the Theatrical Version.

13 sec

Kermit: "Now, look! This song does not work. It's a six-part harmony, for crying out loud! Forget it, it's not happening. Now you... You're... You're eyeballing me. Are you eyeballing me?"
Big Papa: "No, no."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
Dominic has slipped away but he does not realize that Walter already suspects something which is why he follows Dominic around in Dublin. A little part of that is missing.

7 sec

Same Scene Later:
He keeps passing a frozen river on ice skates.

9 sec

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
Nadya turns out to be a real fan of Kermit. She even made a shrine out of her closet at the office. When she is being informed that there is a riot, she still stays with her Kermit collection.

7 sec

Prisoner: "There is riot in block D."
Nadya: "Can't you see I'm busy?"

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
Walter, Fozzie and The Animal see right through Constantine and Dominic and are on the run. Constantine fills Dominic in, then he starts to knit. A part of their conversation is missing in the Theatrical Version.

14 sec

Dominic: "Is that a scarf?"
Constantine: "Mmm."
Dominic: "Is it a present for someone?"
Constantine: "Yes."
Dominic: "Who?"
Constantine: "Not important."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
Constantine tells the ensemble that Walter, Fozzie and The Animal resigned. Rowlf is beyond surprised because they had just made a movie about how Walter became a Muppet. A comment of guitar player Janice is missing.

3 sec

Janice: "And I totally cried when he joined the Muppets."

Same Scene Later:
Dominic has to say something as well.

6 sec

Dominic: "Can I be honest? The Show will be better without them."
Statler: "Couldn't get any worse."

Same Scene Later:
Gonzo cannot believe that Kermit does not care about Fozzie and Walter having left. One should at least try to get them back but Constantine does not change his mind.

7 sec

Constantine: "But Dominic is right. We're better off without them."
Dominic: "Exactly."
Link: "Well, that's true."
Floyd: "No, it ain't."
Link: "No, no, it ain't. It's not."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
At the end of the show in Dublin, Constantine proposes to Miss Piggy on stage. Since Miss Piggy is in love with him, she says yes. But Constantine has an ulterior motive of course: he wants to steal the British crown jewels. That is why he announces the wedding will take place at London Tower in two days. Subsequently, he enjoys the spotlight. In the Theatrical Version, the reactions of the other Muppets are missing ans so is a dialog between Constantine and Miss Piggy.

40 sec

Scooter: "Oh, my gosh."
Gonzo: "Kermit's really doing it, isn't he?"
Camilla: "CLUCKING"
Gonzo: "I told you, when I'm a millionaire. Again."
Constantine: "Yes, pictures now."
Miss Piggy: "This ring. It's so... So black. It's a little ominous, to tell the truth."
Constantine: "It's a very rare black diamond. That ring is priceless. Like you, my dear."
Miss Piggy: "Oh, Kermie, you've never said that to me before. What's getting into you?"
Constantine: "Love, my dear. Love."

Same Scene Later:
Constantine fills Dominic in.
30 sec

Dominic: "So... Secret phase three, proposing to the pig."
Constantine: "Keep up, Number Two. In Tower of London, you cannot put on stupid variety show, but you can get married. You see, Blood's passageways are located directly below Saint John's Chapel. I realized months ago that our only chance of pulling this off was a Muppet wedding."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
After reading the news about the upcoming wedding, The Newsman is being pushed out of the studio by a bull.

6 sec

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
Kermit put quite an effort in the Galug revue. What he does not know: Fozzie, Walter and The Animal are already on site in order to free him. Through a window, they witness a number that Fozzie is somehow familiar with.

20 sec

Danny: "What do you call a clairvoyant dwarf that escaped from the Gulag? A small medium at large. Wocka, wocka, wocka."
Walter: "Let's go get him."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
When Kermit is being brought up to speed, he decides to go to London instantaniously. Unfortunately, they are still in a Russian Gulag. So Kermit suggests to escape. Fozzie wants to know how and Kermit comes up with an idea that does not really work.

12 sec

Kermit: "Well, the weakest point in a Gulag is over there by the fourth wall."
Walter: "Okay. We're gonna have to break the fourth wall."
Kermit: "Hmm."
Fozzie: "I don't think is gonna work, guys."
Kermit: "I'm afraid you're right."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
Last but not least, they managed to escape. Kermit, Fozzie, Walter and The Animal have arrived in London in the meantime. But how do they get inside London Tower? Kermit has an idea and disguises as flower deliverer. Coincidentally, he bumps into Dominic who believes Kermit is Constantine.

25 sec

Dominic: "What are you doing here? You're supposed to be getting ready, Number One. And also, your thing is showing."
Kermit: "Ah, yes. Yes, of course. I know that, you complete idiot. Why do you think I am walking around with these flowers to cover my face?"
Dominic: "All right. Calm down."
Kermit: "Thank you... For nothing!"

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
After Kermit let his friends in, they split up. Walter and The Animal are supposed to look for Miss Piggy at the chapel while Kermit and Fozzie are looking around in Constantine's room but Fozzie breaks a mirror during. When Constantine is close, they have to hide. Fozzie disguises as part of the hallway decoration and Kermit pretends to be Constantine's mirror image. Dominic enters and Constantine turns to him. From Dominic's POV, the mirror image looks pretty weird. The Theatrical Version does not go into detail here.

5 sec

Dominic: "How did you do that?"
Constantine: "Do what?"
Fozzie: "Ow! I mean, nothing."

Same Scene Later:
Constantine's conversation with Dominic is shorter.

14 sec

Constantine: "Phase four. I do not plan to be married for long."
Dominic: "Yeah, but if you get divorced, you'll have to share the Crown Jewels with her fifty-fifty."
Constantine: "I will not be getting divorced, you idiot."

Same Scene Later:
A supplier delivers a fridge filled with champagne. A small part of it is missing in the Theatrical Version.

4 sec

Lieferant: "For Mr., uh... The Frog."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
Scooter and Rowlf welcome some unexpected guests.

11 sec

Scooter: "Hey, there. Can we help you guys?"
Kid 1: "Yeah, we're the Disney synergy invites. This is our row."
Rowlf: "What's synergy?"
Kid 2: "It's the interaction of multiple elements in a system."
Scooter: "Okay, see you soon."

Additional Scene Director's Cut:
CIA Agent Sam has arrested Kermit and Fozzie and cuffed them to the steering wheel. Kermit has a plan but once again it does not work out.

27 sec

Kermit: "GAGGING"
Fozzie: "Kermit, are you carsick?"
Kermit: "I swallowed a hairpin month ago, in case something like this should happen. It's one of those things you learn in prison, Fozzie."
Fozzie: "Hmm."
Kermit: "Give me your paw."
Fozzie: "Huh? Oh, yeah. Yeah. That's slimy."
Kermit: "Fozzie! I had that thing in my gullet for three months."
Fozzie: "I'm sorry, but that was just gross."
Kermit: "Good grief."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
If freeing from the steering wheel is not an option, they have to take the car with them so Kermit and Fozzie do just that. A small joke has been removed though.

2 sec

Kermit: "Bear left."
Fozzie: "Right, frog."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
The cat is out of the bag. The actual Kermit surprises the wedding guests with his presence. Everybody is surprised but the comments of Rowlf and Pepe The King Prawn have been removed.

4 sec

Rowlf: "I knew it. No one could have a cold for that long."
Pepe: "Or that bad of an accent, okay."

Same Scene Later:
After Miss Piggy recognized the real Kermit, she jumps him and starts kissing him. All that has left its mark on Hobo Joe.

11 sec

Hobo Joe: "This hobo believes in love again."
Wedding Guest: "What are you doing over there?"

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
Constantine's plan did not work out so he abducts Miss Piggy and tries to get on a chopper with her. But the Muppets stick together and Kermit manages to get on the chopper. In the meantime, Miss Piggy could untie herself and Constantine, the most dangerous frog in the world, has to deal with Miss Piggy, the most powerful pig in the world. He does not stand a chance and gets his butt kicked royally. After that, there is only a thing uncertain: how to land the chopper. But Miss Piggy has a solution for that as well.

8 sec

Kermit: "So, uh, how do we land this thing, huh?"
Miss Piggy: "Oh, that's easy."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
It is over and the bad guys are being taken away by the cops. In the Theatrical Version, Gonzo's reaction to Rowlf's comment that the "bad guy" is called Dominic Badguy is missing.

2 sec

Gonzo: "It's pronounced 'Bad-gee'."

Extended Scene Director's Cut:
While being taken away, Dominic makes it pretty clear to Constantine who the new number one is.

8 sec

Dominic: "Since I stole the Crown Jewels, guess I'm number one now."
Constantine: "But we're going to jail."
Dominic: "Doesn't matter. Still counts, still stole 'em. I'm number one you're number two."
Constantine: "Shut up."