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Hangover, The

original title: Hangover


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Dec 17, 2009 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
It was probably unexpected this comedy would become such a huge success during the shooting. Then, that a trailer would cause such a hype that the producing studio Warner comissioned a sequel even before the movie had grossed a single Dollar was also hardly to be expected. Warner took a high risk, because an ensemble of pretty unknown actors (horror fans might know Bradley Cooper from Midnight Meat Train), which is at least being led by experienced comedy director Todd Phillips (Old School) is not particularly the safest horse to back. That in the end a movie of a nicely high variety of gags and an original screenplay came out proved Warner to be right. Zach Galifianakis is the secret star of the movie with his slightly crazy-childish kind, and numerous funny ideas and a Cameo-appearance of Mike Tyson singing badly - already, the movie is in contrast to the average genre flick.

In the USA, the DVD and Blu-Ray contain the theatrical cut (R-Rated for pervasive language, sexual content including nudity and some drug material) as well as an extended unrated version. It features a good amount of additional footage which the movie doesn't really need, but still, there are a few funny additions there. If you like the film, you'll appreciate the unrated cut.

11 differences, of that
2 additional scenes
2 extended scenes with alternate footage
7 extended scenes

The unrated version is 583,36 Sec. resp. approx. 9 minutes 44 seconds longer than the theatrical cut (R-Rated/FSK 12).

The theatrical cut (R-Rated) has been compared to the unrated version (both contained on the Wanrer Bros. DVD).
Extended scene
Unrated: 0:05:23: While the theatrical cut moves on to the next scene with the view of Doug and half-naked Alan, the unrated version takes it even further. Doug's future father-in-law, Sid, as well as his wife-to-be Tracy enter the room.
Sid: "Ha, I knew it."
Tracy: "Dad..."
Sid: "Oh, stop it, I'm just jerking around. Alan, put some pants on. You have weird legs."
Alan: "Yes, Daddy."
Tracy: "His legs look fine, Dad."
Sid: "Oh, please. He has his mother's legs. It's just freaky."
Alan leaves the room ashamedly and Sid follows him due to the views of Tracy and Doug.
Sid: "Alan, I'm just teasing. You have wonderful legs. They're better than your mother's. They're beautiful."
Tracy locks the door and talks to Doug.
Tracy: "Can you believe this? Just two more days."
Doug: "Oh, I know. You getting nervous? You wanna back out?"
Tracy: "Shut up."
Doug: "Just tell me. Oh. Mm. You know, I don't need to go to Vegas. It's dumb."
Tracy: "It's not dumb. It's one night. Have fun, you deserve it."
Doug: "I know, but we should have gone last weekend. We have so much to do. I-- I'm gonna cancel."
Tracy: "My brother packed his bag two weeks ago. You're not cancelling."
Doug: "Really?"
Tracy: "Yeah."
Doug: "Two weeks?"
Tracy: "Yeah, he's excited. Thanks again for bringing him, by the way."
Doug: "You don't need to thank me, it's nothing. He's a cool guy."
Tracy: "It's not nothing and he's not a cool thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Then, there is a new scene ongoing. Doug leaves the house with his bag and meets Sid who has been waiting outside.
Doug: "Hey, Sid. Hey, I just wanted to thank you guys again for everything you're doing this weekend and we couldn't be more excited."
Sid: "Yeah, that's great. Yeah, okay. You love us, and we love you. Terrific. So talk to me about Vegas."
Doug: "Uh... It should be pretty mellow."
Sid: "Mm-hm."
Doug: "Do some gambling, maybe catch some rays, have a few laughs."
Sid: "Yeah, some laughs. I got you. How you getting out there?"
Doug: "Uh, we're gonna take my car. Gonna pick up my friends after this."
Sid: "Prius? You're taking a Prius to Vegas?"
Doug: "Yeah."
Sid: "You know, when you go to gotta go to Vegas."

Then, Sid opens his garage and the theatrical version continues.
134,08 Sec.

Extended scene with alternate footage
Theatrical cut: 0:06:23
Unrated: 0:08:43
: Both versions feature different footage. While Phil thanks several paying pupils in the theatrical cut, the unrated version has a new scene. First, Phil talks to a pupil, that he really did manage to pass ("Hey, you really came through, thank you."), then he stops another pupil. The following dialog occurs:

Phil: "Whoa, Max. What gives? What, no planetarium?"
Max: "My mom won't give me the money. I'm grounded."
Phil: "Well, how much you got on you?"
Max: "I don't know. Like, 20 bucks."
Phil: "Alright, well, give me the 20 and I'll cover the rest."
Max: "Really?"
Phil: "Yeah. Well, we'll talk about it. But give me the 20 so I know you're serious."
Max: "Cool. Thanks, Mr. Wenneck."
Phil: "Yeah."
The Unrated is 26,08 Sec. longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Extended scene
Unrated: 0:10:42: Two different takes in both versions. The scene offers an extension in the middle in the unrated version, making Stu's girlfriend Melissa all the more sympathetic.

Stu: "And you know what else, honestly? Why would I risk this for, you know, a couple of minutes of some 19-year-old hard body in a schoolgirl outfit?"
Melissa: "Yeah."
Stu: "Why would I ever need, like--"
Melissa: "You're right. And if you ever do..."
Stu: "What?"
Melissa: "... I will fucking kick your ass."
Stu: "Thank you. Thank you for that. That is exactly what I needed to hear."
35,76 Sec.

Extended scene with alternate footage
Unrated: 0:19:19: Once more, the unrated scene is longer. In the theatrical cut, you can only see Alan holding a glass of almonds in his hand and Phil standing in front of the window, telling the guys they should get ready. In the unrated version, though, Stu wants Alan to put back the glass of almonds on the plate, because a counter was implemented in it, making the goods be scored if the glass would not be put back within thirty seconds (mind you with the same weight!) into the retainer. But Phil has got a clever solution.

Alan: "Hey, guys. Look, free almonds."
Stu: "Oh, no, no, no. Please put those back."
Alan: "Wait, I'm just hungry."
Stu: "Well, I know, but--"
Phil: "Stu, what the fuck?"
Stu: "It's a pressure-sensitive plate. When you pick it up, you have 30 seconds to put it back or they bill you. Like that."
Alan: "Really? That's pretty neat."
Stu: "Well, it may be neat, but it's also very expensive, so... Those almonds are probably, like, $14."
Phil: "Stu, relax."
Stu: "Phil, Melissa is like a forensic accountant, okay? She scours my statements. If you want nuts, I suggest you put your own credit card down."
Phil: "Watch this. Problem solved. Alan, enjoy your almonds."
Alan: "I don't want them. He ruined it."
The unrated version is 48,68 Sec. longer.

Theatrical cutUnrated

Extended scene
Unrated: 0:26:00: Phil is allowed to hold his speech in the unrated version. But he only swears the guys that absolutely nothing about this evening will ever be revealed.

Phil: "All right, good, because I need everybody to focus. So I wanna take a moment, I wanna talk about some... I wanna talk about memory. No, better yet, I wanna talk about selective memory. You see, whatever happens here tonight may as well never have happened at all because this circle's about as far as it's ever gonna go. In other words, forget everything. Doug, I'm serious. I got a wife and kid. Okay, good or bad, we don't remember so we got nothing to talk about. Nothing, guys, nothing. Deal?"
Doug: "Deal."
Stu: "Deal."
45,4 Sec.

Extended scene
Unrated: 0:26:42: Over the course of Phil's speech, a line was removed from the theatrical version, which wouldn't have made much sense without it.

Phil: "All right, to a night we'll never remember, but..."
4,76 Sec.

Erweiterte Szene
Unrated: 0:32:48: After Phil tells Stu not to worry all the time and be proud of himself, he also answers in the unrated version.

Stu: "I don't know, Phil. Maybe it's 'cause I'm missing a tooth. Or, maybe, it's because there is a tiger in our hotel room, which, incidentally, is completely destroyed. Oh, no, no, wait, wait, wait, I know. Maybe it's because we found a baby, a human baby. That's it. That's it. It's because we found a fucking baby!"
Doug: "I don't think you should curse around the child."
Stu: "Really? I don't think you should be around a child."
40,2 Sec.

Erweiterte Szene
Unrated: 0:42:52: The conversation with the "registrar" Eddie continues a little. He offers them women.

Eddie: "I love these guys! Zolea, come here. Bring my friends some tea, some baklava, heh? Come on. Unbelievable, man. Look at this chick. Beautiful ass, no fucking brain. But this is Vegas. You want intimacy? Forget about it. You're gonna get sex, that's it here, man. No problem for me, though. You want some chicks? I can get you beautiful chicks from the Eastern Bloc. No questions. Clean, tight. The tits like that. The nipple like that."
28,32 Sec.

Erweiterte Szene
Unrated: 0:45:35: A little more dialog has been implemented into the discussion whether they were supposed to light the police car or not. Alan comes up with the incredible idea, that they could alight a ferret, because they'd love to nibble on gas lines.

Phil: "And how exactly are you guys gonna do that?"
Alan: "Oh, that's easy. You just pour kerosene over a ferret, light it on both ends, put it in. They're attracted to gas lines."
Stu: "What?"
Alan: "Yeah."
Stu: "A ferret?"
Alan: "Yeah. Or a tamed raccoon, but it's a lot of trouble. If you wanna..."
Stu: "Does it matter if it's tamed or not?"
Alan: "Yeah, because if it's untamed, it won't take the kerosene as well."
20,96 Sec.

Additional scene
Unrated: 1:09:06: Phil, Stu and Alan are in the elevator with the sleeping tiger, then a curious family joins in.

Stu: "Please don't stop, please don't--. Goddamn it!"
Father: "I'm gonna beat you! Ha-ha-ha. Oh... he won again. Heyy fellas. Rough night?"
Stu: "Mm-hm."
Mother: "Katie, sweetie, stay close to Mama."
Boy: "What's this?"
Alan: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, "
Phil: "Take it easy, little man. You don't wanna be touching that."
Father: "No, partner, that's not your property. So, what do you guys got under there?"
Phil: "Just a whole bunch of 'mind your own business'."
Stu: "Easy, Phil."
Father: "He's correct. My fault."
Stu: "You okay?"
Phil: "What's your problem, we're just riding an elevator. Why, is this Jeopardy? What the fuck is this bullshit?"
Father: "Please, with the language."
Alan: "Yes. I fully agree."
Father: "Oh."
65,8 Sec.

Additional scene
Unrated: 1:41:11:

Doug: "Sid?"
Sid: "Hey, there he is!"
Doug: "You wanted to see me?"
Sid: "Yeah, congratulations, buddy."
Doug: "Congratulations to you."
Sid: "Yeah, you had us worried there for a second."
Doug: "Sorry."
Sid: "How was Vegas?"
Doug: "It was...ahem. It was crazy."
Sid: "Attaboy. Enjoy the car?"
Doug: "Mm-hm."
Sid: "Remember to put Armor All on the tires?"
Doug: "Mm-hm. Mm-hm."
Sid: "Let me ask you a question. How can a cake kost $1400?"
Doug: "Highway robbery."
Sid: "It's criminal."
Doug: "Sid, ahem, about the car..."
Sid: "Tracy told you. I told her not to tell you. I wanted to tell you."
Doug: "Tell me what?"
Sid: "Careful, Doug. These women...can't be trusted."
Doug: "Tell me what, Sid?"
Sid: "The Mercedes. It is a wedding gift from Linda and I."
Doug: "Are you serious?"
Sid: "What do you think?"
Doug: "That is awesome! Thank you! Oh. Thanks, Daddy! Thanks, Sid."
Sid: "Close the door."
Doug: "You're awesome. You are awesome."
133,32 Sec.