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  • US Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Dec 11, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US Version (US DVD by Image Entertainment / Not Rated) and the Extended Version (UK Blu-ray by Arrow / BBFC 18).

16 differences, among them
- 7 additional scenes
- Length difference: 817.5 sec resp. 13 min 32.8 sec

There are minor jump-cuts with a length of less than 1 sec that have not been considered in the following comparison.

The Movie

Camille 2000 is one of many screen adaptions of La Dame aux Camélias written by Alexandre Dumas jr. and released in 1848 for the very first time. This is probably one of the reasons why audiences were surprised by the 1969 version directed by Radley Metzger. Drug abuse, homosexuality, orgies or BDSM was quite bold for 1969 - there were even accusations of pornography. However, that is complete nonsense because there is not a single HC scene in it. And if those things are not an issue, one gets to see a different kind of love story.

The Versions

Basically, there are 3 versions: The EU Version, the US Version and the so-called Extended Version.

With a length of approx. 96 min (in PAL), the EU Version is the shortest version of the movie. There are several European releases of this version.

The longer US Version has a length of approx. 119 min (in NTSC). Both versions contain footage missing in the other one. It is available on the US DVD by Image Entertainment.

Last but not least, there is the Extended Version. With a length of approx. 130 min (in NTSC), it is the longest version available and contains the footage of both the EU Version and the US Version and then some. In the US, it has been released on Blu-ray by Cult Epix. In the UK, it has been released by Arrow as Blu-ray/DVD Combo.

But which version is the best? In my opinion, the Extended Version is the best and I will explain why. Due to its length of only 96 min (in PAL), the EU Version simply lacks way too much footage. The US Version is better, no doubt. But even though there are a few rather redundant additional scenes in the Extended Version (such as the scene at the apartment of Armand's sister where Armand and Gastion meet again after quite some time), there are addtional scenes that really enhance the quality of the movie. For instance, Marguerite's conversation with Prudence regarding men in general and Armand in particular on Marguerite's boat is nice and I would not want to miss Armand's fight with De Varville at the end of the movie for anything in the world. Also, the Extended Version contains a bit more sex. Speaking of which, the darker scenes of the US Version are so dark that one can barely recognize anything. This is an issue in both sex and plot scenes. But even with a better quality, the Extended Version is superior due to mentioned reasons. Unfortunately, I do not have the US Blu-ray which is why I can't say anything regarding the quality of that release. That being said, the UK Blu-ray/DVD Combo has a good quality and is available on the cheap.

Time index refers to
US Version (in NTSC) – Extended Version.
Additional Scene
05:11 / 05:11

Armand visits his sister Jeanne at her apartment. They talk about her engagement. Armand believes it was pretty clever of her to marry someone whose family is the only one in Europe with more money than her own. But she explains she would marry Rudy even if he was the son of a gardener. Armand can't let it go but she maintains her decision. All of a sudden, Gastion shows up. Armand is happy to see him. Gastion says he and Armand are about to party. Also, Gastion asks Jeanne if he was still married to the money. As response, she shows him her engagement ring. Gastion also mentions that Jeanne had rejected him and that he had tried to turn a lesbian. Finally, Gastion says he wanted to know everything about Armand's experience in the US.

147.6 sec resp. 2 min 27.6 sec

Additional Scene
05:53 / 08:21

Gastion and Armand are on the road. A woman stops next to them. Gastion try to hit on her by making gestures but she does not get it so he gets out of his car and carries her to his car. Then Gastion and Armand are driving off with her, the woman's car stays behind which confuses a cop. A conversation follows. Gastion explains to Armand that this was the way one hits on women in Italy but the woman explains she was not Italian. She tells them about her job as a dancer and invites them to one of her shows.

87 sec resp. 1 min 27 sec

21:09 / 25:04

Jump-cut in the US Version: The shot of Marguerite stepping outside starts a bit earlier in the Extended Version.

Also the case in the EU Version, except the EU Version only lacks 1.4 sec.

1.7 sec

Additional Scene
28:25 / 32:22

Additional footage of Armand resp. his reflection in the mirror while he is getting a BJ by Marguerite.

Contrary to the US Version, this scene is also in the EU Version. However, half of is missing in the EU Version resp. it is almost twice as long in the Extended Version.

57.2 sec

28:25/ 33:19

Jump-cut in the US Version: The subsequent shot starts slightly earlier in the Extended Version.

1.7 sec

41:21 / 46:17

Jump-cut in the US Version: The close-up of Marguerite starts a little earlier.

The EU Version lacks additional 0.6 sec at the beginning.

1.2 sec

56:25 / 01:01:23

Jump-cut in the US Version: The long distance shot of Marguerite and Armand is a little longer in the Extended Version.

1.2 sec

Additional Scene
01:04:10 / 01:09:09

Marguerite and her friend Prudence are talking about men in general and Armand in partricular. Her friend advises Marguerite to reconsider her relationship with Armand because he is not rich and because of that, they would not have a future together.

123 sec resp. 2 min 3 sec

Additional Scene
01:18:05 / 01:25:09

Armand steps into Prudence's shop. Some small talk follows, then they talk about Marguerite. The last lines of Prudence's explanation how Marguerite is doing are also in the US Version resp. the versions are back in sync at that point. The US Version only contains the two small shots of Prudence resp. Gody before Armand comes in and then cuts right to the mentioned scene of Armand's conversation with Prudence.

The EU Version contains the beginning of that scene by the way. But only until Prudence mentions that life is too valuable to be bitter all the time. Then a cut to the close-up of the invitation Prudence gave Armand. Except for a few comments in the middle of the scene, the EU Version only contains footage missing in the US Version and vice versa. The Extended Version contains the entire scene.

68 sec resp. 1 min 8 sec

Additional Scene
01:19:05 / 01:27:18

Additional scene with Marguerite and De Varville who describes the numerous Marguerites by her reflections in the mirror. In other words, he analyzes her behavior in different situations resp. her life style in general. Then they talk about how she grew up. Last but not least, De Varville talks about the Marguerites he knows and that would like to have her as "Marguerite, the mistress" that night. After that, a BJ is being implied because she slowly goes down on him and he then starts laughing.

214.7 sec resp. 3 min 34.7 sec

01:26:38 / 01:38:26

Jump-cut in the US Version: Marguerite wants to go home she does not appreciate watching Armand having sex with another woman. De Varville on the other hand seems to enjoy Marguerite's misery. Since she is chained to him, it is no problem for him to keep her from leaving. Wenn she slowly walks up to her and wraps the chain around his hands, there is a part missing in the US Version resp. there is an abvious jump-cut.

Interestingly enough, the EU Version slightly differs here - again. To be exact, the EU Version is approx. 1 sec shorter than the Extended Version but still longer than the US Version.

1.7 sec

01:36:51 / 01:48:43

Jump-cut in the US Version: After De Varville's comment that an occasional disappoinment builds character, Armand's reaction is missing. To be more specific, the US Version only contains a teensy part of Armand's reaction and lacks his response (0.6 sec).

Armand: "I'll remember that. You might also keep it in mind."

The EU Version contains the reaction shot as well by the way, except it is 5 frames shorter there.

3.7 sec

01:42:05 / 01:54:01

Jump-cut in the US Version: There are several jump-cuts during Armand's conversation with Marguerite. All in all, more than 5 sec are missing (no screenshots).

The EU Version only contains additional 4.5 sec due to these jump-cuts.

5.2 sec

Additional Scene
01:45:36 / 01:57:37

When Armand gets home, De Varville is already waiting for him. He did not like Armand's behavior at the party at all but since "Mr. Fancy-Schmancy" does not want to get his hands dirty, he brought one of his goons to get the job done. Of course, Armand fights back and after taking down the goon, Armand walks straight up to De Varville. The latter reaches for a bottle but before anything happens, Gastion comes in to inform Armand that he spotted De Varville. Armand goes for De Varville but he fights back resp. Armand hits the canvas. They get up and keep fighting. Meanwhile, De Varville's goon getss back on his feet and tries to help but Gastion intervenes. He smashes a bottle on his head and kicks his butt out of the room. Then Armand again. He beats De Varvile out of the room as well. Gastion closes the door and asks if she should call the cops. With reference to De Varville and his goon, Armand says he better call an ambulance.

97.7 sec resp. 1 min 37.7 sec

01:46:07 / 01:59:45

Jump-cut in the US Version: When Armand is checking out a book in the book shelf and then gets it out, there is a further jump-cut (no screenshots).

And again, there is a slight difference compared to the EU Version. While the shot of Armand's dad has a length of 1.1 sec in the Extended Version, it is only 0.7 sec long in the EU Version.

1.1 sec

01:48:46 / 02:02:26

Jump-cut in the US Version: The first shot of Armand at the hospital is longer.

4.8 sec

01:56:28 / 02:10:08

First of all, "The End" pops up on the screen after the last credits of the US Version. Then a black screen, followed by a "Camille 2000" trailer. Last but not least, another rather long black screen follows.
This is not the case in the Extended Version. After the last credits, a longer black screen follows and that is it.

This has not been considered for the calculation of the actual length difference.

142.2 sec resp. 2 min 22.2 sec