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  • R-Rated
  • Uncensored
Release: May 01, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored, R-Rated US-DVD (Lions Gate) and the uncensored German DVD (I-ON).
What we have here is a trashy and gory horror flick. The German DVD contains the longest version released worldwide. The US-DVD only contains the R-Rated version and the UK-DVD is even more censored. According to several online sources a workprint version running about 91 minutes exists somewhere. I haven't gotten my hands on this particular version so I guess the German version is similar to an unrated version.

The spoken dialogue in this report has been retranslated from the German version and thus may differ from the original dialog. - The translator

US version = 78:23 Min.
German version = Dt. Fassung = 80:43 Min.

Cut duration = 2:20 Min.
58:07 In the German version is more footage of Gary getting his intestines ripped out anally by the monster.
6 sec.

58:18 After Pandora (Ginger Lynn Allen) got up a shot from inside the bathroom is missing. Gary writhes on the floor while the monster keps ripping his innards out.
5 sec.

58:33 The monster wraps the intestines around Gary's neck. Cut to Pandora standing outside the door saying "Poor little Gary. You shouldn't eat so much bean stew". Following is another shot of Gary. Farting sounds are audible. Then we cut back to Pandora saying "Disgusting smell. What is worng with you? Are you rotting or something?"
18 sec.

59:01 After Pandora opened the bathroom door the US version misses a shot of Gary, his intestines lying in front of him. Then we cut back to Pandora.
5 sec.

60:48 Short shot of the monster ramming a knife into Jenny (Jenna Jameson).
0,5 sec.

60:50 Shot of the monster starting to pull the knife down from between Jenny's breasts.
1 sec.

60:52 The monster cuts her torso open and sticks its hand inside her body. Intercut on Steve watching appalled from his hide-out.
14,5 sec.

60:54 Beginning and end of a shot. The monster scuffs around inside Jenny's chest before ripping out her breast implant.
3 sec.

61:01 The monster bites into the implant.
3 sec.

61:05 It keeps chewing on the silicon but then throws it away.
9 sec.

61:07 Now there's a longer scene of the monster gutting Jenny missing. Intercuts on Steve who gets sick. In the end a pan over the body, also showing her vagina, is missing.
48 sec.

61:26 Before Steve accidently kicks against the bucket we see the monster doing its "work" as well as Steve trying to leave his hide-out silently.
12 sec.

65:09 Two shots of a bloody newborn on the floor as well as an intercut on Shae are missing.
2 sec.

65:14 Shot of Shae followed by a shot from an upper angle. She crawls toward the woman. The dead baby is visible in the foreground.
2,5 sec.

65:15 Another shot from an upper angle is missing.
0,5 sec.

66:37 Ditto.
4,5 sec.

66:52 And again there's a shot from above missing in the US version. In exchange a shot of the woman's face has been inserted. The German version runs 0,5 sec. longer.
Left: German version/Right: US version

67:13 Shae gets up and leaves. Again the shot from an upper angle is missing.
3 sec.