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UK First Edition
Rating: BBFC 18

UK Re-Release
Rating: BBFC 18

Release: Sep 12, 2011 - Author: Martin Tsang - Translator: Tony Montana
In its country of origin, the UK, the First Edition of "Carmageddon" was censored. New Editions contain both the censored and uncensored version.

Compared are the censored UK First Edition and the uncensored UK New Edition.
Altered story
The story of the UK Version (First Edition) has been altered in the following way: there's no need to run over innocent pedestrians during the races to get more points. The altered story in the UK Release (First Edition) goes like this:

"The year is 2028. Solar flares have contaminated the atmosphere, turning 80% of the population into wandering crowds of evil zombies. It is an era of peace, where weapons are a forgotten thing of the past, mankind has only one option... to defend society, as it knows it, in cars. All pedestrians have been cleared from the streets. Carmageddon is our only hope..."

Several passages of the manual were blackened (big bars were printed over the passages of the manual that tells the actually story in the US Version), the story of the UK Version was told on two seperat sheets.

Some parts of the intro were altered for the First UK Edition. There's no length difference due to the censoring because the removed scenes were replaced by scenes with the exact same length. Only the sound of some of them is different, both intros have a length of 2 min 21 sec.

Instead of the race organizer's announcements ("One Minute remaining", "Start your Engines" etc.), an announcer from the off talking about the altered story is audible in the First UK Edition.

The US Version contains a blood-stained street sign. The UK Version contains a similar street sign, which is blood-stained as well, with some zombies around it.
Uncensored Version:Censored Version:

This scene shows a guy with a checkered flag from behind. He's going to start the race in a couple of seconds. He's also in the UK Version but a zombie-like moaning was added to convey the impression the guy's a zombie who intends to assault the driver / who's waiting for them. Unfortunately his skin isn't green but it is later on (please see the screens below).

Here two short scenes were replaced plus the order of the scenes is different.

US Version: A garage gets closed, a woman runs across the sidewalk, garbage falls off the sidewalk on the street, a cat is on the run over several trash cans, a person behind a window lowers the rolling shutters.

UK Version: A garage gets closed, garbage falls off the sidewalk on the street, a cat is on the run over several trash cans, a zombie peeks through a car window, then a high-angle shot of the zombie smashing the car window and getting in the car. The driver's scream is audible until 02:06.

Now the skin of the guy with a checkered flag looks zombie-like because it was colored green.
Uncensored Version:Censored Version:

Pedestrians & Cows
There are lots of pedstrians in the levels, in some of them also cows. All of them were replaced by zombies and the zombie-like moaning was added as well.

Uncensored Version:Censored Version:

Blood & Splatter
When people or cows are being run over in the Uncensored Version, blood splatters and pieces of flesh, eyes etc. are flying around. It's the same in the UK Version but the blood is green instead of red (green = zombie blood).

Uncensored Version:Censored Version: