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No One Lives Forever

Day of the Warrior

The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb


Nazi Undead

Operative, The: No One Lives Forever


Censored PS2 Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored PC Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Dec 19, 2011 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Bensn
The fancy agents-shooter "No one lives forever" reminds a bit of a combination of "James Bond" and "Austin Powers". Instead of a male chauvinist, however, the self-confident female agent Cate Archer makes her mark here.

The German version has been censored. This goes for the German PC Version as well as the console version. Regarding the international version, only the console (PS2) version has been censored. The edits equal those of the German version: All blood effects have been removed. As mentioned, this should applie to all international PS2 versions including the US one. However, we can only confirm it for the UK PS2 version. If you can confirm this for the US Version please contact us.
Death screams
All death screams have been removed from the German version. The enemies die silently. We don't know, if this also applies for the PS2 Version. If you have any information, please write us.

Blood at hits
As soon as an enemy is being hit, little clouds of blood emerge. They have been removed from the German version.

uncensored version:censored German version:

Blood on the walls
When an enemy is standing next to a wall or is lying already on the ground, hits will lead to small textures of blood on the walls. They also have been extracted from the German version.

Pictures only from the uncensored version

Censored "MoreBloodOption"
The producers already gave the game various ways of cheating. This can be done by pressing the “T”-button (standard configuration) and by typing in the corresponding cheat. Apart from the usual codes which give you infinite ammunition, endless health, all weapons, etc. you have the possibility to enter the word „mpexorbitantamounts“ and thus unlock a “MoreBlood”-option which raises the level of blood a bit above-standard. This option, however, only affects the blood textures on the walls which then appear distinctly bigger and more often. All other features, like the clouds of blood remain untouched. Since the German version lacks any blood already, the MoreBlood-option of the producers had to be removed consequently, too. Hence if you enter the code in the German version, simply nothing happens; the code will not be registered.

Pictures only from the uncensored variety. Comparisons with the more modest blood textures further above.