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original title: Jiang shan mei ren


  • BBFC 15
  • HK DVD
Release: Aug 03, 2010 - Author: azog - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the UK DVD by Cine Asia and the HK DVD by Mei Ah Entertainment.

The injured king of the Yan empire appoints general General Muyong as his successor, which is not to the liking of his nephew Wu Ba. Muyong himself, however, wants the king's daughter, Yan Feier, to be the next ruler because he thinks her to be the only one able to unite the kingdom.
Wu Ba cannot accept a queen as well and eventually decides to order an assassination of the princess. The hit squad suprise Feier in the woods and poison her. In the last moment, she is saved by Duan Lan Quan.

The movie offers solid entertainment, but nothing too special, especially when compared to newer movies from the far east.

Despite the statement in the credits that no animals were harmed, two shots of falling horses had to be cut for the UK version. One shot of the princess is different as well.

Picture comparison:

Cine Asia:

Mei Ah:

UK: 00:00:00
HK: 00:00:00

The HK DVD features two additional logos at the beginning (Polybona Films & Big Pictures) and lacks the animation before the United Filmmakers Organization's logo.

Afterwards, the UK DVD credits the actors over a black screen, the HK DVD does this during the first scenes instead.

42 sec
65,5 sec

UK: 00:03:06
HK: 00:03:36

During the talk with the dying soldier, the visible picture is different in the two versions when the princess (Kelly Chen) tells the soldier that she would report that he was the bravest soldier she had ever seen. Because of the change, the soldier cannot be seen on the UK DVD.


UK: 00:20:29
HK: 00:21:44

When the princess is ambushed, her fall from the horse is missing after the poison darts have hit it.

2 sec

UK: 00:48:15
HK: 00:50:43

King Zhao Wu (Zhang Shan) follows Feier and rides into the trap.

The missing of this scene leads to confusion when the King suddenly comes out of a hole after Feier won over his son (Yan Jie).

6 sec

UK: 01:27:54
HK: 01:32:06
The ending credits of the HK DVD feature additional logos at the end.
UK: 173,5 sec
HK: 181 sec