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Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game


Censored Version
Rating: ELSPA 15+
Region: Europe

Uncensored Version
Rating: ESRB Mature, 17+
Region: USA

Release: Sep 15, 2011 - Author: zombie-flesheater - Translator: DaxRider123
With Fallout, Interplay in 1997 released a game that even today - more than 10 years later - still is an interesting game with a huge fanbase, thanks to it's free gameplay and details, end time atmosphere, as well as the interesting characters. Since the original version is not really squeamish when it comes to graphic details - almost every weapon kills the enemies in another, sometimes quite bloody way - the game had to be censored for some countries (e.g. Germany). All the European versions miss one little detail which was only included in its original US version. However, you can buy an American "Low Violence" version which probably is equal to the censorship in the German version.

Comparison between the European "White Label" version (a package that includes Fallout 1 & 2) and the uncensored first edition from the USA.
Deletion of Children

The kids that originally run around in the US version were edited out of the European version without substitution.

Uncensored US Version

Censored European Version

Since the kids were edited out you're (of course) no longer able to kill them, probably the main reason for the censorship.
(The following image originates from the uncensored US version)

Effects of the Missing Kids on the Character Screen

In the character screen, fulfilling certain quests allow you to get certain titles in the category "Karma". If you kill a child in the US version you get the title "Childkiller" which slightly reduces the character's reputation. In the European version this title of course can't be gained anymore.
(The image originates from the uncensored US version)

Additionally the character screen originally also includes statistics of the number of enemies you killed, ordered by their type. The US version also mentions kids. The European version of course misses out on these statistics.
(The image originates from the uncensored US version)