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What's Your Number?


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Feb 10, 2012 - Author: Buster - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Ally Darling has lost her job. On her way home, she reads an article called 'What's Your Number' in a magazine. According to the article, before a woman has found the right guy, she has sex 10.5 different guys. When Ally recalculates, she comes up with 19. That means she a bit above average and she determines to pay a visit to all her exes (all of them are losers) before getting involved with #20. Hoping that at least one of them has turned into the guy she could possibly marry, she asks her neighbor Colins Shea to help her finding Mr. Right.

After being rated R for movie theaters, 20th Century Fox also released an Unrated Version on Blu-ray.

Unfortunately, the additional 11 minutes do not enhance the quality of the movie. Not really. The plot remains predicatable because it has already been told in a gazillion other movies like that.

Compared are the US R-Rated DVD and the US Unrated Blu-ray.

Running time:
R-Rated: 101:57 min NTSC (plus end credits)
Unrated: 112:58 min NTSC (plus end credits)

The R-Rated Version lacks 16 scenes with a total length of 11 minutes and 01 second.
Additional scene in the Unrated Version:
Colin spotted Perry, the puppet master. In the Theatrical Version, he only appears in a flashback. The Extended Version on the other hand also shows a scene with Ally and Colin. On their way to their homes, Colin tells Ally that he was going to meet her the next day at 2 p.m. to watch Gerry's puppet show in the park. Ally thanks Colin for all his work and hugs him. Colin takes advantage of the situation and grabs her butt but she rejects him.

57 sec

Additional scene in the Unrated Version:
The next day. Ally arrives at the park. Colin has brought his nephew Justin. Together, they watch the puppet show. When the final curtain has been brought down, Colin encourages Ally to go over to Gerry.

41 sec

Extended scene in the Unrated Version:
The Theatrical Version lacks a part of the flashback: Gerry finishes and Ally says that 'Daisy' was going to be home soon.

10 sec

Additional scene in the Unrated Version:
Ally takes heart and talks to Gerry. She pretends they accidentally met. When she realizes that Gerry is still talking through his puppet, just like back then, she decides to leave. Now it's Daisy's turn. Daisy is a puppet Gerry simulates oral sex with.

1 min and 37 sec

Additional scene in the Unrated Version:
Ally and Justin return to Colin. When Colin asks for Justin's whereabouts, Ally realizes she brought the different child. Colin rushes to search for Justin in an instant while Ally asks the little boy what his mom looks like. He replies she looked just like Ally but it turns out that wasn't actually true.

47 sec

Extended scene in the Unrated Version:
To avoid goofs, Justin is missing in the following shot.

8 sec

Extended scene in the Unrated Version:
Right after Ally's sister left, the Theatrical Version lacks Colin's explanation that he couldn't return to his apartment because the woman he had fun with the night before was still there. Ally insists on getting Colin's keys, so he tosses them over. She enters the apartment and sees Andrea. Ally claims to be Colin's fiancée and pretends to have a meltdown. Andrea considers this incident as opportunity to run.

1 min and 57 sec

Additional scene in the Unrated Version:
Ally has gone to Washington, D.C. to visit her ex Tom Piper. While searching him, she bumps into Donald, another one of her exes. Donald, happily engaged, has a feeling that Ally is following him because it hasn't been their encounter.

42 sec

Extended scene in the Unrated Version:
Ally gives her ex Jake Adams a call. In the Extended Version, the audience learns that she just leaves a voicemail. She mentions they knew each other from high school and asks to return the call. After she hung up, she starts mumbling that he certainly wasn't going to call her back.

46 sec

Extended scene in the Unrated Version:
Ally and her sister meet with their dad at a restaurant and his new girlfriend. When Jake surpringly calls her back, Ally leaves the table.

10 sec

Extended scene in the Unrated Version:
Ally meets with Jake. She tells him that she was making little sculptures. Jakes would like to see them, so Ally takes him to her home. In her apartment, she kisses him.

38 sec

Additional scene in the Unrated Version:
Ally and her sister at the fitting. Sister Daisy is very upset that their mom most likely isn't going to come to her wedding because their dad is going to bring his new girlfriend. Ally suggests to calm down and promises to work things out between Daisy and their mom on their way to the wedding.

1 min and 2 sec

Extended scene in the Unrated Version:
At Daisy'swedding day, Ally decides to search for Colin. She steals some car keys and tries to figure out to which car they belong. So she sneaks across the parking lot and uses the car keys. When she hears a clicking sound, she believes the keys belong to a Porsche Boxter convertible. But that car belongs to a couple which gets in immediately. She pushes the button on the car keys again and recognizes a little Honda Fit.

18 sec

Extended scene in the Unrated Version:
Extended distance shot of the party.

2 sec

Additional scene in the Unrated Version:
Still searching for Colin, who is supposed to be at a wedding as well, Ally crashes any wedding party in town. At one of the parties, the doors are locked and she can't get in at first.

15 sec

Additional scene in the Unrated Version:
After she had to leave the Honda behind, Ally steals a pizza delivery guy's bike. The content of his carrier is quite convenient because Ally is starving.

37 sec