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Sons of Anarchy Blu-ray Set: Complete Season 1-4 (incl. Extended Versions)

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Sons of Anarchy

3.11 Bainne


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Sep 28, 2013 - Author: Buster - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB - more from this series

In the US Drama series Sons of Anarchy, we follow the adventures of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (SAMCRO). Jackson 'Jax' Teller, son of founding member John Teller, is the main character. The core business of SAMCRO is buying and distributing illegal weapons. When Jax's stepfather and President of the club Clarence 'Clay' Morrow intends to expand their business with drugs, the young man begins to question the club and his own values.

Season 3 started to air on 09/03/2008 on FX and the ratings went through the roof. With almost 5 million viewers a week, the show had become more successful than other hit shows such as Nip/Tuck or The Shield.

Creator Kurt Sutter (husband of lead actress Katey Sagal) once explained that he had enough ideas for seven seasons. Well, it looks like he's going to make it because Season 6 starts in September 2013 and the final Season 7 has already been confirmed.

Since there's only a limited time window for TV, a few scenes needed to be cut out. In addition to the uncut TV Versions, the Blu-ray/DVD contains a few Extended Versions.

Compared are the TV Version and the Extended Version of Season 3 Episode 11, called "Bainne".

Running Times:
TV: 44:16 min. NTSC (no end credits)
Extended: 51:00 min. NTSC (no end credits)

Difference: 6 minutes and 44 seconds

Among them:

5 additional scenes: 5 minutes and 0 seconds
8 extended scenes: 1 minute and 44 seconds
Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
Jax tries to call Agent June Stahl from Belfast at the beginning of the episode. The extended version shows him dialing the number and picking up the receiver.

2 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
June Stahl is about to answer the phone in her apartment, when she gets distracted by her colleague Amy Tyler. Tyler hands Stahl a fax.

36 sec.

Tyler: "June. This fax just came in from the county sheriff's office. Are you flagging all activity for the Sons?"
Stahl: "Yeah, and the Irish. Why?"
Tyler: "Jax Teller's doctor girlfriend is MIA."
Stahl: "Really? Thanks. Shit."

Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
Shortly after he has ended the phone call with Agent Stahl, Jax gets called by Maureen Ashby, who is standing at the top of a staircase. Jax walks over to her and apologizes for almost sleeping with her daughter/his half sister.

51 sec.

Maureen: "Jackson?"
Jax: "I'm sorry about Trinity. I had no idea. Obviously."
Maureen: "Nobody did. It's my fault. She's got her ma's taste in men."
Jax: "I guess so."
Maureen: "I've got something you boys might wanna see."

Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
Chief Wayne Unser fell asleep in the police department. Candy Eglee wakes him up. She tells him that the city council has decided that the San Joaquin Sheriff's Department will take care of the prosecution in Charming. A short part of the conversation is missing.

12 sec.

Unser: "Ah shit. Grab me Clemens and Louise. Need them to pick somebody up."

Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
The Sons' convoy drives through the gateway on the way to the illegal morgue.

4 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
A guard talks to Jax, Gemma and Opie, who are on their way to the orphanage.

15 sec.

Guard: "You Jackson Teller?"
Jax: "Yeah."
Guard: "This way, please."

Additional Scene in the Extended Version:
They couldn't find Abel in the orphanage, but they learned that a young couple has adopted the boy two days ago. This couple is staying at the Europa Hotel. Jax decides that it's best if he goes there alone.

51 sec.

Trinity: "How did it go?"
Jax: "Not good. You know where the Europa hotel is from here?"
Trinity: "Just a few miles on Great Victoria, next to the opera house. Why?"
Gemma: "What's going on?"
Jax: "We can't all roll in there. Let me make sure they're at the hotel. Then we'll figure out what to do, okay?"
Gemma: "Okay. Come here."
Opie: "We'll be here."

Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
Agent Stahl and Agent Tyler visit Chief Wayne Unser at the police station to inform him that the St. Thomas Hospital has reported Chief Administrator Margaret Murphy and Dr. Tara Knowles missing. The beginning of this scene is missing in the TV version.

12 sec.

Stahl: "You got a minute?"
Unser: "Yeah."

Additional Scene in the Extended Version:
The couple which has adopted Abel is found dead in their hotel room. Abel is in the hands of Jimmy O'Phelan again. Jax is sitting in front of a fire and Gemma tries to console him. Father Kellan Ashby appears.

1 min. and 9 sec.

Gemma: "What happened to that couple..."
Jax: "Doesn't matter, Ma."
Gemma: "Your father's manuscript. That wasn't him, Jax. That was his guilt."
Jax: "I don't give a shit what it was. I'm done chasing that ghost."

Additional Scene in the Extended Version:
Agent June Stahl and her colleagues will give the Sons a bag with 250.000,- $ in it. This is the ransom for Tara. Tig is supposed to deposit the money at the agreed-upon place and the ATF will then pursue Salazar.

34 sec.

Stahl: "Two hundred and fifty. Bills are marked in case you get any ideas. Just drop it in the trash, and make a call. Agents Tyler, Estevez and Monroe will be nearby. If Salazar picks it up, we'll be on him."
Kozik: "And what then?"
Stahl: "Unmarked cars follow him, he leads us back to Tara, and we drop him. There's a tracker in the bag, so we can't lose him."
Tig: "You better not. Where's the old man?"
Kozik: "He's on his way. Meet you at the surveillance area. Hey, good luck, Tig."

Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
Jax and Clay take part in a secret meeting of the IRA. One exterior shot of the building is missing.

2 sec.

Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
At this meeting, they talk about the future of Jimmy O'Phelan. A short part of the conversation is missing.

6 sec.

Kellan: "I think we should discuss this at another time."
Roarke: "No, we don't need your counsel on this, father."

Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
Juan Carlos 'Juice' Ortizis is playing poker with the daughter of Filip 'Chibs' Telford, Kerrianne, and Trinity Ashby. Chibs and his ex-wife Fiona Larkin enter the room. Chibs wants to spend some time with his family.

1 min. and 50 sec.

Juice: "Boom. Full house. Again. Yeah."
Kerrianne: "That can't be right."
Juice: "Yuh-huh."
Trinity: "Cheater."
Juice: "It's getting tiring."
Chibs: "Hope you girls will let him win a few hands at least."
Kerrianne: "Of course we are."
Trinity: "Gets so cranky when he loses."
Juice: "Everyone hates a champion."
Trinity: "A cheater."
Kerrianne: "Oh, sure."
Trinity: "I'm taking these."
Chibs: "Juice."
Juice: "Yeah?"
Chibs: "Give me a minute, please?"
Juice: "Yeah. I'm coming back for everything."
Chibs: "Thanks, Trin. Hey. Thanks for looking after my family."
Juice: "With my life, brother. I love you, man."
Chibs: "Thanks, Juice. Love you, man."
Juice: "All right."

Chibs says good bye to his family in the meantime.

Chibs: "So Clay is getting Abel back. And Jimmy, you'll never see him again in the Six Counties. Listen. There's nothing I would love more than take my girls back to Charming with me. But I know this is your life and your home here, so..."
Kerrianne: "Love you, Dad."
Chibs: "I love you, baby. You know let's try not to make it years the next time. I'm gonna make sure I get back here to see you every few months. Promise."
Fiona: "Thank you, Filip."