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House of the Flying Daggers

original title: Shi mian mai fu


  • PG-13
  • German DVD
Release: Sep 25, 2010 - Author: azog - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US DVD by Sony Pictures and the German DVD by Constantin Fim.

Zhang Yimous' follower to Hero was released in the US by Sony with a PG-13 rating and for achieving it the movie had to be adjusted. Four parts were deleted and three scenes were edited to delete blood. It is unclear if the longer cuts were necessary.

US: 00:00:00
GER: 00:00:00

The US DVD starts with a writting of Sony Pictures Classics while the German DVD starts with Focus Features.

US: 11,5 sec
GER: 14,5 sec

US: 00:00:29
GER: 00:00:32

The intro was translated for the German DVD.


US: 00:46:51
GER: 00:45:00

During the attack on the field the death of a soldier is missing. Jin (Takeshi Kaneshiro) lays on the attacker and stabs him. Another soldier appears. He blocks the attack and manages to beat him down. After hesitating he kill shim as well.

7,5 sec

US: 01:41:52
GER: 01:37:52

Jin finds the hurt Mei and takes her into his arms whereas the dagger can be clearly seen. Mei awakens and tries to warn him for Lei. Jin notices Leo's shadow just in time.

On the US DVD Jin arrives a meadow and runs towards his love but is attacked by Leo.

33,5 sec

US: 01:41:58
GER: 01:38:31

Because of the warning Jin can defend the attack but is hit. The DVD by Sony shows a slightly longer moment of the block, but lacks the hit.

0,2 sec
1,76 sec

US: 01:45:54
GER: 01:42:19

Leo inflicts a wound at Jin's belly. The US DVD shows this scene from a side angle.

2 Frames
0,88 sec

US: 01:46:20
GER: 01:42:44

During the fight between Leo and Jin the blood splashes have been reduced.


US: 01:49:16
GER: 01:45:33

After Mei pulled out the dagger from her wound, the blood has been minimalized.


US: 01:49:22
GER: 01:45:39

Here comes a short take of both fighters. Afterwards the blood from Mei's wound is completely missing.


US: 01:53:30
GER: 01:49:37
To the end of the US DVD's outro the writting Sony Pictures Classics appears again.
US: 5 min. 23,5 sec
GER: 5 min. 1,5 sec