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  • US Version
  • Uncut
Release: Sep 25, 2019 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The shortened US version was compared with the uncut EU version. Both are included on the US Blu-ray by Vinegar Syndrome.

The physician Dr. Tsu has developed a procedure with which she can replace any part of the human body with a donor organ. Her interest in helping humanity is, unfortunately, overshadowed by her greed for money, so that with the help of her assistant Gregorious, she only provides her services to the rich, elitist upper class. Since there are no volunteer donors, she is in charge of a group of good-looking female fighters who kidnap athletes all over the world who serve as spare parts warehouses. The kidnapping of a Jai Alai player caught the interest of the Lloyd's of London insurance company, who send their best man Mike Harber to uncover an alleged insurance fraud. Through one of the beautiful ladies, Mike slowly enters the inner circle of Dr. Tsu, who still has some secrets.

Insurance detective Mike is more like a kind of James Bond appearance, who gets to go to bed with beauties when he doesn't have to fight off bad guys in the streets of Manila. The Philippines were a popular place to make movies in the 70's, because the production costs were quite low and due to tax advantages further savings were possible. A large number of exploitation films were shot in the Philippines (partly produced by Roger Corman), be it Mad Max rip-offs like Wheels of Fire, horror flicks like Night of the Cobra Woman or WIP films like The Big Bird Cage. One thing these films had in common was actor Vic Diaz, who played sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller roles. In Wonder Women, he shows up as a taxi driver and turns into Mike's comedy sidekick. Director Robert Vincent O'Neill leaves the viewer little time to breath in his wild sci-fi action horror adventure mix about assistant agent Mike, who falls into the clutches of body optimizer Dr. Tsu.

The film is full of surprises like Dr. Tsu’s brain sex machine or a dungeon in which she holds unsuccessful experiments captive. It's a wild ride that's worth getting involved in. By the way, the movie has a PG rating in the US, although right at the beginning you can see several girls swimming topless in the pool. At that time the requirements were even more lax. The piece of music that is briefly used in the Grindhouse insert can be heard in full length in the film.

There are two different versions of the film. The uncut EU version and a US version shortened by approx. 8 minutes in which some action scenes were removed. The scenes themselves are only marginally important for the course of the plot. Before Gregorious is allowed into Mr. Paulson's room, he has to undergo a somewhat unusual disinfection method. In further scenes, we learn that the captured men are abused by the women as sex objects and that Dr. Tsu enjoys a good reputation with her customers. Since the scenes are very entertaining and underline the somewhat weird aspects of the movie even more, you should always go for the longer EU version.

Apparently, only the shorter US version was released on DVD so far. The US DVD by Retromedia contains the shortest version, whereby the missing scenes are in the bonus material. The German DVD by Endless Classics probably contains only the short version, if you look at the runtime. The EU version appeared, to our knowledge, for the first time by Vinegar Syndrome on Blu-ray/DVD. As usual, the quality of the release is very good, especially since the shorter US version is also included.

US version: 81:57 Min.
Uncut: 90:02 Min.


The girls are inspecting the cool athletes. The blonde girl (Laura) emphasizes that she is very turned on by one of the men.

In a meeting, Dr. Tsu announces that tomorrow the team of Paulson will come. From Vera she wants to know if the donor is already fixed for the eye. Vera notes that it is better to replace the donor, as his medical history indicates that he may lose his sight. Dr. Tsu praises Vera and says that quality is very important. Dr. Tsu now wants to make her rounds. Laura and the other girls realize that they are pretty hot and can't wait to try new ones. Laura would like to try the Argentine hockey player, but another girl notices that he has already been harvested.

Uncut: 2:31 min.


The man is taken away. The woman in the white bikini (Linda) calls Vera to her. She thinks it's not worth it. The two toast to it. Then you see Laura having fun with the man while another girl is dancing on the bed.

Uncut: 2:08 min.


Vera goes to Tony who is on the operating table and tells him to calm down because he can't see anymore.

In the next scene Gregorious, Dr. Tsu and their customer toast to her new eyes. The customer is so satisfied that she wants to recommend Dr. Tsu to others.

Uncut: 59 sec.