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Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers


Censored SNES Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored Mega Drive Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Nov 12, 2013 - Author: Lionheart - Translator: Tony Montana
"Super Street Fighter 2" was CAPCOM's third and last version of the "Street Fighter 2" series. It was released for SNES and Mega Drive in 1994.
The previous versions were "Street Fighter 2" and "Street Fighter 2 Turbo" for SNES. For Mega Drive, "Street Fighter 2 – Champion Edition", which was equal with "Street Fighter 2 Turbo" for SNES, was released. Any releases for either of the gaming consoled were uncensored so far. There actually was nothing that could have been censored anyway. Even nowadays, not many people would think that the best and quite harmless beat'em up of the 16 Bit era has been censored. To the disfavor of the SNES owner, all worldwide releases of "Super Street Foghter 2" have been censored.

Please find the Uncensored Mega Drive Version on the left and the Censored SNES Version on the right.
Missing Option
The SNES Version lacks the option "Super Mode". With the "Expert" configuration, one had the chance to fight any 16 fighter instead of the regular 12 in the "Super Battle" mode.

No Bloody Face Wounds after the Fight

This concerns the following characters:

Censored One-Liner

Ryu's one-liner "You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance" has been censored as well.
In the SNES Version, "Sheng Long" has been replaced by "Dragon Punch" to eliminate any reference to a person.

Balrog's one-liner is more harmless in the SNES Version.

The expression "man enough" has been replaced by "bad enough".

Reduced Blood Effects
The blood splatter after a punch or a kick has been reduced. There are red little pixels in the SNES Version (screen on the right).

Removed Final Cutscene

In the Mega Drive Version, she prays at her father's grave. In the SNES Version, she prays in a battle arena.

After the decision "Return to a normal life", an image of Chun-Li taking down a druggie pops up. In the Mega Drive Version, the guy spits blood while the programmers ran out of red for the SNES Version.

Ditto for the decision "Continue being a detective".

Alternate images at the beginning in the SNES Version. Completely incomprehensible.

Close-up of Ryu in the Mega Drive Version. In the SNES Version, he shows up in front of a black screen. The avenue pops up later.

The Mega Drive Version contains one more image of Vega removing his mask. The close-up of his claw was probably the reason for its removal.

Only Mega Driver owner have the pleasure to see a close-up of former Soviet President Michail Gorbatschow.