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Release: Aug 15, 2019 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the R-rated version and the Unrated version.


At her mother's funeral, little Susan flees from her aunt Cora to a nearby mausoleum. There, a demon, which has already led to the death of her mother, possesses her. 20 years later, Susan is happily married to Oliver and lives in a large villa. The demon increasingly expands his influence on Susan, who burns a drunken nightclub guest in his car, seduces and kills the gardener, murders her aunt and finally takes on Oliver. Can psychiatrist Dr. Simon Andrews help Susan get rid of the demon?

If you want to see a proper movie about a woman possessed by a demon, you should go watch The Exorcist. For fans of B-movie horror with a penchant for exposed ex-playmates and naïve ex-preachers, Mausoleum could be a fun time. The plot is extremely stupid at times. The family demon takes possession of Susan at a young age because she has entered a mausoleum, but then the plot suddenly jumps 20 years further. What happened in the meantime? Was Susan permanently possessed? Did the demon go into sleep mode? We don't know. The rest of the movie can be summed up by the fact that Susan kills several people. After the drunken bar patron, the lustful gardener has to die. After the gardener follows the stupid aunt. After the aunt follows an equally lustful delivery guy. After the delivery guy follows a stupid salesman until Oliver finally becomes her victim. Poor Oliver.

Actually, it could have dawned on him that something was wrong after the gardener had disappeared and the housekeeper had also been killed off. Another serious mistake was to dismiss Susan's moods as a PMS phase. The only one who has the insight is psychiatrist Simon, who read in an old book that the first-born woman is the victim of the demon, which can only be defeated with a crown of thorns. Although this wisdom is written in a book that is perfectly readable, with black letters on white paper and explained in simple language, Simon first has to ask a colleague for advice on what to do. Reading and understanding are not exactly Simon's strengths. Once you've accepted that the plot is completely disposable, you should concentrate on the movie's actual values. First and foremost, we have ex-playmate Bobbie Bresee, who is allowed to take her clothes off a few times when she's not a monster. Her wooden acting, on the other hand, isn't very convincing. Just as interesting as Bresee’s bra size is the monster make-up by John Carl Buechler that features creative ideas like the monstrous breasts.

The movie is available in both an R-rated and an Unrated version. The differences are limited to two scenes. At the beginning when the man runs out of the mausoleum, the Unrated shows how his head explodes. The R-rated instead cuts to Susan in the mausoleum and even shows an additional shot of her as the man falls to the ground. The second difference between the two versions is when Susan murders gardener Ben. In the Unrated you can see her scratching his face and smashing his skull with a pickaxe. The R-rated version has two alternate shots in which you can see his wriggling legs instead.

The R-rated version was released by BCI on DVD as a double feature with the movie Blood Song. The best version they could find back then was a movie print with some treads and dirt. Unfortunately, this version is zoomed in a bit, so that picture information gets lost at the lower and right edge of the picture. The unnrated version was published by Vinegar Syndrom on Blu-ray/DVD. Qualitatively, this release is highly recommended and eclipses pretty much everything that has been done so far.

Note: Short film tears are not listed in the report.

After the rating is displayed, the BCI DVD shows the following title card.

R-Rated: 5 sec.


The R-rated cuts to Susan in the mausoleum.

In the Unrated you can instead see how the man's head explodes.

R-Rated: 2 sec.
Unrated: 4 sec.


The R-rated cuts to Susan again as the man falls to the ground.

R-Rated: 2 sec.


The R-rated cuts to Ben's wriggling feet.

The Unrated instead shows the demon scratching his face.

R-Rated: 2 sec.
Unrated: 2 sec.


The R-Rated cuts to Ben's feet again.

The Unrated shows how his face is crushed by the pickaxe.

R-Rated: 1 sec
Unrated: 1 sec.


Longer film tear: Oliver is seen longer and afterwards Susan can be seen earlier.

Unrated: 3 sec.