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original title: Casa de las mil muñecas, La


  • Spanish Language Version
  • English Language Version
Release: May 13, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Spanish Language Version taken from the Spanish DVD and the English Language Version taken from the US DVD

- 16 alterations
- Difference in running time: 599,7 sec (= 10:00 min)

General Info

This is a rather nice 60s crime movie with Vincent Price, which actually was a German-Spanish co-production. This had the consequence that there were three seperate versions for Germany, Spain and the English speaking audience. The English version is the longest of the three and will therefore be considered "uncut". In Spain, about 10 minutes were cut out. The German version was cut differently, but also offers some alternative footage. It actually shows more skin than the English version.

The US DVD by MGM (only available on-demand on DVD-R) is the highest quality release of the English version. The Australian DVD is identical and also uses the same master, however, it was zoomed in for a 4:3 aspect ratio and can therefore not be recommended.

The Spanish Version

About 10 minutes were removed from the German version. It is remarkable that these cuts are different than the ones of the German version and that it does not feature any alternative footage. This means that it is no more permissive than the English version. On the contrary, it is even less so. Almost every scene with just a bit of skin visible, especially with the red headed Diane Bond and the female mud catchers, were completely removed. The other cuts at least follow a pattern: The character Abdu was cut down to a minimum.

The Spanish DVD might be considered interesting because it shows a bit more of the picture despite the inflated 2,05:1 aspect ratio (in compraison to the 2,35 US DVD and the 1,85:1 zoomed German version). On the other hand, the picture quality is also a bit worse: Sometimes it is too dark, sometimes with a certain yellow hue. This actually removes a big part the advantage concerning the picture again.

We would like to say thanks to the label Shamrock Media, which supplied us with all the footage for the movie.

Running time designations are formatted like this:
Spanish DVD in PAL / US DVD in NTSC

Cut length durations were converted to PAL speed.

The opening credits differ although the background material is the same.

Spanish VersionEnglish Version

04:28 / 04:41-05:32

The photographer Abdu can be seen a lot earlier. He talks to a couple in the restaurant and convinces them to have their picture taken. He tells the man that he will look like a movie start and gives his scarf and hat to the two. Afterwards, he hands them his business card.

48,8 sec

19:31 / 21:14-21:15

Mastering mistake. The end and beginning of two shots are missing.

0,7 sec

22:43 / 24:34-24:35

Another mastering mistake during the pursuit.

0,7 sec

37:03 / 39:32-39:40

The Spanish Version stops before the pursuers tear Liza's dress off. She then falls down in her underwear.

7 sec

37:07 / 39:44-39:51

The next shot was shortened as well, Liza cannot be seen half naked anymore.

7,1 sec

49:01 / 52:15-53:58

The shot is a bit longer, Steve looks to the side again. Then, the scenet at the party starts a lot earlier when Abdu and Steve meet again. Abdu wants to take pictures again, but Steve asks him about the picture of him and Fernando which Abdu has taken at the beginning of the movie. Steve buys it and asks, whether Abdu has seen the man again afterwards, which he has not.
Steve then tells Manderville that maybe someone will recognize Fernando before they go to their seats.

98,3 sec

50:01 / 55:01-55:21

An additional shot of the female catchers was removed, maybe because it can be seen as a bit more permissive.
Then Abdu tells Steve that he knows where Fernando had been the previous night.

18,9 sec

50:10 / 55:30-55:42

A first shot of Manderville in the crowd, then another shot of the catchers.

12,2 sec

50:28 / 56:00-56:20

Manderville steps in front of the ring, then the fight ends and the wrestlers are lead out.
18,5 sec

52:02 / 57:58-63:49

At this point, there is a quite complex cut which hides that Steve and Emil pay a first visit to Abdu.

The tracking shot is longer and the two pursuers can be seen. Additional shots of them following Steve follow. He hides behind a wall and makes the first of them trop. The head of the police, Emil, is his companion and and Steve briefly talks to him. They talk about Manderville and Emil says that he also knows about the brothel.
The walk a bit and go to Abdu's house together. He does not open up for them but mentions that Emil already has a spare key.

Steve and Emil enter the room, they find Abdu and a prostitute in bed. After a small chat (she thinks they are the next two customers) they talk to Abdu about the brothel. He does not say anythings so Emil threatens him. Eventually they agree on a second visit the next day.
Steve and Emil leave, the latter saying that he wants to take care of Abdu alone.

336,2 sec in total

63:09 / 75:25-75:47

Madame Viera can be seen a first time with a greedy expression, then Ahmed pulls his knife. Luckily, he only wants to help Liza out of her dress with it.

21,6 sec

63:13 / 75:51-75:54

Liza can be seen from the front again, there also is another whiplash.

3,2 sec

63:19 / 76:01-76:10

More whipping, Liza is whimpering and her back is smeared with blood. Eventually, Maria gives in: "Stop it, stop it, please! What do you want from me? I'll do everything you want, but please stop!"

8,2 sec

63:28 / 76:19-76:39

Ahmed nods and then follows his order to free Liza again. The unconstious girl is carried outside.

18,9 sec

81:01 / 94:56-94:57

Due to a mastering mistake, a few frames of Steve and Maria are lost.

0,8 sec


Only the English Version features the ending credits as an overlay over the last scenes. However, the last shot is missing in the Spanish version, it shows Rebecca a lot longer before that and there is a "Fin" overlay.
Afterwards, only the US DVD shows the MGM logo.

Spanische Version 1,4 sec longer

Spanish VersionEnglish Version

Lastly, here is a small picture comparison between the Spanish and US DVDs, which is supposed to illustrate the partial blooming on the Spanish one.