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  • BBFC 18 VHS
  • BBFC 15 DVD
Release: Sep 10, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British VHS from European Creative Films (BBFC 18) and the uncut British DVD from Anchor Bay (BBFC 15).
Back in the day this splatter-trash by Luigi Cozzi was distrained in England and got on the list of the Video nasties. This version, however, had already been shortened. Later the movie was released in an even shorter version. It was also heavily darkened (the alien at the end can hardly be detected). Meanwhile the attitude of the British has changed and the movie was released in its uncut version, even with a BBFC 15-Rating.
Cut British VHS = 85:04 min.
Uncut British DVD = 91:24 min.
Cut length = 6:22 min.
00:00 The DVD sets in earlier.
1 sec.

08:04 The tracking shot over a dismembered corpse is a little loner. The beginning of the following shot is missing, too.
7 sec.

08:05 Another tracking shot over the corpse is shorter in the VHS version.
14.5 sec.

11:43 After the egg exploded the following is completely missing in the VHS version: a guy in a protective suit spits blood and part of his face bursts open. After that his chest, such as the other men's who had contact with the slime, explodes in slow motion. Blood and guts are flying around. Inserts of Lt. Tony Aris who watches appalled. At the end a tracking shot over the dismembered corpses is missing, too.
68 sec.
In the VHS version about 2,5 sec. of scenes have been reinserted that have already been shown a few seconds before (so they are in the movie twice).

24:24 We see the black guy who shot the egg longer. His chest is bubbling. After that he and the two men next to him have their chest and stomachs burst open. Everything in slow motion again.
14 sec.

46:56 The scene of Hubbard and Aris walking along the hallway talking about women is missing. They go to their rooms. Cutaway to Stella making her hair in the bathroom. After that Tony tries to sneak into Stella's room but he gets caught by Hubbard.
101.5 sec.

64:41 End of a shot. After that the scene of Stella and Tony sitting on the floor tied up and back to back is completely missing. They talk and eventually kiss each other.
101.5 sec.

76:23 End of a shot of Tony. After that he collapsing in front of the alien is missing. The alien pulls out some sort of gigantic tentacle with a mouth and eats Tony with his head first. Looks great but why it had to be cut remains a riddle. In between Hamilton and Stella can be seen. She desperately calls for Tony.
32.5 sec.

78:19 We see a guy in a protective suit lying on the floor. He is covered with egg-slime. So his chest also explodes (in slow motion).
8 sec.

81:42 We see Hubbard a little longer. After that a close up of Hamilton's neck with smoke coming out of it. Cut to Stella followed by an extremely slow motion shot of Hamilton on his knees. He spreads his arms, screams and finally his chest explodes, too. Then he cants over. The end of that shot is also in the VHS version.
33.5 sec.