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Release: Dec 23, 2009 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version (featured on the German DVD by EMS) and the Unrated Version RC 1 DVD von New Line Cinema.

Havoc is an ambivalent social drama dealing with “wiggers“ (a combination of “white” or “wannabe” and “nigger”), white teenagers that use stereotyped manners and language of black gangsters and teenagers. A critical analysis of this behavior is not presented but at least it offers a short insight into this subculture because of its convincing actors.

Running less than 80 minutes, this rather short film was stretched with 7 minutes of deleted scenes in its unrated version. These do not offer any new information but have at least an amusing passage which would have also fit into the supplement of the DVD as well. Whether the minimal differences that can be found in the sex scenes have to do anything with censorship demands by the MPAA, is not clear. At least in the latter scene this does seem unlikely.

The Unrated Version runs 7:05 minutes (in 10 scenes) longer than the Theatrical Version. A short shot is longer in the Theatrical Version.

A little remark: The Unrated Version was made by New Line Cinema, not by the director.
Additional “New Line“ logo in the Unrated Version.
17,5 sec.

Allison and Emily dance around longer while being filmed by Eric’s camera. He then leaves and films another girl that throws up. When he asks her how she is, she just says that she’s just a little sick and tries to smile. Allison watched this disgusted and comments cynically while looking in the camera: "Hey, get skinny the west side way. At Camp Palisades, our smack diet is guaranteed to slim you down." After that, they go away. The theatrical version shows a short shot of the two dancing girls. This was made because of continuity.
48,5 sec. longer

Eric and Allison have a short conversation at the party. Being not really interested but bored, she asks him what his documentation is all about. He responds that it deals with people like themselves, “wiggers”. Allison tells him quickly that he doesn’t belong to that group of people and that he’s a video guy, a nerd. Eric asks her more questions but she goes away when because she thinks the conversation gets too profound. He gets up and get his camera again.
49 sec.

When Allison arrives at home, she goes through the garden and notices that no family member is there.
12 sec.

Eric interviews Allison at her home. After he tells her that he noticed, that she does not use slang when being serious the jumps up and uses extremely stereotyped gangsta language and gestures. She then acts as if she were surprised by noticing that this behavior is not appropriate and changes her role. She sits down on the couch and is calm. She simulates toking and talks in a manner that gives the impression that she has trouble speaking complete sentences.

When she mentions that she could act any role that’s necessary, the theatrical version sets back in with Allison’s interpretation of an intellectual discussion.
51,5 sec.

Hector can be seen longer on Emily. The unrated gives the impression that he penetrates her. The theatrical version does not show that inevitably.
1,5 sec.

Alternate shot in the sex scene between Hector and Emily. The theatrical version shows her right breast for a few frames.
No time difference
left: Unrated - right: Theatrical

The theatrical version shows the man in front of the bed a bit longer. In the bed is Emily having sex with two men.
- 8 frames

Emily and Allison can be seen on the school’s football field after the last party. They try to talk about the night when they tried to sleep with the gang members but can’t eventually. Emily mentions the differences between their lives and their own once more.
52 sec.

Allison’s mother tries to start a conversation with her daughter about her behavior and especially about her arrest but is obviously overchallenged with that. Allison is a bit surprised by so much interest, as well, and flees with a face-saver while her mother invokes “I love you!” before Allison is gone.
43,5 sec.

Allison visits Emily at home after her interrogation. They talk on the veranda although Emily shouldn’t talk to Allison. Emily tries to convince Allison that what has happened was a rape. Maybe she was put on drugs. Even though Allison thinks differently she doesn’t argue with Emily.
117 sec.

At the end one can see the video recordings once more. The theatrical version shows scenes that were shot at the beach at the beginning. The unrated version has new scenes with Allison being interviewed. She gives a last philosophic comment about her life.
33 sec.