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Devil's Wedding Night, The

original title: Plenilunio delle vergini, Il


  • Italian DVD
  • Uncut
Release: Dec 07, 2016 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Italian DVD by Cecchi Gori and the Japanese VHS by Sony.

The Movie:

Karl Schiller is searching for The Ring of the Nibelung and tells his twin brother Franz that he might have found a clue regarding the possible whereabouts of the ring. It is supposed to be found in a castle in Transylvania. Karl instantaneously travels there and encounters Contessa Dolingen de Vries, the lady of the castle, who casts a spell over him. Franz follows his brother but he does not make it in time. The Contessa already turned Karl into a vampire and she is about to perform an annual ritual during which virgins from the village are being sacrificed to evil forces. Franz does his utmost to stop the Contessa but he resist tempation?

"The Devil's Wedding Night" is a quite amusing European horror flick that does not contain an excellent plot but thanks to vampires, Gothic design, several nudity scenes, some blood and especially Rosalba Neri, there are ingredients to be entertaining. One year afterwards, director Luigi Batzella shot a similar movie called "Nuda per Satana" (with Rita Calderoni) but he is probably most memorable for "The Beast in Heat". In "The Devil's Wedding Night", he mixes several elements such as The Ring of the Nibelung, vampires, Gothic horror, th living dead, the legend of Bathory and black masses. As a result, the story is secondary but genre fans are being entertained quite nicely. And when Rosalba Neri is getting out of a tub in the basement, completely naked and with blood smeared all over her body, the lack of substance does not matter anymore. Actor Xiro Papas, who plays the small role of the undead servant, is also a monster in "Frankenstein '80" and he played the "Beast in Heat" as well.

The Versions:

For many years, the bootleg release by Midnight Video was the option. It was based on the Japanese VHS which had been digitized to DVD-R. That version is uncut but due to legal restrictions, private parts had been blurred. In the US, the movie was released by Shout! Factory as part of the "Elvira's Movie Macabre" series incuding the option to watch it without the Elvira segments. Qualitywise, this release is not less good but allegedly, there are some parts missing. The first decent release is the Italian DVD by Cecchi Gori but it only has Italian audio and subtitles. In addition to that, afew seconds are missing when the girl is running in the woods. Also in the US, Code Red released a Blu-ray based on a US Theatrical Version. Even though it is not perfect, it is the best release so far. Unfortunately, the cutting off the hand scene lacks approx. 1 second. Code Red was aware of that but instead of inserting it from another version, the decision to show it as part of the Katarina segment was made. Due to the rather unique company policy of Code Red, the Blu-ray is quite difficult to get for non-citizens of the US.
All in all, a perfect versio has not been released yet. The Japanese VHS is the only version I know which is actually uncut but as mentioned before, all private parts are blurred. The Italian DVD lacks a few seconds at the beginning and also English audio. The US Blu-ray has a very god quality but also lacks approx. 1 second.

Screenshots taken from the US Blu-Ray.

Running Times:

Japanese VHS: 83:57 min
Italian DVD: 79:40 min

The girl running in the woods earlier. She turns around, screams and keeps running.

Japanese VHS: 39 sec


The carriage a little longer and the grave a bit earlier.

Japanese VHS: 4 sec

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