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  • BBFC 18
  • US VHS
Release: Oct 01, 2009 - Author: Jason - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison of the BBFC 18 version by Thorn Emi and the US Not Rated VHS by HBO Video.

One of the most weak works of director Cirio H. Santiago. The English version is blatantly longer than the German equivalent but contains some short cuts as well. Sometimes wholes scenes have been cut out which are still available in the German version.
The BBFC database claims that the English version lacks 7 seconds. In a direct comparison one can only find 5 seconds of cut material.

The runtime of the cut scenes is connected to the cut version. The rest of the runtime differences result from a intro logo of the US version, longer credits of the English version and some additional rounding ups of single scenes.


BBFC 18-Tape: 1:36:43 min. (1:33:18 Min. w/o credits)
Not Rated-Tape: 1:34:38 min. (1:33:35 Min. w/o credits)

Three cut scenes = 5 sec.

The US version shows the logo of the renting agency while the BBFC 18 version starts with the movie.
11 sec.

Attack in Laos:

The Vietcong is pulled over the sandbags and has his head decapitated.
0,5 sec.

Vince and Slater are rolling over the floor. Vince pushes his enemy his thumb into the eye.
3,5 sec.

Vince breaks Slaterís arm with a noise.
1 sec.


While the US version fades away pretty fast after the first black screen, the English version offers more of the title song. Thatís why the English version has a longer runtime in this case.
141 sec.