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Killing Grounds, The (aka Children of Wax)

original title: Children of Wax


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jul 02, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated Version, represented by the German DVD from EMS and the Unrated-Version, represented by the NL DVD from Bridge Pictures

In the US the movie was mainly released as unrated-version under the title "The Killing Grounds". The MPAA doesn't an R-Rated-version as well. But the movie was released by the The Weinstein Company, which, just like Dimension, sells many of its unrated movies to certain chains like Blockbuster or Walmart in special R-Rated versions. Those editions are then often exported to other countries. This is what probably happened with "Children of Wax", so the German DVD only features the R-Rated-Version.

(Glogcke / Magiccop)
Cut version = 93:28 min
Uncut version = 98:10 min
02:20 One sees a guy driving down a "red mile". a prostitute tries to impress him with her breasts, but he sends her away. Then Mustapha and some other kids come to him and he asks him whether he had some drugs. Mustapha wants to see the money first, after the deal the guy tests the stuff and drives one. We see the kids standing around another car.
69,5 sec

03:22When Murat makes it clear to Hakan that he is serious their argument atakes a little longer.
10,6 sec.

07:36 The shot in which we see Mustapha has been interrupted, the uncut version shows him hiding drugs in a wall.
5,1 sec

20:56 When Mustapha shoots the beer drinking skinhead the exploding bottle and some more shooting are missing.
2,6 sec

20:57 In the Unrated one can see the skin holding his eye and standing up, screaming. The R-Rated version shows a short shot of the previous cut.
Cut version = 0,4 sec
Uncut version = 1,4 sec


21:01 Here, the two versions are quite different. In the German version we see Mustapha shoot, then some nazis. The NL-DVD shows the nazis first, then Mustapha, and then the skin who has been hit hiding behind a gas pump. At the end there is a short shot of the nazi's blood-smeared face.
Cut version = 1,8 sec
Uncut version = 3,8 sec


21:04 For a moment, we see the burning and screaming skinhead.
1,2 sec

21:11 The burning nazi. His friends come to aid him. Cut to the motorcycle driving away.
4,7 sec

21:12 Here, the cut version shows the motorcycle from the last cut. The uncut movie features the beginning of a shot of the nazi lying on the ground burning.
Cut version = 1,6 sec
Uncut version = 0,6 sec


21:18 The German version shows nazis, the NL the burning nazi.
Cut version = 1,5 sec
Uncut version = 3,5 sec


21:28 Now the NL version shows the shot that could be seen earlier in the German one plus additionaly shots of the burning nazi.
4,8 sec

22:40 The cut movie lacks two shots of Babble's car stopping and one of the skinheads screaming something.
4,7 sec

22:52 End of a shot of Murat. He screams: "Fuckers!"
1,3 sec

23:01 Murat swears longer. The cut version shows a short shot of the nazis in the car instead.
Cut version = 0,8 sec
Uncut version = 2,7 sec


23:18 After the nazis are gone one can see Hakan swearing.
3 sec

37:10 The harmless sex scene between Hakan and Greta in the car is almost completely cut. The two kiss passionately. Then Greta gives Hakan a blowjob (off-screen). When they're done they chat shortly.
64,3 sec

40:19 When Aslan's wife Monica can be seen, the cut version has been zoomed in. No difference in time.


40:25 Ditto.


40:38 End of a shot of Aslan. His wife joins him in the tub. They kiss passionately.
29,2 sec

69:32 Short shot of someone being shot.
0,4 sec

69:36 A Turk shoots a nazi.
1,6 sec

69:43 Shot of Mustapha shooting.
3,5 sec

71:23 Some more shooting in the disco.
3,2 sec

71:28 Close-up of a firing pistol.
1,1 sec

71:29 A Turk is hit in the stomach.
1,4 sec

71:30 Ditto.
1,3 sec

71:33 Mustapha runs to the guy that has been shot and calls his name.
1,9 sec

71:40 Mustapha shoots a skinhead, who tells Babbles to kill as many Turks as possible.
14,8 sec

87:02 Shot of P. shooting the police man.
4,4 sec

87:27 End of a shot in which P holds a gun to his head.
0,5 sec

87:29 P. takes the gun away while Aslan continues to talk to him.
4,5 sec

88:05 Shot of P.'s head hitting the ground at the end of the stairs, cut to Aslan and back to P.
5,9 sec

88:29 The shot of the dead P. is longer.
1,7 sec

88:38 A police man goes to Aslan and asks him whether he had killed the man. Aslan responds that this was the serial murderer. During this we can see the dead guy again.
15,3 sec

88:48 The injured cop is being brought away and the camera pans to Aslan holding his injury. Murat comes and asks him whether he was alright.
14 sec

89:10 The shot has been zoomed in in the cut version to hide Aslan's hand. No difference in time.


89:14 Ditto.


89:20 And again a zoom effect.


89:25 Ditto.


89:30 And, for the last time, again.