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  • Theatrical Edition
  • Extended Cut
Release: Apr 29, 2009 - Author: Herr Koemmlich - Translator: Habek - external link: IMDB
Once again Sony, renowned for re-releases with integrated deleted scenes, has released an extended cut. When the first edition(03/99) was released, releasing DVDs containing deleted scenes was not usual. Therefore, it is now a proper extended Edition with new, unknown content. Fans of the film will certainly like the new, reintegrated scenes, because the inner diremption of the main character is better shown. One example is the suicide attempt of Bugsy, after he had to kill a very close friend. Nevertheless, you cannot overview that already the cinema edition of Bugsy already was long and will tax your patience due to the duration of nearly two and a half hours(NTSC). Thus, if you already were bored temporarily while watching the cinema edition, you should not buy the extended one at all.
Duration of the extended cut RC1: 2:28:58 Min.
Duration of the cinema edition RC2: 2:10:37 Min.
Additional scenes: 9
Duration of the additional scenes: 764 Sek.
Theatrical Edition
1:48 Min.
Here, the salesman's last sentence is missing Just as tasteful as always
0 Sek.

1:53 Min.
Already during the actual opening, there is a new scene. Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel chooses several crawats at a men's clothier. A family man tells his wife that "Bugsy" Siegel is at the store aswell. Hearing this, "Bugsy" goes up to the three persons angrily. He asks the father to go to another room with him, the man follows him anxiously. In the other room, he tells him that his real name is "Benjamin Siegel" and not "Bugsy". The man excuses himself obediently. Bugsy lets the man go without harming him.
60 Sek.

11:59 Min.
George Raft (Joe Mantegna) meets Bugsy in the film studio. The two of them part, so George can go to the dressing room. Bugsy is intented to go to the studio first. In the studio he is being spoken to in a rude way. It is apparent that he confuses Bugsy with someone else. Bugsy remains amazed and totally calm. Then, George comes into the two of them and clears up the situation. After finding out whom he had attacked verbally, he tries to apologize whilst being apparently anxious. Bugsy is rather amused than angry. Then, he gives the person towards him a good advice.
115 Sek.

43:17 Min.
Bugsy talks to George about Virginia Hill. Bugsy wants to know what George thinks about Virginia.
55 Sek.

After killing Harry Greenberg, Bugsy returns with Virginia Hill (Annette Bening). He tells her that he wants to be alone. She says, she's willing to go sleep. But Bugsy insinuates he does not want her to be in the house right now. She is astonished and goes to her car and gets in there. The camera panns through a dark and seemingly empty flat. We see a reflective Virginia. Now we see Bugsy sitting on his veranda and doing something with his gun.
Through the reflection of his glas table, you can see him putting the gun into his mouth, but he cannot pull the trigger. Now he takes a sheet of paper and begins to write. While he is writing, Virginia comes into the room unseen und grabs at the gun, he tries to get it back from her and both bicker with each other and thus, a shot from the gun hits a table. Virginia gets the upper hand und threatens Bugsy with the gun and both scream at each other. Virginia starts shooting at objects to empty the gun. Due to that, several glasses and a grand break down, the last shot hits the floor, afterwars she gives the gun to Bugsy.
223 Sek.

01:40:58 Min.
Mickey Cohen (Harvey Keitel) is looking at Virginia while she is eating with Alejandro (Robert Beltran,Star Trek fans know him as Chakotay) . Before the next scene, we are informed that Japan has capitulated.
53 Sek.

Tony the waiter brings Bucksy the food into the prison cell.
31 Sek

Bugsy talks to the pilot who had brought him into the desert. Afterwards, he greets Virginia affectionately, but they instantly start to argue.
15 Sek

Theatrical Edition
In the threatrical edition, you can only see the greeting with any dialogs and in an alternate version.
6 Sek

Theatrical Edition
In the theatrical edition, you can see rain coming through the ceiling.
4 Sek

Bugsy standing under pouring rain recognizes wearily that the guests will not come to the opening.
He returns to the buildung slowly, watches a cigarette on the floor, becomes angry and starts to call his staff names loudly. George tries to becalm him. Doing that, he recognizes that it is raining through the ceiling.
107 Sek

You can see Bugsy's airplane. In the next scene, you can see Bugsy, George and Mickey eating. Then there is a cut and you see Virginia's car.
105 Sek

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