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The Extended Cut on

The Truman Show


Scream 6

To Live and Die in L.A



Donnie Brasco


  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Mar 20, 2008 - Author: Frankie - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Running time of the Theatrical Version: 126:30 Min. including Ending Credits
Running time of the Extended Cut: 146:57 Min. including Ending Credits

For this cut-report the Theatrical Version, represented through the Us-DVD from Columbia has been compared to the Extended Version of the DVD from Sony. One can not really say who is responsible for this new version of the film. Not only does it contain long extensions of scenes, but also short alternative shots and even a few new violent scenes. The cover of the DVD does not give any information whether this version is authorized by the director. However, the bonus features of the old US-DVD provide some information. There one can find deleted scenes with optional commentary of the director and guess what: Some of the deleted scenes have been re-integrated into the movie. The commentary, however, states that these scenes have been cut out for a reason, because not only do they slow the movie down, but also some of the conflicts, which can be recognized in the Theatrical Version only by observing the characters, are unnecessarily spread out with too much dialogue.
This really is a problem of many of the new scenes because the topics at hand are mentioned anyhow, only more subtle. It seems that the director was not involved in this project.
Internet rumors stating that the basement execution has been extended are true. A few more bloody details have been added. But just as the other new scenes they do not really bring the movie forward at all. Since the Extended DVD has less bonus material and the audio commentary is missing completely, this version is only interesting for the die-hard fans.

The running time data is a) measured in NTSC and b) based on the Theatrical Version. The scenes marked red are only in the Theatrical Version.
03:20 - 04:04

The dialogue between Lefty (Al Pacino) and his friends about which car brand is better contains one little difference: A short bit of a word of Pacino has been integrated and alternative shots have been used, resulting in a slight running time difference. After the sentence "Mercedes got it all over both of them" Lefty says "A Mercedes?".
TV left, Extended right
1 Sec.

The car discussion goes on in the Extended. Lefty are discussing the advantages of the respective bands while Lefty occasionally peers to the bar and watches Donnie Brasco (Johnny Depp).
Nicky: "I'll tell you one thing, my friend. Undisputable. The Lincoln is longer."
Lefty: "It's longer? Longer like what? Longer like my dick is longer?"
Nicky: "No, no, no. We're not talking about a Volkswagen."
Lefty: "What do you mean? Yeah, Volkswagen."
Nicky: "Longer. Like longer. Like in inches it's longer."
Lefty: "You don't make no fucking sense."
Nicky: "It's a longer car. Two fucking cars, right? This is a car, this is a car, right?"
Lefty continues to watch Brasco. His friend talks from the Off: "Right here, okay? All things being equal, the one's longer gonna get there first. You don't have to be fucking Einstein to understand this. "
Lefty: "You know what happens when you get there, don't you?"
Nicky: "No."
Lefty: "You're still driving a fucking Lincoln."
Now follows a close-up of Brasco's face while Lefty's friend continues to argue: "I'll show you a fucking picture. Two cars. The one's longer get there first. That's a scientific fact. It's a longer car."

Now a waitress appears beside Sonny Black (Michael Madsen) and asks the men, whether they are mobsters.
Waitress: "Can I ask you something?"
Sonny: "What?"
Waitress: "Are you guys, you know, wise guys?"
Nicky: "Wise guys? What are wise guys?"
Waitress: "You know..."
Sonny: "What makes you think we are wise guys?"
Nicky: "We could be cops."
Waitress: "Yeah."
They all start laughing and again Donnie's face is shown in a close-up.
Nicky: "You believed me. Undercover what?"
Waitress: "No, I didn't."
Nicky from the Off while Donnie's face is shown: "You believed me." Waitress: "No, it's just...". Cut to Lefty watching Donnie.
Now Lefty asks his friend who is sitting at the bar. This is where both versions get together again.
63 Sec.


After Lefty has talked to Donnie in the bar and was told by him that the ring is fake, they both drive to the man Lefty got the ring from. During the ride Lefty explains to Donnie that he has to teach him how to behave. This short dialogue is missing in the Theatrical Version in which Donnie asks right away where they are heading and Lefty tells him not to ask so many questions.
[Lefty: "You a cop? Don't ask so many questions".]
Now a shot of the car follows in the Extended Version and Lefty begins to explain.
Lefty: "Well, well, I've got to school you, my friend. I've got to school you. What's the matter? You work for Jilly, he never school you?"
Donnie: "School me in what?"
Lefty: "You don't talk until I talk to you." Short moment of silence. "Fugazy. You call that ring a fugazy. You don't know word fucking one, my friend. I know. I look at you and I know. You a guy can't keep his fucking mouth shut. Hey, I'm talking to you now."
Donnie: "Look, I've been in jewels five years."
[Donnie: How do you figure I'm gonna earn the kind of money I do if I can't tell a fucking zircon."]
This sentence is in the Theatrical Version as well and makes a little more sense there - it fits better with the rhythm.
36 Sec.


The confrontation with the debtor in the nightclub is longer, too. In the Theatrical Version he explains to Lefty that the ring belonged to his wife, while Donnie still alleges the ring to be fake. The debtor gets angry and Lefty punches him. In the Extended Version they talk a bit more detailed belonged to the debtors wife.
[Debtor: "Left, that's my wife's fucking diamond ring." Donnie: "It's a fugazy, Left."]
Lefty: "You took away your wife's ring?
Debtor: "Look, you bring that ring to any kike on 47th Street, he's gonna tell you that this is primo."
Lefty: "You took away your wife's ring to go bet on the Giants?"
Debtor: "Hey, look, you don't want it. Give it back to me, okay?"
For that remark Lefty punches him in the head.
14 Sec.


An alternative shot has been used during the punch in the head so that the intersection is harmonious. In the Theatrical Version the debtor says to Donnie: "Hey, I don't know what your problem is?" This sentence is missing in the Extended so the Theatrical Version shows a bit more here.
1 Sec.


After the night of hot loving between Donnie and his wife (Anne Heche) the Theatrical Version immediately cuts to the breakfast table. The Extended Version shows a shot of Donnie's car and the camera moves left where we see a man waiting in a car scouting the area. Then the Extended cuts to the breakfast table.
11 Sec.


After the not really successful breakfast with his kids a few long scenes have been integrated showing Donnie while cleaning up. First he uses the dust-cleaner and then washes the car while his wife is in the house arraying the clothes and watching him. She sees Donnie walking towards the car from the previous scene and talking to the driver. She then walks up the stairs to gather her children.
Maggie: "Girls, come here a second. Come here, Terry, Kerry. Come on. Sorry, sweetie. Come on. Let's go see your sister. Come on upstairs. Let's just, let's read a book. "
From the off we hear a door opening and Donnie and the stranger disappearing into the room where the children were sitting before. Downstairs Donnie takes the phone out of the drawer and calls Lefty while his wife is following them, monitoring what's going on down there.
Maggie (to her children) : "Do what you're told."
Cut to the lower floor.
Donnie: "Left, it's Donnie. I'm checking in. Yeah, that's what I said. I'm checking in. No, I've been out all day. What's going on? All right. So long." During the dialogue we see several shots of the stranger and Donnie's wife. One can tell that she's very uncomfortable.
After this scene follows a change of scenery and we see Donnie and Lefty driving around in the car. Now both versions re-unite again.
150 Sec.


After Lefty has entered the bar and gotten rid of his cigarette the Theatrical Version shows right away how Donnie follows him. In the Extended we see an outdoor shot of the building with a black Cadillac parking in front of it. Through the car window we can see somebody watching the road. Then follows a cut to Donnie sitting in the car. He seems nervous and controls his knife one more time. After another cut Donnie enters the bar.
17 Sec.


During the trip in Sonny Blacks new Mercedes we see an alternative scene of Donnie on the backseat. In the Theatrical Version he takes off his sunglasses while in the Extended he looks over to the man beside him and then to the front again.
No time difference


The dialogue between Sonny and Lefty is longer.
[Lefty: "I'm checking my lipstick."]
Sonny: "What would I do without you, Left? What would I do? What about you, Donnie? What would you do? Have to find yourself a new goombah, wouldn't you?"
Cut to Donnie not saying anything. The camera stays on him.
Nicky (from the Off): "That was something about the boss, huh?"
Cut to Lefty.
Other passengers (from the Off): "We all gotta go sometime."
After the dialogue they all get out at the airport.
18 Sec.


In the airport storage depot learns the reason why Sonny let him come there. He is given a lion and as usual the extended has some more to show. We see the lion being transported and get to know a few details about Lefty's relationship to Sonny.
Sonny (from the Off): "Grab the pussy. Let's go."
Lefty: "What am I gonna do with this?"
Nicky: "He thinks they smell fear."
After a change of the scene we see Lefty's Cadillac driving from under a bridge.
Lefty: "I'm sick of this."
Donnie: "You and Sonny Black are friends."
Lefty: "I got told to shut my mouth about Sonny Black. How many times I stood up to the boss himself, that cocksucker. May he rest in peace."
They stop at a fast food restaurant and Lefty orders something to eat.
Lefty: "You're gonna have to.... You're gonna have to... I got... I'm gonna need 40 of those burgers. Hold the onions."
We see the reason for this order in the following shot also contained in the Theatrical Version: the lion needs food.
71 Sec.


During the feeding of the lion we see an alternative shot of Lefty talking about not getting promoted. The Theatrical Version shows the dialogue between Lefty and Donnie while the Extended presents the dialogue from the off and shows the lion instead.
No time difference


Here a dialogue has been cut from the Theatrical Version. We see the lion eating and Lefty says: "I'm like the invisible man in this thing."
4 Sec.


Again dialogues have been extended.
Donnie: "It's like one of those, whatchamacallit, you know, bureaucracy."
Lefty: "What bureaucracy? Ain't no bureaucracy. What you talking about, bureaucracy? Where the fuck you get your ideas? Bureaucracy."
Donnie: "All I'm saying, I'm saying they don't appreciate you, is what I'm saying."
Lefty: "Appreciate? They appreciate you?"
Donnie: "Come on, Left, I'm on your side."
Lefty: "You're on my side? You're on my side because I say you're on my side. Hey look, Donnie! Don't get on your fucking high horse, Donnie. I don't like that."
39 Sec.


After the longer montage showing the mobsters life and crimes and ending with a murder in a repair shop a scene of Donnie and the boys in a restaurant has been added.
Lefty: "He was a friend of mine."
Sonny: "Broad daylight. I can't believe it. What kind of people are gonna take another man's property right off the street?"
Lefty: "Forget about it. The whole society is going down the tubes."
Sonny: "We never had that kind of problem when Nixon was around."
Lefty: "Nixon? Nixon? Forget about Nixon. Nixon. We had respect all over the world. We stood for something. We had law and order in the street. We had a little different story."
The camera focuses on Donnie's face all the while as he seems lost in thoughts.
Some dude: "Too bad he wasn't Sicilian."
Lefty: "He was Sicilian."
Nicky: "You know, last night I'm watching Roger Grimsby on the news and those Ayatollah cockamamie people are marching through the streets, and they're whipping each other on the back with whips."
Some dude again: "Get out of here. I never heard of it."
Nicky: "Donnie, am I right?"
Donnie: "What?"
Now the camera trails away from Donnie.
Other guy: "Fucking fanatics over there."
Lefty: "What are you asking him for? What are you asking him for?"
Nicky: "What was it, a ventriloquist act? I asked him a question..."
Lefty: "But you're talking to me. You're asking him."
Nicky: "He reads... What do you mean, why am I asking him?"
Lefty: "Fuck if he reads. You ask me. What are you asking him?"
Nicky: "Did you see it?"
Lefty: "I'm here. You're talking to me. You're talking to me. What are you talking to him for?"
Nicky: "I talk to you, then I talk to him. I talk to everybody.
Lefty: "All right, all right, all right."

Change of scene. We see Donnie's dark room. Donnie enters the room and starts to tear apart the interior, confused and aggravated because of the murder he could not prevent and Lefty standing up for him.
122 Sec.


After the scene in the Japanese restaurant we see one of Sonny's men taking Lefty's lion for a walk and causing fuss in the neighborhood. A woman is very upset about the lion taking a dump on the pavement.
Sonny's Mann: "Mind your own business. Just go home! Go home!"
Sonny's Mann: "Go home, you miserable bitch."
Another member of Sonny's Crew: "What you doing? Sonny's ready to start."
Sonny's Mann: "He's not done yet. You want him to piss all over the fucking floor?"
36 Sec.


The dialogue in Donnie's car concerning the guy in Florida is longer.
[Lefty: "You don't say nothing unless there's a reason for it."]
Lefty: "Now, who is the fucking guy in Florida?"
Donnie: "Nobody. He's a guy I knew when I lived down there, that's all."
Lefty: "You vouch for this guy?"
Donnie: "Hey, come on. That was bullshitting around."
Lefty: "Bullshitting around? What, you think Sonny Black is just bullshitting around?"
Donnie: "What do I know? I don't... You know... You think he wasn't?
Lefty: "Yeah, well... Listen to me, Donnie, I don't know what to swear on. My dead father, my mother who I love, my children. I swear to you, Donnie, something is going on you don't know about."
[Donnie: "I was making conversation with the guy."]
31 Sec.


More dialogue again. We get to know in detail how much Donnie means to Lefty.
[Lefty: "I don't know what I would do if you did something wrong."]
Lefty: "You understand? I'd die with you."
Cut to the type-writer documenting the progress of the operation.
5 Sec.


After the gang has arrived in Florida Lefty and Donnie inspect the nightclub. Again a dialogue has been extended. The topic this time: Sonny Black.
[Donnie: "What about Sonny?"]
Lefty: "Donnie, don't tell me what to do, Donnie."
Donnie: "I'm asking a question."
Lefty: "Donnie, Sonny's down here for vacation. He ain't once gotten out of that chaise lounge. He lies there like he's in fucking traction."
Donnie: "Yeah, I know, but he did mention that he might wanna get something going."
[Lefty: "Imagine Sonny Black operating down here."
19 Sec.


Some more dialogue as Donnie is at the department and needs a boat for a meeting.
[Guy from Washington: "I'm a Mormon, mister. Now clean it up."]
Voice from the background: "Joe, I think we got a malfunction on your tape recorder."
Donnie: "Get me a fucking boat, would you? What?"
3 Sec.


The malfunction sentence is different in the Theatrical Version. The shot of the guy with the cigarette has been removed due to continuity.
2 Sec.


This is probably the longest extension following after the meeting between Donnie and Nicky - the Theatrical Version blends over to a shot of New York here.
Lefty, Sonny and Donnie are sitting at the pool in Miami and Lefty is gently mocking Sonny.
Lefty (from the Off): "What are you doing? You want to throw me in the pool? You got the balls?"
Gang member (from the Off): "He hasn't made a pick yet."
Nicky (from the Off): "Forget those dogs."
Sonny: "Hey, you know, if you took my blood pressure right now, it'd be down 100%."
By now Sonny has moved towards the canvas chair and we see the persons whose voices were audible from the off until now.
Lefty: "Rusty's fucked up in the can with his fucking sinuses. He finds out you're down in Florida..."
Sonny: "I don't punch a clock for Rusty. Live your life like a man down here."
Lefty: "Forget about it, Sonny. By tomorrow, you're gonna be crying you miss the New York bread."
Sonny (from the Off because the camera is focused on Donnie's face) : " New York bread is like cake."
Lefty: "Hey, two weeks you're wearing the same fucking shirt. What does that mean?"
The boys laugh.
Lefty: "What does that mean?"
Sonny: "I'm not in a big hurry to go back to New York."
Lefty: "Yeah, don't worry about it. One more day, that fucking shirt's gonna go back to New York on it's own."
Another close-up of Donnie's face as he is lying in the sun.
Lefty (from the Off): "That's why we don't get service in this joint. They see you in that fucking shirt, they say, 'There's Joe Faccia Di Culo,' in that shirt."
More laughter. Only Sonny is slightly irritated.
Sonny: "That's enough."
Lefty continues to provoke him: "' That's enough?' What does that mean, 'that's enough?' Look at him, look at him. He's mad."
Sonny turns to Donnie: "Hey, Donnie, let's go for a walk."
Donnie: "Where?"
Sonny: "Come on, I'm gonna get a candy bar."
Donnie: "All right."
Lefty: "Look at him, that was once yellow, that shirt. What are we supposed to call him now? Sonny Florida."
Nicky (from the Off): "Watch out, you're gonna put him on the warpath again."
Lefty: "Yeah. That shirt. That's the shirt the barber gives you to put over your shirt."

Now follows a cut and we see Donnie and Sonny walking up some stairs and approaching a vending machine.
Sonny: "I want to know what you're up to."
Donnie: "What do you mean?"
Sonny: "Yesterday."
Donnie: "Last night?"
Sonny: "What were you doing last night?"
Donnie: "No, I'm saying, when yesterday? What time yesterday?"
Sonny: "Come here. Don't mess around with me. Yesterday fucking afternoon."
Donnie: "Nothing."
Sonny: "Why has Lefty such a hard-on to send me back to New York?"
Donnie: "Come on, Sonny. That guy's busting your balls down there."
Sonny: "I wanna know."
An elderly lady crosses their pass. The conversation is interrupted.
Sonny: "I wanna know what you got going on down here."
Donnie: "I don't understand, Sonny. You wanna know about every half-assed scam that'll amount to nothing?"
Sonny: "That's right."
Donnie: "Look. I don't mean any disrespect. I mean, I know you're a skipper and I'm a nobody, but I can't do that to Lefty."
Sonny: "Listen to me, you cocksucker, I'll eat your fucking balls for breakfast. You understand me? Every fucking one of you. This is life or death. Not a fucking game, Donnie. This is my say-so. Now, you tell me."
Donnie: "I can't do it, Sonny."
Sonny: "How about if I fucking whack you right here and know?"
Donnie: "Do what you have to do, Sonny. I can't do that to Lefty."
The conversation is over and Sonny grabs his candy bar. Here we see proof of Lefty's antipathy for Sonny as well as a) Donnie's respect for Lefty and b) the danger in which Donnie puts himself.
Especially through the cut to his own home and his wife shoveling snow we see the contrast between he two worlds Donnie lives in.
203 Sec.


Another scene extension including a confrontation between Donnie and Lefty. After the Theatrical Version cuts to the boat after the short shot of Donnie and the agents the extended shows a scene of Donnie and Lefty in Lefty's hotel room. The air conditioning cannot be turned off and the atmosphere is tense because Lefty is freezing.
[Agent: " That's right. It's Abscam"]
Donnie: "Yeah? Could we get it?"
Agent: "Forget about it."
Now follows a cut to the hotel and after a shot from the outside we see Lefty standing at the window kicking something.
Lefty: "Son of a bitch! Come on, son of... Fucking Donnie"
Donnie enters the room.
Donnie: "Hey, Lefty, you're not gonna fucking believe this."
Lefty: "You think this is some joke, huh?"
Donnie: "What?"
Lefty: "You think this is funny, huh?"
Donnie: "What are you talking about? It's fucking cold. Why is it so cold in here?"
Lefty: "Hey, Donnie. Listen to me, Donnie. I know you know, all right? And I know you know I know you know."
Donnie: "Right."
Lefty: "Right."
Donnie: "What the fuck are you talking about?"
Lefty: "I'm telling you, I'm freezing to my fucking death, Donnie."
Donnie: "Yeah, fucking Greenland in here. There's no knob. Where's the knob?"
Lefty: "Thank you."
Donnie: "Well, did you call the maintenance guy? They gotta have a..."
Lefty: "Maintenance. I'm not gonna call a maintenance guy. What are you, crazy? Who knows a maintenance guy comes in, what if he's an agent? Come on."
Donnie: "Come on, he's not an agent. He's a fucking janitor."
Lefty: "Janitor, come on. I don't want him touching it. Put his hands on it. Who knows what he puts in this goddamn air-conditioner. Here, look at this. Here, look, look. I got it up to 120, here. Come on. Ain't no fucking... I'm not gonna have anyone going in here. "
Donnie: "You know something? That's a fucking practical joke. That's what that is."
Lefty: "It's a joke?"
Donnie: "Yeah."
Lefty: "Where's the joke? I don't see the joke."
Donnie: "Come on, you know Sonny's sense of humor. It's Sonny fucking around."
Lefty: "You think this is Sonny?
Donnie: "Yeah."
Lefty: "Sonny?"
Donnie: "Yeah."
Lefty: "Sonny did this to me? This is not Sonny Black, my friend. No. This is you, Donnie. You fucking cocksucker, it's you!"
Donnie: "Whoa, you don't fucking call me that, Lefty."
Lefty: "Don't call you what?"
Donnie: "Don't you fucking call me cocksucker."
Lefty: "Cocksucker. I call you anything I want. I'll call you cocksucker. Yeah, I'll call you cocksucker. I'll call you motherfucker!"
Donnie: "Yeah, you're a fucking cocksucker."
Lefty: "You calling me a cocksucker?"
Donnie: "Yeah, you like that?"
Lefty: "I'm what?"
Donnie: "Cocksucker."
Lefty: "I'm a cocksucker."
Donnie: "You're a cocksucker. What are you gonna do? You're gonna kill me over a fucking draft?"
Lefty: "Yeah."
Donnie: "Let me tell you something. You'd better fucking kill me. Because you don't kill me tonight, I'm gonna come in here, I'm gonna chop you up... I'll sneak in here and fucking kill you."
Lefty: "Oh, yeah. You don't call me cocksucker. Here"
Donnie: "Oh, yeah. Go ahead. Cocksucker."
Lefty: "Go ahead. Take it back."
Donnie: "Kill me."
Lefty: "Take it back, Donnie."
Donnie: "Fuck you, I'm getting my own room. I'll see you tomorrow. "
Lefty: "You not gonna see me tomorrow, for your information."
Both leave the room.
Lefty: "I got news for you, Donnie.You won't see me tomorrow. Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and wise guys don't work on Mother's Day! "
Donnie: "You're a cocksucker."
Lefty: "Go ahead!" He walks back to his door that has fallen shut. Lefty has locked himself out and is commenting on this with a loud "No!".
171 Sec.


After the scene with Donnie and Lefty at the hospital two more scenes have been added. First, we see Donnie at home receiving a letter about a citation. Then we see Donnie and the boys celebrating in a bar. Sonny Black is not very pleased that Sonny Red joins them while Donnie phones Washington to cancel the appointment for the hearing.

Donnie's stands beside the mailbox and goes through the mail. Then follows a change of scenery and we see Donnie sitting in the garden. His wife joins him.
Maggie: "Hey, Joe."
Donnie: "What?"
Maggie: "You know the U.S. government?"
Donnie: "Yeah."
Maggie: "The U.S. government you swore an oath and dedicated your life to?"
Donnie: "Yeah. Why?"
Maggie: "We got audited."
Donnie looks at the letter. Now follows a cut to a restaurant and we see Sonny Black.
Voice (from the Off): "Hey, let's make a toast to Sonny, huh?"
Another voice: "To Sonny and our new Florida business."
Nun Sonny Red and his men enter.
Sonny R. "Hey Sonny, how you doing?"
Sonny B. "What's going on, Red?"
Sonny R. "You know the boys. I hear you was in Florida."
Sonny B. "Yeah, it's nice down there. Take the sun."
Sonny R. "You got friends down there?"
Sonny B. "Everybody's nice down there. The people, they're very friendly down there."
Sonny R. "Nice color."
Now we see that Donnie is in the room as well. standing on the public phone.
Donnie: "I'm not talking to the Bureau. There is no Bureau. There's a bunch of assholes and the I.R.S. is another bunch of assholes. So what I'm asking you to do is to place a phone call, asshole to asshole."
Voice on the phone: "Please calm down..:"
Donnie: "You want me to calm down?"
Cut to the outside where Sonny Red is cheering to the people.
Donnie: "You tell the fucking auditor that I'm coming to DC and I'm gonna whip the shit out of him with his calculator, you understand?"
Back to Sonny Red ordering a magnum bottle of champagne. Cut to a really pissed off Sonny B.
Voice on the phone: "Let's face it, bud, they don't audit you for..."
Donnie: "Okay, I'm gonna hang up now."
Voice on the phone: "Wait, I'm a GS-15. You can't..."
Donnie: "Fucking cocksucker."
Donnie hangs up continues in Florida at the King's Court. In the Theatrical Version this comes right after the hospital scene.
155 Sec.


After the boys have been arrested temporarily Sonny goes a bit postal in the cell, throwing a picture around and cursing. Then follows a cut to New York and we find out who was responsible for the razzia
Sonny to Donnie: "What are you, a silent partner all of a sudden?"
Donnie gets up and sits down somewhere else. Sonny goes mental.
Sonny: "Get me the fuck out of here!"
Guard: "Hey, knock it off in there."
Sonny: "Shut up! Fuck You!"
He rips the picture off the wall and throws it around.
Guard: "Keep it up, boy, I'll send you out of here in a box."
23 Sec.


For the sakes of continuity the blending of the scene is shorter in the Extended because of the scene documented above.
1,5 Sec.

A bloody head shot has been re-integrated. The Theatrical Version only shows blood splattering on the lamp.
0,5 Sec.


Scene has been changed.
We see Sonny reloading. Cut to one of Red's men writhing on the ground.
The Theatrical Version shows Lefty reloading, then Sonny reloads.
No time difference


A medium long shot of Sonny's men reloading has been added.
1, 5 Sec.


A shot of Bruno's open stomach wound has been added.
1,5 Sec.


A short shot of Lefty pushing over one of Red's men.
1 Sec.


A longer shot of Sonny Red's body.
2 Sec.


A shot of Sonny lying under Bruno's corpse.
2 Sec.


After Donnie has entered the basement he looks around and sees the guy with the head shot.
3 Sec.


Scene has been changed.
The looking around which (in the Theatrical Version) follows after Red's body really belongs to the finding of the head shot man.
No time difference

97:03 - 97:17

The chopping of the corpses is longer in the Extended and shows alternative shots of Donnie's face.
6 Sec.


The dialogue between Maggie and the agents is longer in the Extended. Before they mention that Donnie has not reported for a while they talk about his phone call from the restaurant.
[Maggie: "I'm not sure. That depends."]
Agent 1: "At that point, he became hysterical. As if the Bureau was responsible for this Audit. Whereas, well, self-evidently..."
Maggie: "Did you ever think of giving him a raise?"
Agent 2: "The only way to give him a raise would be to upgrade him."
Maggie: "Yeah."
Agent 1: "GS-14 is a supervisor, Maggie."
Maggie: "So, he's a supervisor."
Agent 1: "But he's undercover. He's not supervising anyone."
Agent 2: The point is, that's the last time we heard from him."
25 Sec.


A monologue of Maggie has been integrated into the Extended and a bit of dialogue has been cut out of the Theatrical Version. In the Extended Maggie accuses the FBI some more.
Maggie: "so that a bunch of supervisors could become SACs and prosecutors could become judges and assholes like you could get promoted to GS-16?"
Agent1: "Maggie, come on. You don't mean that."
Maggie: "Let me tell you something. I hope he crossed over."
One of the agents mentions that war broke out among the mobsters. Now both versions fit again.
16 Sec.


In the Theatrical Version Maggie says the following:
Maggie: "You don't care whether he's dead or alive, do you? You want him to follow procedure. Follow procedure so you can cover your asses."
10 Sec.