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No Retreat, No Surrender US-Cut (incl. International-Cut)

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No Retreat, No Surrender


  • BBFC 15 VHS
  • US version
Release: Feb 15, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Bittersweet5 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British VHS from Entertainment in Video and the US-version on the American Blu-ray from Kino Lorber

- 6 censorships
- Cut-duration: 43.2 sec

The 1985 made No Retreat, No Surrender will probably have a permanent spot in the hearts of Trash fans all over the world and both the actual No Retreat, No Surrender-sequels as well as the many boldly consecutive eponymous named films in Germany had video-store rental fans for years worked up. With a VHS analysis, we also deal in the following censorship-report, however the one from the UK, which of course today has not more than an archive character. Since the DVD-release the British also have the uncut original version.

Interestingly, on video as basis the heavily differing US-version was used, to which we will offer a separate censorship-report later on, that is being evaluated in Germany for the first time - by Nameless Media. A few shots of Bruce Lee using nunchakus, that the BBFC didnít like at that time, needed to be cut, as well as some brutal attacks by Jean-Claude Van Damme during the final fight also had to go.

Runtime informations are arranged according to the pattern
British VHS in PAL / American Blu-ray
The logo and the first credits are missing on the VHS. Not included in censorship-duration/-quantity.

27.2 sec

09:49 / 10:43-10:50

Scott munches a little longer, which probably got removed accidentally because of the following scene: There Jason hangs a poster of Bruce Lee with nunchucks on the wall and looks at it briefly. R.J. then also a moment earlier.

6.6 sec

But barely two minutes later at the end of the scene you can also see the poster in the background of the UK-version.

37:38 / 39:49-40:13

Jason hangs the Bruce-Poster on another wall or rather puts it back together and then stands satisfied underneath it.

22.8 sec

38:17 / 40:54-40:57

Another close-up of the poster.

2.9 sec

72:57 / 77:05-77:06

Before he graps on to the corner of the ring, Ivan holds back his opponent's head and hits him on the temple.

1.2 sec

73:01 / 77:10-77:11

In the beginning of the following shot Ivan beats on the guy earlier.

1.2 sec

73:05 / 77:16-77:25

After he has transported the referee outside of the ring, several other punches in the stomach and cuts to the audience inbetween are missing.

8.5 sec

Interestingly, a headbutt - normally seen so critically by the British - was left untouched.

Closing, a little image-comparison. The Open Matte format of the VHS offers significantly more image informations, but especially in the upper area, this may often show more than actually intended.

British VHSAmerican Blu-ray