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6.01 Blue Harvest


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Mar 24, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series

Comparison between the TV Version (represented by a recording from US TV) and the extended DVD Version (represented by the UK DVD)

11 new / extended scenes
+ 4 scenes with auditory censorship

Difference: 249.8 sec (= 4:10 min)

The Move / The Episode

In 2007, the 6th season of Family Guy started with the episode Blue Harvest. Seth MacFarlane finally could fulfill one of his dreams: after countless references in previous episodes Lucasfilm (to be more exact, George Lucas himself!) gave them permission to produce a very special two-part episode: a spoof / parody of the complete plot of Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope (Krieg der Sterne) with the characters of the Family Guy-universe. They were even allowed to use the original soundtrack of the movie. The title Blue Harvest was used as an alias during the shooting of the movie Episode 6: Return of the Jedi.

They announced a sequel with the title Something, Something, Dark Side and in december 2009 it was finally released in the USA as well as the UK as a direct-to-DVD release. They also plan to do a third part which then, of course, will deal with Return of the Jedi (this movie will then be called We Have A Bad Feeling About This).

The Versions

Ever since the 5th season it has become a standard procedure for Family Guy to release extended versions of the episodes on DVD. Therefore it's no surprise that the DVD Version of the two-part episode Blue Harvest is 4 minutes longer than the TV Version.
Similar to the 3-episode series Imaginationland from the series South Park, the producers decided to leave the episode out of the respective season-box-set and instead released Blue Harvest on a separate DVD.

As opposed to the 4 boys from Colorado, the source material was not completely revised.
The DVD Version of Blue Harvest is very similar to most of the other episodes: every now and then there's a little addition to the plot as well as altered scenes of auditory censorship (e.g "shit" instead of "smoke" and the good old religion-alterations: "Jesus" instead of "geez").

Not all the extensions are that important (you wouldn't really miss most of them in the TV Version). All in all, the DVD Version still seems to be run a little smoother, especially because Joe, Tom Tucker, Diane Simmons and Ollie Williams can only be seen in the DVD Version. Also, the black dolphins only in the DVD Version do what they're known for.
Additionally, the separate release of this episode made sense especially because of the huge amount of very funny bonus material (as opposed to the release of Imaginationland which only included the movie).
This is a must-buy for fans (of Family Guy as well as Star Wars).

Time index refers to the DVD Version [PAL].
Auditory Censorship

When the commentators explain what they would do to the golf player's wife, the following (bold marked) word was beeped in the TV Version:
"You'd pork her for a week..."

No difference in time.

Alternative Footage

In the TV Version the rebels stand around stock-still for half a second after the left one asked "What if they come in a different door?"

In the DVD Version the right one lowers his arm and says: "Well, I guess we'd all just get up and go to that door then."
The one in the back: "Is it gonna be like this all day, Jeff?"
The left one / Jeff: "Hey, I'm just trying to contribute."
The right one: "Yeah, well contribute to pointing your gun at that door."
They do this for a while, then Jeff comments: "Mark, why are you always way nicer to me when the other rebels aren't around?"

DVD Version 12.9 sec longer


In the DVD Version you see the group standing in line in front of the Mos Eisley Spaceport.

At first, the movie dissloves (from the left); the ship drives up.
Then follows a ride along the long line. Luke / Chris says: "How are we gonna get in here? We don't have any chicks with us. It's way easier to get into these clubs if you have chicks in your group. You ever noticed that?"
Obi-Wan / Herbert: "No, uh...I never have."
He goes to the front and the stormtrooper/doorman immediately stops them; "Sorry, sir, private party tonight."
Obi-Wan / Herbert uses the force (he hypnotically moves his hand); "I'm a friend of Dave Navarro's."
Doorman: "You're a friend of Dave Navarro's."
Obi-Wan / Herbert: "You saw me here last week. I seemed like a cool dude."
Doorman: "I saw you here last week. You seemed like a cool dude."
Obi-Wan / Herbert: "Move along."
Doorman: "Move along. Move along."
They go in.

36 sec


Before Obi-Wan / Herbert talks to Han / Peter, there's a short scene of R2D2 / Cleveland and C3PO / Quagmire.
The stormtroopers are on their tail, so they hide in a room. The stormtroopers have a little discussion in front of that room.

C3PO / Quagmire: "Oh, no, stormtroopers! Quick, R2, in here."
They lock the door. Then, a stormtrooper desultorily looks at it; "This door is locked. Move on to the next one."
The other one (#2) is sceptical; "Well, maybe they're behind this door."
The first one (#1): "I just said it's locked."
#2: "Well, can't you knock or something?"
#1 does so (again very desultorily); "Hello-o? Well...I guess whoever's in there won't be getting this giant cheque from Publisher's Clearing House."
R2D2 / Cleveland is excited to hear this; "Oh, Publisher's Clearing House!"
C3PO / Quamire: "Shut up!"
#1: "Did you hear something?"
#2: "I heard voices but they stopped, so I'm gonna assume there's no one in there."
They move on.

32 sec


Darth Vader / Stewie names some more reasons for him being responsible for the smell.
"I Sith-ed my pants. My diaper's gone over to the dark side. I got pages of these - I could go on..."

7 sec


After Alderaan was shot down, the DVD Version shows a short news report by Tom and Diane.

The logo says "Death Star News".
Diane: "Good evening, Death Star. Tonight, a special report on the controversial attack on Alderaan."
Tom: "While some view the attack as unwarranted, the Empire has obtained proof that Alderaan was in posession of weapons of mass destruction. Now let's go to our five-day forecast. What's the weather like, Ollie?"
Ollie: "Space weather!"
Tom: "Thanks, Ollie. Coming up, we'll give you the road closures for this week's Ewok pride parade. Stay with us."

23.6 sec

Auditory Censorship

In the TV Version the small mouse droid says "Holy smoke!", while on the DVD it says "Holy shit!"

No difference in time.


Subsequently there are some more mouse droids (=black dolphins).
He wants to tell what he just saw but ends up talking about Tyra Banks.

#1: "You ain't never gonna believe what I just seen."
#2: "Tyra Banks?"
#1: "Aw...see that, now you've said something better, so my thing don't sound cool no more."
#2: "Ow, now come on, what did you see?"
#1: "I don't remember! I just was thinking about Tyra Banks!"
#2: "Ooh! Can you imagine?"
#1: "Every night! Don't shake my hand..."
#2: "You ain't got no hand. You a little truck."

19.8 sec

Alternative Footage

On the DVD there's a different and pretty long animation of the heroes inside the elevator. Then, they end up on the wrong floor and bolt into a stormtrooper wedding.
Han / Peter: "Ah, wrong floor, storm trooper church."
A stormtrooper priest says: "And do you, Alan, take Judith to be your lawfully wedded wife till death or a giant explosion do you part."

The following animation inside the elevator can also be seen in the TV Version. However, it is a little longer in the DVD Version to add a little elevator music joke.

DVD Version 20.5 sec longer
Course of the DVD Version (the last image can also be seen in the TV Version):

Auditory Censorship / Alternative Footage

In the TV Version R2D2 / Quagmire says "Oh, thank God" while in the DVD Version he says "Oh, thank Christ".
(slightly different animation of the movement of the lips)

No difference in time.

TV VersionDVD Version


After Han / Peter called his mother, the DVD Version shows an additional scene where Darth / Stewie informs Tarkin / Adam West about the stolen couch.

At first there's a close-up shot.
Darth / Stewie: "The homing beacon is safely on board the Millenium Falcon."
Tarkin / Adam West: "I'm taking an awful risk, Vader. It had better work."
Darth / Stewie: "You know, I think they took your old couch."
Tarkin / Adam West: "What?! I threw that away."
Darth / Stewie: "Yeah, it was weird. I'd just killed Obi-Wan, and then I look over and there are these two dudes scurrying across with a couch. And it had the stain on it from when we had Hawaiian Punch Night."
Tarkin / Adam West: "Yeah, that's my couch. Rebel scum!"

24.4 sec


After the training video with Magic Johnson the DVD Version shows a short additional scene - a parody of the movie The Breakfast Club (which includes the same dialogue).

Leader: "Any questions?"
Man: "Yeah, I got a question. Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?"
The other rebels chuckle.
Leader: "You'll get the answer to that question next Saturday!"
The man sighs.
Leader: "Don't mess with the bull, you'll get the horns!"

12.5 sec


Only the DVD Version shows Joe's cameo as Biggs. Because of his disability he is only responsible for supplying the crew with sandwiches .

Luke / Chris: "Biggs? Jesus, what..what the hell happened to you?"
Biggs / Joe: "Oh, hey, Luke. I was under a Y-wing, working on the space engine, and the whole thing just dropped on me."
Luke / Chris: "Holy crap!"
Biggs / Joe: "Yeah, holy crap. So, you here for the Death Star assault?"
Luke / Chris: "Yeah. Yeah, I can't wait. about you?"
Biggs / Joe: "Well, no. I can't really..."
Luke / Chris: "Oh...yeah...because of the..."
Biggs / Joe: "The chair."
Luke / Chris: "...chair, yeah."
Biggs / Joe: "Yeah, so I'll just be here making sandwiches for when you guys get back."
Luke / Chris: "Oh! Well... well, that's cool."
Biggs / Joe: "Yeah... You want anything special?"
Luke / Chris: "What? You, a sandwich?"
Biggs / Joe: "Yeah."
Luke / Chris: "Oh, no. I mean, I couldn't. You know, whatever you make will be fine."
Biggs / Joe wants to turn around when Luke / Chris suddenly says: "Hey, Biggs."
Biggs / Joe: "Yeah?"
Luke / Chris: "You're just as big a part of this as... I mean, you're doing stuff and... and I think it's great."

46.5 sec

Auditory Censorship

When R2D2 / Cleveland says "Fuck you!" they beeped the F-Word for the TV Version.

No difference in time.


You see Luke / Chris returning triumphantly and how the others welcome him- Biggs / Joe brings him a sandwich.

There's a "hole-dissolve"; Luke / Chris gets out.
Leila / Lois jumps at him: "Ah, you did it!"
Luke / Chris: "Yay!"
Biggs / Joe comes to them: "Hooray! I have your sandwich!"
Luke / Chris (confused): "Yay! My...what, my what? Oh. Yay! Thank you, Biggs."
Biggs / Joe: "Yay! I'm part of things, too. Yay!"
They all cheer and then the movie fades out.

14.6 sec