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Family Guy Vol. 4 (Season 4 Part 2) [Unrated]

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Family Guy

4.24 Peteroica


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Feb 27, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version and the extended DVD Version (both included in the DVD Box "Volume 4").

2 new/extended scenes (duration: 22.8 sec)

Family Guy is a very successful show aired on FOX. Since some jokes are simply too rude to air them on national television, the producers have to censor/cut scenes from time to time. However, they sometimes also cut some jokes away in order to reach the appropiate length for a TV-episode. Therefore, not all the changes that were made are a result of censorship. Nevertheless there still are enough hilarious, outrageous jokes in the show - fans will be in for a good time, weven when watching the TV Version on FOX. (I'm speaking from experience.)

BTW, it airs every sunday evening on FOX. That's really nice because you can also watch the new American Dad episode as well as the new episode of The Cleveland Show. So you've got a terrific triple feature. If you're watching FOX anyway, you can also watch the latest Simpsons episode. After all, what's better than spent your whole evening laughing your ass of while watching the latest episodes of the series by Seth MacFarlane plus some new adventures of Homer & Co?

The 24th episode of the 4th season - "Peterotica" - offers 2 little extensions on the DVD. The first one can clearly be called censorship.

Time index refers to the TV Version.

Please note:

There is no longer / uncensored DVD Version of the first 5 episodes of season 4.

In between "Angela's asses" and "Shaved New World", only the DVD Version shows another one of Peter's erotic books.
"Catcher in the eye" - on the cover you see a girl with a target on one of her eyes.

According to the audio commentary they had to cut this joke out of the TV Version because of the rude sexual innuendo.

3.4 sec


Before Carter comes to the Griffins, Peter and Brian in the DVD Version watch something on TV.

You see the two of them on the sofa while the TV announcer says: "And now, back to Blind Justice."
Then you see the title of the series, followed by a shot of a blind cop inside his office; his boss says: "I need you to go down to 54th and Main, talk to the suspect's wife. While you're there, see if you can get a sample of his hair to match his DNA."
The blind cop gets up and in a strong-willed matter says: "All right, I'm on it!"
He leaves the room - and immediately butts against the wall.
At the end of this scene you see the credits for this TV show.

19.4 sec