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Season 2 Blu-ray Box Set with the Uncut Versions

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Fall, The

2.04 The Mind Is Its Own Place


  • Recut
  • Uncut
Release: Sep 29, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the Recut (German Free TV) and the Uncut Version (German DVDs by Studio Hamburg).

27 differences, consisting of
- 16 removed scenes
- 7 extended scenes
- 1 extended scene with alternate audio track
- 1 removed scene in the Uncut Version
- missing recap (as a result of the recut)
- Total difference: 1104.36 sec resp. 18 min and 24.36 sec

The Fall is a British TV show shot for BBC Two. Its first episode aired on 05/13/2013. The second season started to air on 11/09/2014, a third season has already been announced.

In Germany, the first two seasons also aired but the German network ZDF did not broadcast the original BBC Versions. Instead, they decided to recut the two seasons to longer episodes with an approximate length of 90 minutes each. In order to do so, cuts/alterations were made. Episode 1 (ZDF) consists of episode 1&2 (BBC), episode 2 (ZDF) consists of episode 2-4 (BBC) and episode 3 (ZDF) consists of episode 4-5 (BBC). The chronology of events remains the same (except for a few recuts but I will go into that in the actual comparison) but the Recuts always end during the actual episode (BBC Version) - except for the final episode 5, of course.

The second season does not consist of 5 but of 6 episodes. This made it a little earlier to recut. Now, there always 2 episodes used for 1 recut episode. In other words, episode 1 (ZDF) consists of episode 1&2 (BBC), episode 2 (ZDF) consists of episode 3&4 (BBC) and episode 3 (ZDF) consists of the two final episodes 5&6 (BBC).

Every single episode - whether Recut or BBC/Uncut Version - contains the same opening credits. The title is the same as well. Due to the process of recutting the episodes, the credits are placed differently in the Recut Version. The actual footage however remains unchanged. For that reason, the credits will be mentioned in the comparisons but I will not go into detail and will not be any screenshots for that either. Same goes for the end credits: They will be mentioned but that is it. I would also like to point out that only the Uncut Version contains the end credits. In the Recut Version, they have been cut.

Last but not least, a few words regards the differences of these two versions. The shorter Recut Versions are just fine, no elementary scenes are missing. However, one should rather watch the Uncut Versions. Admittedly, whether or not the shot of a character is half a minute longer is completely irrelevant. But then again, some quite interesting scenes that are worth being watched have been removed as well.
Both the US and UK Blu-ray/DVD release contain the Uncut Version.

Time indes refers to
Recut Uncut Version.
48:33 / 00:00

Missing recap in the Recut.

49.56 sec

Removed Scene
48:33 / 00:50

CSU at Stella's hotel room.

A shot of Paul follows.

41.12 sec

Extended Scene
48:33 / 01:31

The subsequent shot of Paul is slightly longer.

2.28 sec

Extended Scene / Alternate Audio Track
48:37 / 01:37

Paul's screen insignificantly longer. Furthermore, he reads from Stella's diary in the Uncut Version while he does not do that in the Recut.

2.8 sec

Removed Scene Uncut Version
48:42 / 01:45

Additional shot of Paul's screen in the Recut.

Recut 5.2 sec longer

Removed Scene
48:53 / 01:51

Title + credits in the Uncut Version.
Then Stella at a computer plus Ged tells Stella about the car and Stella gives the order to send a chopper with a thermal imaging camera. Ged leaves, Stella looks at the map. She grabs the hardcopy and looks around.

Now Paul. He is watching Katie's and Daisy's music video on his notebook.

140.68 sec resp. 2 min 20.68 sec

Removed Scene
51:44 / 07:03

A longer sequence starting with Stella and Jim is missing. Stella puts up the hardcopy and talks to Jim about it. Stella also tells Jim Pau had left a message in her diary.

Paul is looking at pictures of Daisy on his notebook.

A scene with Sally Ann and her daughter Olivia follows. They are on the road and they talk about why Olivia can't marry her daddy. When Sally Ann stops in front of the house, the cop surveilling the house reports her arrival. Sally Ann and the kids get inside.

Last but not least, more footage of Paul. He is packing his things.

235.96 sec resp. 3 min 55.96 sec

Removed Scene
56:27 / 15:42

Stella enters Annie's room. She is getting her hair cut. Stella tells the hairdresser to leave. As for Annie, Stella tells her that she would explain later.

38.32 sec

Removed Scene
01:00:37 / 20:30

Another missing sequence in the Recut.
First Hagstrom, then Stella and Annie. Stella asks about Paul. When Stella is about to leave, Annie suddenly remembers that Paul was at the bar as well when her driver's license vanished. She also remembers was the one who attacked her.

142.64 sec resp. 2 min 22.64 sec

Removed Scene
01:02:14 / 24:30

McNally's conversation with Liz is longer in the Uncut Version.

18.56 sec

Extended Scene
01:02:59 / 25:33

Another missing part of the conversation after Liz mentions her dead son's bedroom. Liz explains she could not go in there after his death but she wanted Paul to see it. McNally asked if she and Paul had physical contact in there.

Liz says she wanted Paul to hold her and that he did.

14.6 sec

Removed Scene
01:03:26 / 26:15

Stella arrives at the crime scene where the body has been found. She gets out of the car and Danielle approaches her. Stella asks if Danielle had seen the body, she says no. Then they talk about the two witnesses who found the body. Last but not least, Stella tells Danielle to take her to the body.

59.72 sec

Removed Scene
01:05:07 / 28:56

After Reed's arrival, the scene is not over in the Uncut Version. Stella gets a hazmat suit and Reed is putting on hers as well.

17.64 sec

Removed Scene
01:06:59 / 31:06

Missing scene with James Tyler at his training. Then somebody knocks at the door.

17.24 sec

Removed Scene
01:08:01 / 32:25

In the Uncut Version, the conversation with James Tyler ends and we see Stella at the crime scene. She asks Tom for a favor to make it look like the body they found might very well be Rose even though they both know it is not her.

20.88 sec

Removed Scene
01:09:35 / 34:19

Missing shot of James, then Glen and McNally leaving.

Stella is at Rose's house to talk to her husband Tom.

Stella talks to his daughter Nancy until she leaves to get a doll she can show Stella.

Now Stella and Tom. She asks about the children and explains that Tom should not believe anything he would hear in the news soon because it was part of her plan. She also says she was not going to give up.

108.56 sec

Extended Scene
01:11:18 / 37:51

The Recut lacks the end of a shot.

9.88 sec

Extended Scene
01:16:49 / 43:32

Katie slightly longer.

1.44 sec

Removed Scene
01:17:27 / 44:11

Several shots of Paul looking around in the house are missing.

37.52 sec

Extended Scene
01:18:08 / 45:30

Paul slightly earlier when he opens the fromt door. To be more specific, one can see the flashlight a little longer before he opens the door.

2.88 sec

Removed Scene
01:18:18 / 45:43

Paul's conversation with his family is longer. Olivia asks about her stuff and she wants to see the inside of the house but Paul does not allow it because it is too dangerous.

With the shot of Sally Ann, the versions are basically back in sync but the shot starts slightly earlier in the Uncut Version. (0.76 sec)

6.08 sec

Removed Scene
01:18:55 / 46:26

More surveillance footage.

Then Paul inside the house.

67.6 sec resp. 1 min 6.7 sec

Removed Scene
01:21:02 / 49:40

More footage of Katie waiting for Paul to go online.

20.84 sec

Removed Scene
01:22:52 / 51:51

Glen and McNally longer when Jim has left. Then McNally in front of the murder board resp. she puts another picture on it.

7.28 sec

Extended Scene
01:24:11 / 53:22

Stella a bit longer.

1.6 sec

Extended Scene
01:27:50 / 57:02

The call Stella gets in the morgue is shorter in the Recut.

10.28 sec

End Credits
01:29:09 / 58:31

End Credits + black screen in the Uncut Version. No end credits in the Recut.

33.6 sec