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  • US Catcom DVD
Release: Jun 05, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US DVDs by MGM and Catcom.

There are cases of mysterious deaths in a small town when several men have cardiac arrests during sexual intercourse. Neil Agar is being ordered by the government to investigate the happenings. Together with scientist Julie Zorn and the local sheriff he at first suspects a STD, but the research hints towards a mutation transforming women in sex-craving bee/woman-creatures...
This is a first-class B-movie, which combines classic horror themes of the 50ies and 60ies with sexploitation elements and also features a great score by Charles Bernstein.

The releases of the MGM seemed to mark the until then first good release (until then, the movie was only to be found in low quality on budget DVDs), but it was later discovered that that version was cut. The most significant cut removes the scene towards the end in which Harriet (Beverly Powers) seduces her husband. Then there are some film tears, two of them cost some of the dialog. However, the MGM DVD offerst the best quality up to date.
The Catcom DVD isn't perfect as well. There are some film tears and sometime the image is stained.

Filmtears below 3 seconds will not be mentioned here.
Image comparison:


Running times:

MGM: 84:45 min. (w/o MGM logos)
Catcom: 81:57 min.

The Catcom DVD runs 4% faster than the MGM DVD.

The MGM version shows the building longer when the title overlay can be seen. The Catcom DVD simply starts the overlay earlier.

4 sec.


A longer film tear removing the following sentence:

Neil: Personally, Grubowsky [...] he did anything going on the side?

5 sec.


Susan can be seen longer when she is dropping her panties, in the next shot, she can be seen earlier.

10 sec.


Nora can be seen longer in the booth, then Susan earlier.

7 sec.


The MGM DVD lacks a great part of the seduction scene with Harriet and her husband. She undresses completely and the two start to kiss.

1:06 min.


The sheriff can be seen longer.

A sentence by Julie is missing.

Julie: "It's really a basic tragedy that something can become so jaded so quickly."

7 sec.