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Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: May 13, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Habek - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut R-Rated Edition and the unrated Director's Cut. The film offers more violence and cruditiy than Troma's previous "masterpiece" Terror Firmer. And this time I think Lioyd Kaufmann hit the limit because of the jokes and the violence against disabled persons. And at this point, the MPAA was at one with me and cuted the movie by twenty minutes for an R-Rating. Nevertheless, you can purchase the Unrated Edition easily. R-Rated Edition = 88:39 Min.
Unrated Edition = 108:51 Min.

Duration of cuts = 20:21,5 Min.

01:51 Beginning of a shot in which you see Tito masturbating underneath a table.
2,3 Sek.

02:52 Beginning of a sentence by Tex ,leader of the so called "diaper mafia": "All right you fucking retards...".
1,5 Sek.

02:58 A scene with a miscreant molesting Sweetie Honey with a baby bottle through holding it in front of him like a penis has been cut out.3,6 Sek.

03:01A scene in which the diaper mafia beats a mentally disabled pupil has been cut out.
2 Sek.

03:08 A woman hits Sweetie Honey's face with her huge breasts.
3,5 Sek.

03:15After asking Tex what he is up to , the teacher tells him she cannot make a lesson for him. Then we see again the woman hitting Sweetie Honey with her breasts and then Tex.
3,6 Sek.

05:05 Shot with a dead hostage laying on a table. Oodles of blood flow down the hostage.
4,1 Sek.

06:17 Having been hit in the abdomen by disabled man with a stick, Tex yells: "Fucking Tard!".
1,6 Sek.

06:20 The scene with Tex shooting the disabled man is longer in the Uncut Edition.
2 Sek.

06:20 We see the shot hostage again. Then Tax again shoots at him several times. Bloody closeups with the shot person laying on the floor, aswell as the crying teacher and Sweetie Honey.
15,8 Sek.

07:31 Whilst we can see the newscaster, there is also a litte animation (showing a miscreant being shot in the head). In the R-Rated Edition the background is empty. No time difference.

R-Rated on the left side/Unrated on the right side:

08:27 A hostage is being molested by two topless women.
8,5 Sek.

08:47 Dito.
1,7 Sek.

08:48 Tex tells the newscaster in the bikini he didn't call her to have sex with her.
3,3 Sek.

09:33 Close up of Toxie's/newscaster hand on Tex Arm and his face.
1,4 Sek.

09:34 He lets go of Tex' arm. We can see the bloody wound mucus.
1,9 Sek.

10:12 The baldheaded terrorist wets his diapers. Oodles of scat fall on the floor. Then Melvin/Toxie takes the diaper and puts in the man's face. The man spits out exrements. Then Toxie puts the man the diaper over the face, beats him down on the floor und scrunches his head with a forceful kick.
22,4 Sek.

10:51 You can see Melvin ramming a man's head on the floor, but the scene with the skull breaking out of the diaper(with scat), the man saying something and Toxie chopping of the man's head is missing. Two disabled men trhough the skull at each other by turns(in the R-Rated Edition this scene has been replaced by a shot of the teacher that would normally have been shown later).
13,8 Sek.

11:09 You see a hostage that is full of blood falling on the floor.
1,2 Sek.

11:10 Tex shoots around...
0,6 Sek.

11:11 Short close up of a bloody hit.
0,2 Sek.

11:12Another hostage hostage being full of blood falls on the floor.
1,9 Sek.

11:13You see another hit person longer, spitting blood.

1,1 Sek.

11:16 Again someone spitting blood and bloody hostages.

11:21 You see a hit girl a bit longer.
1 Sek.

11:24 Again you see hostages getting shot bloodily. Cut to Lardass (Joe Fleishaker).
20,1 Sek.

11:27 Sweetie Honey throws her hands up in horror.
1,6 Sek.

12:11 Tex continues talking to Toxie. He says the first step to a new world order was the elimination scum, like retarded people in his opinion. Cut to Toxie and a few dead hostages.
7 Sek.

12:30 Melvin rips Tex's stomach open. Tex spits blood.
2,8 Sek.

12:32 Some shots showing him eviscerating Tex and putting the soother in Tex's mouth. Finally he rips out Tex's heart (in the R-Rated Edition you see some shots showing Lardass and the teacher, which are shown later in the Unrated Edition).
17,7 Sek.

12:35 Melvin puts back the bowels in Tex's body, but they fall out soon.
20,6 Sek.

12:36 Dito.
2,3 Sek.

12:49 Toxie acuminates a miscreant his forefinger with a sharpener and then ramms it into the man's eye.
7,4 Sek.

13:01 Closups of Tito injecting himself Heroin and talking to himself.
3 Sek.

13:13 Toxie having taken his injection, we see blood coming out of Tito's arm.
4,3 Sek.

13:15 Close up of Tito trying to stop the bleeding. w
2,7 Sek.

13:59 Melvin takes to books (US Government & the bible) and smashes the man's skull bloodily. At the same time, the teacher calls out something to Toxie.
13,4 Sek.

14:31 Two shots of Melvin having Sex with his girl friend Sarah.
4,6 Sek.

14:34 End of the sex scenes.
0,7 Sek.

14:36 Toxie & Sarah have an orgasm . Smoke goes up und and Toxie dribbles green mucus.
13 Sek.

17:17Shot with a half-naked woman pitching into a retarded man.
3,4 Sek.

17:34 Shot with the woman's back.
1,1 Sek.

17:50 Again the two.
1 Sek.

17:52 Dito.
1,4 Sek.

18:34 Ending of a sentence by Tito. The word "pussies" is missing.

21:33 We see Noxie ripping the Sherrif's arms of longer on the Unrated Edition. Blut splashes out of the stumps.
2,8 Sek.

21:38 Shot showing the armless sheriff.
1,8 Sek.

21:42 Noxie hurles the ripped of armes around. The sheriff says: "Stay back everybody! He`s armed!" (nice joke).
9,6 Sek.

0,9 Sek.

22:26 Noxie rips a man's throat.
2 Sek.

22:34 He rips out the tongue of another man. A woman standing behind him puts it back in his mouth.
7,2 Sek.

22:46 Noxie pulls the men whose heads he had beaten against each other apart. Sie spit blood und there is bloody mucus.
2 Sek.

23:57 After Evil Kabukiman has driven away from the old woman, there is a scene missing in the R-Rated Edition with him turning the car back and riding over her: The police car pursuing Evil Kabukiman and Toxie, rides over her head. The old woman is laying on the floor fidgetting and urinating. Evil Kabukiman laughs, whilst Toxie is appaled.
46,6 Sek.

26:51 Toxie watches the scum of Amortville. You see someone injecting himself drugs.
3 Sek.

29:08 Toxie having ripped out the man's tongue,you see the man spitting blood und and Toxie holding the piece of tongue in front of him.
5,5 Sek.

29:09 He throws the tongue at another man's head. The man begins to scream and throws it to another man.
4,4 Sek.

Masturbator's scene: You see him wrapping himself into a cloak and beginning to masturbate. Finally, he has an orgasm and oodles of sperm splash at the two lesbians.
13,6 Sek.

37:02 Beginning of a shot showing the two lesbians after Masturbator splashed sperm at them.
2,6 Sek.

39:17Noxie having found his/Toxies housing there are several scenes in Amortville missing: TToxie walks through the city and discovers a poster of himself that advertises a location named "Plastique Palace". Toxie takes the poster and walks a while, when suddenly a car comes along. Er schleift einen Farbigen an einem Seil hinter sich her. The car has a black man hanging on a rope attached to it. The black man calls for help and there Melvin runs after the car. At the sametime, the unlucky man loses all of his bodyparts except the head, that keeps hanging on the rope. Toxie leaps on the vehicle, grabs the driver through the window and tells him to stop immediately. After a full braking Toxie falls on the street and the black man's head falls on the back of the vehicle. Both men are scared because they take Toxie for Noxie. The co-driver leaves screaming , whilst Melvin grabs the driver, putting his head beyond the cowl, broiling him. Then, his face is burnt black. Suddenly, the head on the back of the vehicle calls something out to Toxie. He thanks him for having prevented "worse" thing. He asks what to do with the driver and has an idea.

Change of scenes: You see Ku Klux Clan members screaming out loud:"White power!" Toxie gives the driver to them, who looks now as though he was black, as a present. The men with the hoods strangle the man with a snare.

Another change of scenes: Toxie walks along a road, holding the head that calls himself "Pompey" under his arm and they talk to each other. After some time, they come to the Plastique Palace, a shop for aesthetic surgery. There, they want to get a new body for Pompey being in a bag. Having entered the shop, they find total chaos which is characteristic for Troma movies. A transsexual doctor thinking the person in front of him is Noxie asks him about his penis implant. Toxie tells him everything was ok and asks whether they could reconstitute Pompey. The doctor looks into the bag disgustedly and says that he could do what Toxie has asked him to. After Toxie has left, the doctor gives the bag to his assistent. Afterwards, you see a man who is being operated for a short time.

Change of scenes: Sweetie Honey and Tito go along a backyard. Sweetie Sweetie says she was angry, annoying Tito. Suddenly, a door opens, the two of them hide and two men in doctor's overalls(within the zone in the Plastique Palace's backyard) deposit a bucket on the floor. After the men disappeared, Tito opens the bucket with "Hot Dog Parts" written on it. The get frightened when they see Pompey and other body parts being in the bucket. Pompey tells them to get him out of the bucket immediately and then Evil Mad Cowboy appears in front of them.
Tito, Sweetie Honey and Pompey start to scream. The rest can also be seen in the R-Rated edition.

Those scenes last 315,5 Sek.

39:45 Ending of a sentence by Chester: "...and now I'm reduced to being the greatest cocksucker in the world.".
3,7 Sek.

40:27 After Toxie has stood up and left, Chester calls after him: "What's the matter? My lips aren't sweet enough for your toxic testicle nectar?".
4,7 Sek.

42:05 Ending of a sentence by the half-naked man on the bed: (obscenities).
5 Sek.

42:15 It takes more time for Toxie to get away from the man in the Unrated Edition. The man wants to kiss him and there are some swear words missing.
7,2 Sek.

42:22 The man takes off his slip und shows Toxie his naked backside.
4 Sek.

42:24 Beginning of a scene with the man getting on the slip again.
0,9 Sek.

42:25 End of the scene mentioned above. The man insinuates with his fingers he wants to have anal sex with Toxie.
1,5 Sek.

43:16 Ende of a scene with Claire telling Toxie what she thinks about him/Noxie.
1,2 Sek.

43:17 Claire continues calling Toxie names.
5,3 Sek.

43:23 After the naked man has tried to have sex with Toxie, you see that scene longer . Change of scenes to Tromaville: The sexscenes with Sarah and the lesbian are longer. Noxie continues ornanating, watching not the two women but a mushroom cloud.
41,7 Sek.

43:27 Noxie makes an obscene comment.
4,8 Sek.

44:37 You can see Noxie trying to have sex with Sarah longer . Sarah cries out loudly.
15,2 Sek.

46:32 Cut with Noxie ramming the cross into mayor Goldberg's(Ron Jeremy) mouth. It pokes out of the back of his head and Goldberg falls on the floor. Noxie and Kazinski laugh.
9,4 Sek.

51:35 You see Mad Cowboy disappearing in the meat chopper. Blood and pieces of meat splash around everywhere.
3,2 Sek.

51:48 Dito.
1,3 Sek.

52:00 The feet in the meat chopper are missing the second time.
1,4 Sek.

52:01 A last scene with the meat chopper.
0,9 Sek.

53:02 In der b/w advert there are scenes missing with two naked women kissing and stroking each other.
9,5 Sek.

53:16A naked man dances amid the people.
5,4 Sek.

53:43 The scene, again in b/w, wih Noxie pulling out the man's eyes with his fingers it longer.
3,6 Sek.

53:44 He smears the eyeless man's blood on an easel.
4,3 Sek.

53:45 You see the victim again on the floor, spitting blood.
1,5 Sek.

53:59 In the scene with Noxie crushing the man's head between Julie Strain's breasts , you do not see the blood coming out of his head.
1,4 Sek.

54:00 The man slides on the floor. Julie's breasts are bloodsmeared. Then Noxie strangles her with a string and ripps of the whole skin from her face. Then you see him ramming his mop into someone's throat. The action is commented cynically by a commentator.
17,3 Sek.

55:09 Shot with the superheros. Masturbator squirts oodles of sperm again.
3,9 Sek.

55:11-55:16 In the R-Rated Edition, the producers were neither willing to cut something out nor to show the ornanating masturbator, so they simply zoomed in during the akward scenes. No time difference.

Left R-Rated/Right Unrated:

55:32 Shot with the dead Vibrator whose vibrator is between her legs and a shot with the ornanating Masturbator.
2,6 Sek.

56:17 Shot with the drunk Kabukiman barfing.
5 Sek.

57:08 After Kabukiman has turned around and discovered Sarah on the bed, you him a bit longer in the Unrated Edition. You see his (gummi)penis hanging out and he talks weir stuff.
21,1 Sek.

57:31 A man stands in front of Chester and does his zip up, after he has received a blowjob from him. You see Chester spitting out the sperm. Then, there is a shot missing with the two of them sitting on the coach.
12,7 Sek.

58:56 Claire's touches Chester a bit longer.
0,5 Sek.

58:57 She massages him; Chester moans.
4,9 Sek.

61:24 Sarah at the doctor's: In the Unrated Edition, you see the naked nears pleading the doctor(Corey Feldmann) to get the thermometer out of her butt. Short shot with Sarah.

Change of scenes to an abortion clinic in Tromaville: Ahead of the abortion clinic, several anti-abortionists have gathered. Sarah going to the clinic is sprinkled with red paint by a woman and looks as if she was bleeding.


After Sarah has made it into the building,where there is a Troma typical chaos, a woman takes her to another room. There, a female doctor explains the blind Sarah, how an abortion is made. Suddenly, Sarah starts having throes. The female doctor calls the deputy and tells him the patient was willing to have an abortion. D The doctor "congratulates" her on this decision. When he wants to oscultate her stomach with his ear, he is hit by one of the babies. He is thrown backwards and ends up with his butt on a speculum(I hope you write that word like this). The doctor starts to swear loudly. Sarah leaves in the meantime. The doctor continues running in the waiting rooming swearing and holds his gut in his hands Then he tilts and dies. The receptionist answers the phone and says the doctor was busy at the moment. Close up of his butt including the gut hanging out.


All in all, these scenes last 179 Sek.

66:08Toxie's first attempt to get back to Tromaville has completely been left out . He ends up together with Sweetie Honey at the set of a porn movie named "Missionary Impossible".
32 Sek.

71:18 In the Tromaville hospital: A naked old man followed by a woman, runs through the scene screaming.
5,6 Sek.

72:43 Having been hit by Toxie in his face with a mop, Toxie's enemy looks into the cameras. Blood flows down his face.
1,4 Sek.

72:43 Toxie ramms the mop into another enemy's shoulder. Blood splashes behind the nazi's wall.
1,2 Sek.

73:09 A miscreant whom Toxie had rammed the mop through the stomach, staggers around and splashes oodles of blood at the other persons.
12,5 Sek.

73:09 Some knocked out nazis are hit by a gush of blood. Then, Toxie ripps out the throat of the men. That man touches his throatand also splashes oodles of blood in all directions.
10 Sek.

73:11 Shot with two bloody nazis.
0,9 Sek.

73:13 Shots with blood coming out of the torso of one of the headless men , the two guys throwing the head at each other and with the blooy man without a throat.
3,5 Sek.

73:14 Toxie ripps of the testicles of one of the guys ,plays with them as if they were balls in front of the man's face until the man dies.
9,3 Sek.

73:20 Very short shot in which Toxie smashes a nazi's face with his hand.
0,4 Sek.

73:20 Dito. The man falls on the floor and then you see some short shots with bloody jerking miscreants laying on the floor.
11,7 Sek.

73:25 Again shots with the bloody nazis.
3,5 Sek.

b>75:40 The fight Toxie vs. Noxie has been cut (including scenes with the babies fighting in Sarah's stomach). Noxie is able to hold Toxie from behind and tells he was willing to have hard sex with him before he kills him.

Then, Noxie uses a pump to pump up his fake penis. A huge monster penis with a face (from Tromeo and Juliet)can be seen and wants to bite our heroes into their butts. But Toxie pumps the penis until it bursts. Sarah is hit by blood and pieces of meat.

Duration of cuts 72,8 Sek.

76:08 Toxie to Noxie: "My dick is real!".
1,7 Sek.

76:10 Noxies evasceration has been cut strongly.
12,8 Sek.

76:11 Cut, when Toxie ripps out his heart.
4,2 Sek.

76:19 End of a shot of Noxie's heart on his chest.
2,5 Sek.

78:23 The doctor having sayed Sarah was bleeding, a female doctor takes a piece of meat and says it would "only" be a piece of a penis. The others breath a sigh of relief.
6,5 Sek.

88:29The R-Rated logo after the credits can naturally only be found in the R-Rated Edition.
+ 9,5 Sek.