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  • Theatrical Version
  • TV Version
Release: Nov 28, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

After the kiss between Jerilee and Walter, the scene goes on.

Jerilee: "I've never been with a man before. I guess I never felt safe enough."
Walter: "You're adorable."

TV: 23 sec.


The theatrical version shows another scene in which Jerilee and Walter welcome their guests.

Joe: "Congratulations."
Walter: "Joe, who's minding the store?"
Joe: "My wife and my mother-in-law."
Walter: "Oh, you're in deep trouble!"

Theatrical Version: 13 sec.


The theatrical version cuts from the garden directly to Walter's failure at the wedding night.

In the TV version, the scene in the garden goes even further. Mr. Jackson applauds and congratulates Jerilee. She explains to Walter that she knows Jackson from the award ceremony. Walter says that one of Jerilee's stories will be printed. Jackson asks if the first option for a script will be given. Walter intervenes and tells Jackson that he should direct his next movie. Jackson says that this is easier for him than hanging out with the Valley people. Jerilee tells him that these people are her mother and friends. Jackson leaves.

In the evening, Jerilee and Walter go into the bedroom. After a kiss, they both let themselves fall on the bed. When the action starts, the camera pans up.

Theatrical Version: 35 sec.
TV: 2:29 min.


Walter can be seen in the theatrical version earlier as he leaves the bedroom.

Theatrical Version: 1 sec.


Jerilee can be seen longer in bed, being unsatisfied.

Theatrical Version: 1 sec.


The theatrical version shows Walter and Jerilee having sex.

Then follows the pillow talk, in which Jerilee wants to know from Walter about her talent as a screenwriter.

Jerilee: "Walter. How do you start a screenplay?"
Walter: Page one, scene one, and you take it from there."
Jerilee: "I'm serious. Do you think I can do it, Walter?"
Walter: "You could but I couldn't take the competition."
Jerilee: "Come on!"
Walter: "Well, we start shooting in a month. Maybe you could help."
Jerilee: "Doing what?"
Walter: "Typing rewrites, watching. Guy's a pretty good director. You'll learn a lot."
Jerilee: "That's why I love you."

The TV version only shows the pillow talk, this time, Jerilee has a top on. The dialog is very similar to the theatrical version.

Theatrical Version: 1:45 min.
TV: 52 sec.


Jerilee and Jackson can be seen on the film set a little longer.

TV: 9 sec.


Jerilee can be seen longer.

Molly: "Hmm... remember all that trouble we had?"

In the theatrical version, Molly's sentence is placed over the next shot as Vincent is shown.

TV: 2 sec.


The TV version lacks some of the arguments between Jerilee and Walter during dinner.

Walter: "My wife has a memory for the easy phrase."
Jerilee: "You said, In this business, you cannot..."
Walter: "I know what I said!"

Theatrical Version: 8 sec.


The theatrical version cuts to the two men after Walter felt that he had no respect for himself.

Theatrical Version: 5 sec.


Walter takes the garden hose in his hand.

Walter: "Or is this more your kick?"

Theatrical Version: 4 sec.


After the reaction shot of Jerilee, Walter throws the garden hose back on the ground.

Theatrical Version: 1 sec.


A little more dialogue after Jerilee opened the door.

Jerilee: "Carmen Miranda."
Jackson: "Just Carmen."

TV: 3 sec.


Alternative shot from Jackson:

Theatrical version:

Jackson: "For whom?"

TV version:

Jackson: "Oh, I see. For whom?"

Theatrical Version: 1 sec.
TV: 2 sec.


In the theatrical version, you see Jerilee and George go on stage to say goodbye to Jackson.

Dancer: "Thanks for coming to see us, George."
George: "Hey, thanks, sweetheart. Good luck with the show."
Jerilee: "We're starving. We're gonna go grab a bite."
Jackson: "How will you get home?"
George: "I'm gonna take care of her."
Jackson: "Now you'd better, George. You'd better."
George: "I won't louse this one up, pal. It's too important.

Theatrical Version: 21 sec.


The theatrical version fades in on Jerilee and George during sexual intercourse. Jerilee obviously has an orgasm. In the next scene, George enters the shower to join Jerilee. In return, he gets oral pleasure from her.

Instead, the TV version shows George taking off Jerilee's jacket and throwing it on the floor.

Theatrical Version: 1:18 Min.
TV: 23 sec.


Alternative shot of Jerilee and George lying in bed. Jerilee is naked in the theatrical version. Then we fade to the next scene.

Jerilee: "I'm happy for the first time in a long time."
George: "It's just the best sex you've had in a long time. Well, I'm gonna call my wife.
Jerilee: "Oh, no, you don't. Come here."

Jerilee wears a nightgown in the TV version. The dialogue is the same.

Theatrical Version: 25 sec.
TV: 22 sec.


Jerilee walks through the streets and looks for a number in a public phone book.

TV: 30 sec.