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Donald Duck

#1 Lifeguard Daze


  • Released Version
  • Reconstructed Original Version
Release: Oct 22, 2012 - Author: Preacher - Translator: Tony Montana
Carl Barks, who became very popular with his stories about the family Duck, also made erotic drawings for the Playboy. In one of his first Donald Duck stories, Lifeguard Daze, Donald was a pool supervisor and saved young woman from a shark. Due to the many many erotic drawing Barks had made in his former carrer, the duck lady in his story was big-breasted as well. When he gave the story to his editor, he was being informed that the story wasn't going to be printed until the breast removal.

So he remvoed them afterwards. There's one scene where the removal is pretty obvious: the female duck hugs Donald and gives him a kiss. Due to the breast removal, there's a lot of space between the two characters now that usually isn't there when two peope (or in this case two ducks) hug.

There's no uncensored version of the story available because Barks altered the original drawings.
The first screenshot shows a reconstruction of the Original Version. At least that's what it might have looked like. The distance between the characters is a result of the retouched breasts.