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Release: Sep 06, 2009 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: madjonfan - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the theatrical version, (here: German DVD by Buena Vista) with the unrated RC 1 DVD by Miramax.

Rather unthrilling thriller below average. An advertising expert is blackmailed for nearly commiting adulterine. The movie copies known films with similar topic. Most of the time you will find quite uninspired and stereotyped episodes either to show Charles’ no-win situation or to arouse compassion for both him and the conflict he finds himself in.
Nearly as disappointing as the movie is the "unrated"-treatment by the Weinstein Brothers. Half of the "new" scenes keep repeating acts that had already been shown in the theatrical version. Futhermore there are minimal differences in the first scene in the hotel. These differences however could not have been less unspectectular, nor do they justify the dvd being “unrated”.

The unrated dvd is longer by 8 scenes adding up to 5:26 minutes than the theatrical version. So far, the “unrated” has not been published in the German-speaking world. The theatrical version features alternative shots in two scenes.
Charles and Lucinda get off the train. Charles talks to her a last time, promising to return the money she lent him for the ticket when they see in the train the next moring. Going away, Lucinda replies that that was a date. Charles stays behind smilingly.
32 seconds

Charles and his boss talk about unpopular and arrogant Susan Davis. Charles just withdrew her from her assignment. Charles’ boss asks him whether he is having an issue and if he could help. Charles does not reply.
40 seconds

Having helped helped his sick daughter with her homework in her room, Charles sits in the living room, helps himself to a glass of whiskey and cries. When his wife returns home she watches him through the glass door, then steps inside and embraces him. Having cheered each other up without any talking, the two start kissing impassionately. After a minute or so the two become reasonable again and abort.
111 seconds

Shortly before Charles and Lucinda leave the bar and walk towards the hotel a man steps between them at the bar. When the two do not put up with that the guy starts coming on to Lucinda. After a bit of back and forth the man calls her a whore and as a result Charles knocks him to the floor. Right after that Charles and Lucinda leave the bar.
The theatrical version shows 6.5 seconds of alternative footage to keep the film’s logic.

longer by 36 seconds

In the hotel room there is both alternative and new footage. E.g. after Charles asked what would happen now, Lucinda says “I want to fuck you”. Only after that he approaches her. So she was the one taking the first step.
longer by 19 seconds

Lucinda ondoes his pants longer.
1 second

4,5 seconds

Charles and his boss watch the latest advertising spot for the credit card. They consider it to be cruesome. Charles then confesses that he is betraying his wife. His boss however only is surprised Charles has done it for the first time. He advises Charles to confess to his wife, give her a bunch of flowers an let life continue. The other problems Charles originally intended to talk about are not part of the conversation.
82,5 seconds

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