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#10 Land Beneath the Ground


  • Cut Version
  • Reconstructed Version
Release: Apr 08, 2016 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: Mr Miau
The stories of the richest duck in the world, Uncle Scrooge, written by Carl Barks, certainly need no introduction. Drawn from 1952 until 1968, they serve as the cornerstones for the stories happening in Duckburg until today.

Less known is the fact that Carl Barks had quite often problems with the publisher and was forced to remove parts of some of his stories as a result.

In the magazine of the story "Land Beneath the Ground" from 1956 the publishers wanted to add more advertisements and a Gyro Gearloose story, meaning that the story had to be cut from 32 to 27 pages! And not only were pages cut, Barks also had to draw a new panel in order to prevent a continuity goof. This shortened version then was exported. Not before the "Barks Library" series people tried to reconstruct the story. However, only 2 1/2 of the 5 pages could be found, so completion could never be achieved, although the current version is the longers one.

Comparison between the cut version as it appeared in the first print and all the following international reprints and the reconstructed version from the Barks Library.
The First Wagon

When Scrooge prepares the first wagon, the beginning of the scene is missing. The whole equipment is in position, but Donald refuses to get in the wagon. Scrooge applies som pressure by reminding Donald of his debt and he finally gets into the wagon. Some text was changed.

Cut VersionReconstructed Version

The Second Wagon

When the three brothers race down the shaft in their wagon, a few panels showing them examining their situation before they start to brake were removed. Some text was changed here as well.

Cut VersionRecoonstructed Version

Finding of the Missing

The most significant changes were applied here.

In the old version, there was only one panel showing Scrooge and Donald full of water.

In the reconstructed version they find the first wagon stuck in a kind of looping. The brothers call out to Donald and Scrooge and tell them to brake the wagon by blocking the wheels with some wood. It works, but at the top end of the looping so the wagon falls down and Donald and Scrooge have to work their way out of the debris.

Cut VersionReconstructed Version