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1.11 Cretin Of The Shallows


  • HD-Remastered
  • Original Version
Release: Aug 03, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB - more from this series

Comparison between the TV broadcast on German TV station Nitro on 18.04.2019 (15:50 / international HD master) and the German DVD (featuring the original version) by Kinowelt (FSK 12)

- 8 differences
- Runtime difference: 54,3 sec


In the comparison of the pilot episode, we have already summarized everything about the problems with the HD remastering of Baywatch, which is different in songs and also censored in nude scenes, at least right at the beginning.

Episode 1x11 (Cretin Of The Shallows) has a small cut in the first half and another in the final. Both parts are actually quite important for the episode's side plot, in which Eddie falls a little bit in love with Gina and has delusions of having had an affair with her. Thus, at the beginning you can actually see Eddie's badly dazed state and towards the end he mentions that he wouldn't have been "too stoned" to remember a fling. Did this seem too politically incorrect to the people responsible for the HD reprocessing, although in any case it is finally clarified that only the narcotics used for Eddie's pain treatment were to blame for these dreams? In any case, this is another episode in which, apart from several exchanged filler shots, there are also some cuts that smell like censorship.

Two last remarks:
* The episodes were dubbed in NTSC speed and are also included on the German DVDs, although they are otherwise of course PAL standard. With Nitro, on the other hand, the episodes run at true PAL speed, which explains the even shorter running time.
* It should also be noted that we will not list the exchanged songs in detail.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: Nitro HD at PAL speed / FSK 12 DVD at NTSC speed

As usual, the opening credits deviate and the credits afterwards were also revised. Not included in cut duration/quantity.

HD version 28 sec longer

01:58-02:23 / 01:34-02:00

A deviating glider shot. The following one and also towards the end of the lead-in with the producer credit deviate.

No time difference

HD master (Nitro) Original version (German DVD)

02:47-02:52 / 02:25-02:30

Two shots of the masked guy are slightly different. The original version was closer in each case and also changed the perspective a bit.

No time difference

HD master (Nitro) Original version (German DVD)

Note: At the end of the 4th minute, Eddie meets the masked man at night on the beach. This scene is already mentioned in the comparison video, which we linked to in the comparison for the pilot episode. Strangely enough, the sound effects were forgotten here, so it seems a bit strange how Eddie is beaten here, besides the exchanged song.

07:27-07:33 / 07:17-07:23

Once again, two different beach shots shortly after each other.

No time difference

HD master (Nitro) Original version (German DVD)

10:36 / 10:34-10:52

After the scene with Shauni on the beach, things start earlier in the apartment: Gina brings in the visibly dazed Eddie. Eddie hums a song and tries to get Gina to sing along. At the fridge the HD-version starts again.

17,5 sec

13:28-13:49 / 13:50-14:12

After the nightly attack, the first beach shot deviates. In addition, shortly after, a boat and helicopter shot are different.

No time difference

HD master (Nitro) Original version (German DVD)

16:28-16:31 / 16:57-17:00

And again a different beach before Shauni goes to her cabin.

HD master (Nitro) Original version (German DVD)

18:40-18:42 / 19:15-19:17

After the approximately 2-minute long montage with Shauni and her admirer, during which the snappy classic "She's got the look" was unfortunately replaced by a quieter piece, a beach shot at night deviates.

No time difference

HD master (Nitro) Original version (German DVD)

37:39 / 39:02-39:39

After the first shots at the party, there is a detailed discussion or at least an attempt on Eddie's part. He stops Gina, who is only perplexed about his implied escapades with her.

(translated from German)

Gina: "You don't look like you're having fun here, Eddie."
Eddie: "Yes, yes. I'm having a great time."
Gina: "I don't think so. You're not dancing with me."
Eddie: "I don't know how to dance."
Gina: "No, no, don't try to fool me. I've seen you groove all over the place."
Eddie: "Forget it, Gina."
Gina: "What?"
Eddie: "It's over. I'm off limits. There's no way you're sneaking into my room anymore, and we're not rolling around on the floor."
Gina: "Where don't we roll around?"
Eddie: "On my floor."
Gina: "What do you mean?"
Eddie: "Maybe you think I was too wide to remember, but I remember pretty well. Every detail, if you must know."

36.6 sec